Tampa Buffet Prices

Tampa Buffet is a popular restaurant in the Tampa Bay area, and it has been serving some mouthwatering meals for many year now. The restaurant is popular for its diverse menu options and high quality ingedients used to prepare outstanding meals. It has been the goto destination for locals and tourists alike for over 3 decades.

Here is an updated menu and prices of the Tampa Buffet Restaurant.



Tuna Tataki$9.95
Shrimp Egg Roll$1.75
Vegetable Egg Roll$1.75
Egg Roll$1.65
Spare Ribs (Small)$17.95
Spare Ribs (Large)$21.40
Sugar Donuts$6.95
Fried Chicken Wings$10.95
Crabmeat Rangoon (Appetizer)$9.50
Chicken Teriyaki$9.55
Pu Pu Platter (for 2)$14.50
Steam Shrimp Shumai (6pcs)$8.95
Yellowtail Jalapeno$12.95
Spicy Mussel$8.95
Holiday Roll$7.95
Sesame Ball (12 pcs)$6.99


Egg Drop (Pint)$4.95
Egg Drop (Quart)$6.05
Wonton Soup (Pint)$4.95
Wonton Soup (Quart)$6.05
Hot and Sour (Pint)$6.95
Hot and Sour (Quart)$10.25
Vegetable Soup$10.95
Chicken Noodle Soup$11.95
Miso Soup$8.95
House Special Soup$12.95


Vegetable Delight$10.95
Vegetables Szechuan Style$10.95
Sauteed Broccoli$10.95
Mu Shu Vegetable$12.95
Tofu Szechuan Style$12.95

Sweet and Sour

Chicken Sweet and Sour$12.95
Shrimp Sweet and Sour$14.95
Sweet and Sour Mixed (Sweet and Sour)$14.95

Fried Rice

Beef Fried Rice (Pint)$8.95
Beef Fried Rice (Quart)$13.50
shrimp fried rice (Pint)$8.95
shrimp fried rice (Quart)$13.50
Chicken Fried Rice (Pint)$7.95
Chicken Fried Rice (Quart)$12.20
Pork Fried Rice (Pint)$7.95
Pork Fried Rice (Quart)$12.20
House Special Fried Rice (Pint)$8.95
House Special Fried Rice (Quart)$12.70
Vegetable Fried Rice (Pint)$6.95
Vegetable Fried Rice (Quart)$11.10

Chow Mein

Vegetable Chow Mein$9.95
Roast Pork Chow Mein$10.95
Shrimp Chow Mein$11.95
Special Chow Mein$12.95
Chicken Chow Mein$10.95
Beef Chow Mein$11.95

Singapore Noodle

Roast Pork Singapore Noodle$14.95
Shrimp Singapore Noodle$15.95
Special Singapore Noodle$16.95
Chicken Singapore Noodle$14.95

Lo Mein

Chicken Lo Mein (Pint)$7.95
Chicken Lo Mein (Quart)$12.20
Vegetable Lo Mein (Pint)$6.95
Vegetable Lo Mein (Quart)$11.20
Shrimp Lo Mein (Pint)$8.95
Shrimp Lo Mein (Quart)$12.90
Special Lo Mien (Pint)$9.95
Special Lo Mien (Quart)$14.15
Pork Lo Mein (Pint)$7.95
Pork Lo Mein (Quart)$12.20
Beef Lo Mein (Pint)$8.95
Beef Lo Mein (Quart)$12.90


Hunan Beef$14.55
Beef with Chinese Vegetable$14.55
Pepper Steak$14.55
Beef Broccoli$14.55
Mongolian Beef$14.55
Beef Szechuan Style$14.55


Chicken with Broccoli$12.95
Honey Chicken$12.95
General Tsos Chicken (Chicken)$12.95
Chicken Szechuan Style$12.95
Bourbon Chicken$12.95
Chicken with Cashew Nuts$12.95
Garlic Chicken$12.95
Hunan Chicken$12.95
Kung Pao Chicken$12.95
Lemon Chicken$12.95
Moo Goo Gai Pan$12.95
Orange Chicken$12.95
Mu Shu Chicken$14.95
Sesame Chicken$12.95
Chicken with Curry Sauce$12.95
Peanut Chicken$13.95


Pork with Chinese Vegetables$12.95
Roast Pork with Broccoli$12.95
Hunan Pork$12.95
Pork Szechuan Style$12.95
Mu Shu Pork$14.95


Shrimp Szechuan Style$12.95
Shrimp with Broccoli$12.95
Shrimp with Cashew Nuts$12.95
Shrimp with Chinese Vegetables$12.95
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$12.95
Garlic Shrimp$12.95
Hunan Shrimp$12.95

Egg Foo Young

Roast Pork Egg Foo Young$11.55
Vegetable Egg Foo Young$10.95
Shrimp Egg Foo Young$11.95
House Egg Foo Young$12.95
Chicken Egg Foo Young$11.95


Chicken Chow Mein Combo$12.95
Pork Egg Foo Young Combo$12.95
Pepper Steak Combo$12.95
Sweet and Sour Chicken Combo$12.95
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce Combo$12.95
Lemon Chicken Combo$12.95
Mongolian Beef Combo$12.95
Chicken Szechuan Style (Combination)$12.95
Chicken with Broccoli Combo$12.95
Shrimp with Chinese Vegetables Combo$12.95
Pork Lo Mein Combo$12.55
Chicken with Cashew Nut Combo$12.95
Moo Goo Gai Pan Combo$12.95
Shrimp Chop Suey Combo$12.95
Honey Chicken Combo$12.95
Beef with Fresh Mushroom Combo$12.95
General Tso's Chicken Combo$12.95
Orange Chicken Combo$12.95
Hunan Chicken Combo$12.95
Chicken Egg Foo Young Combo$12.95
Sweet and Sour Chicken Combo (Combination)$12.95
Bourbon Chicken Combo$12.95
Sesame Chicken Combo$12.95

Family Bundles

Stay at Home Family Bundle$18.95

Chop Suey

Vegetable Chop Suey$10.95
Roast Pork Chop Suey$10.95
Shrimp Chop Suey$11.95
Special Chop Suey$12.95
Chicken Chop Suey$10.95
Beef Chop Suey (Pint)$11.95
Beef Chop Suey (Quart)$15.20

Sushi Rolls

Spicy Tuna Roll (Sushi Rolls)$9.95
Philadelphia Roll$7.95
Avocado Roll$6.95
Alaska Roll$8.95
Salmon Roll$9.95
Salmon Avocado Roll$9.95
Spicy Salmon Roll$9.95
Tuna Roll$9.95
Tuna Avocado Roll$9.95
Yellowtail Scallion Roll$10.95
Spicy Yellowtail Roll$10.95
Spicy Combo$18.95
California Roll$7.95
Yuki Roll$7.95
South Roll$7.95
Boston Roll$8.95
Salmon Skin Roll$7.95
Eel Cucumber Roll$9.95
Eel Avocado Roll$9.95
Mexican Roll (Sushi Rolls)$10.95
crabmeat and cream cheese$9.95
Shrimp avocado Roll$8.95
Crunch Crab Roll$7.95
Shrimp Roll$8.95

Sushi & Sashimi

Shimp (EBI) (2pcs)$5.75
Inari (2pcs)$5.75
Smoke Salmon (2pcs)$6.75
Flying Fish Egg (Masago) (2pcs)$5.75
Mackerel (2pcs)$5.75
Tomago (2pcs)$5.75
Avocado (2pcs)$5.75
Spicy Tuna (2pcs)$6.75
Eel (2pcs)$6.75
White Tuna (escolar) (2pcs)$6.75
Salmon (saki) (2pcs)$6.75
Tuna (2pcs)$6.75
Tobiko (2pcs)$6.75
Surf Clam (2pcs)$7.75
Salmon Roe (Ikura) (2pcs)$7.75
Quail Egg (2pcs)$3.50

Sushi Bar Entree

Sushi Regular$22.55
Sushi Deluxe$27.95
Sashimi Regular$25.95
Sashimi Deluxe$30.95
Sushi and Sashimi combo$40.55
Chirashi Don$25.95
Unagi Don$22.95
Tuna Lover$22.95
Salmon Lover$22.95
Tri-color Sushi$25.95
Tri-color Sashimi$25.95
Sushi Lover$50.95


Spicy Kani Salad$6.95
Seaweed Salad$6.45
Kani ( Karbmeat) Salad$5.95
Avocado Salad$6.95
Cucumber Salad$5.95
Squid (Ika) Salad$7.95

Sushi Specialty Rolls

Volcano Roll$15.95
Spicy Mango Shrimp Roll$17.95
Godzilla Roll$17.95
Dynamite Roll$14.95
Paradise Roll$17.95
Hot Lover Roll$17.95
Dragon Roll$15.55
Rainbow Roll$15.55
U.S.A Roll$15.95
Baby Tiger Roll$17.95
Dancing Eel Roll$15.55
Crazy Tuna Roll$15.95
Kelmon Roll$15.95
Red Dragon Roll$15.95
Lucky Dragon Roll$15.95
Firework Roll$17.95
Jalapeno Roll$17.95
TNT Roll$15.95
House Roll$15.95
Hwy 17 Roll$15.95
Crazy Roll$15.95
Black Dragon Roll$15.95
Crunchy Roll$14.95
Kamikaze Roll$17.95
Fried Dragon Roll$17.95
Ocean Roll$17.95
Tampa Sushi Roll$15.95
Top Of World Roll$17.95

Picked For You

General Tsos Chicken$12.95
Spicy Tuna Roll$9.95
Crabmeat Rangoon$9.50
Mexican Roll$10.95
Sweet and Sour Mixed$14.95
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History of the Tampa Buffet.

Tampa Buffet first opened its doors in 1990, in Tampa, Florida. From the very start, it was a great hit, offering a variety of mouthwatering cuisines including, American, Italian, Chinese, and Latin cuisine. Since then Tampa Buffet has become a staple of the community offering some of the best meals in the area. The tourists also love Tampa Buffet, as they can have a taste of different cuisines from the world under one roof and that to at an affordable price.

As the restaurant grew in popularity, the owners decided to expand their menus and add more international cuisines to attract more customers. Today the restaurant offers a huge variety of international cuisines, serving traditional meals from around the world such as  sushi and seafood to pizza and pasta.

Tampa Buffet Uniqueness.

Tampa Buffet is famous for its variety of diverse cuisines and dishes. There is something for everyone on offer. They even have a selection of Vegetarian options for people with dietary restrictions. The menu is filled with an array of options to choose from including, such as soups, salads, appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

In addition to the mouthwatering dishes, Tampa Buffet is also known for its commitment to high-quality standards that are implented around the board ensuring that every meal that leaves the kitchen is of the best quality and flavors. The restaurant sources its ingredients from the best suppliers. The food is prepared on-site and served fresh to diners.

Tampa Buffet Ambiance.

Tampa Buffet presents a very welcoming atmosphere for the customers. The staff is very friendly and attentive to the needs of all the customers. They will go out of their way to ensure that every diner has the best experience and is feels welcomed and comfortable. The staff takes pride in providing excellent customer service. Overall experience, will make diners feel like they’re part of the Tampa Buffet family.


If you ever find yourself in the Tampa Bay area and are looking for a wide variety of delicious meals, look no further than Tampa Buffet. With its diverse menu options, high quality ingredients, and welcoming ambiance, it is the perfect destination for all your dining needs. Visit Tampa Buffet and experience a taste of the world! You won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to bring your appetite because the portions are generous, and it’s guaranteed that you won’t leave the restaurant hungry. Bon appétit!


What are the timings of Tampa Buffet?

Tampa Buffet is open 6 days a week from 11:00 AM to 09:30 PM. While they are closed on Tuesdays.

Does Tampa Buffet offer alcohol?

No, the restaurant does not offer alcoholic beverages.

Is there free parking available at Tampa Buffet?

Yes, Tampa Buffet offers free parking for all its customers.

To learn more about Tampa Buffet, visit their official website.


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