Spring Buffet Prices

Spring Buffet is one of the most famous restaurants in town, serving a wide variety of traditional and modern Chinese dishes. The restaurant has been the talk of the culinary scene for over 2 decade. Spring Buffet offers a huge variety of traditional authentic Chinese Cuisine that has customers coming back for more day in and day out. In this article, we will have a look at what makes Spring Buffet special.

Here is an updated menu and prices of the Spring Buffet.


Picked For You

Orange Chicken$5.99
General Tso's Chicken$5.99
Chicken Lo Mein$5.99
Wonton Soup$1.00
Egg Drop Soup$1.00


Wonton Soup (Soups)$1.00
Egg Drop Soup (Soups)$1.00
Hot and Sour Soup$1.50


Vegetable Egg Roll (Mains)$2.00
Vegetable Egg Roll$2.00
Teriyaki Chicken$2.50
Crab Rangoon$2.50
Butterfly Shrimp$2.50
White Rice$1.50

Combination Meals

Shrimp Lo Mein (Combination Meals)$5.99
Shrimp Lo Mein$5.99
Chicken Lo Mein (Combination Meals)$5.99
Chicken with Broccoli$5.99
Orange Chicken (Combination Meals)$5.99
General Tso's Chicken (Combination Meals)$5.99
Sesame Chicken$5.99
Sweet and Sour Chicken (Combination Meals)$5.99
Sweet and Sour Chicken$5.99
Black Pepper Chicken$5.99
Hot Chili Chicken$5.99
Pepper Steak with Onion$5.99
Teriyaki Chicken (Combination Meals)$5.99
Sauteed Mushroom With Onion$5.99
Sauteed Green Beans$5.99
Sauteed Mixed Vegetables$5.99

Party Trays

Fried Donuts$10.00
Vegetable Egg Roll (Party Trays)$20.00
Vegetable Fried Rice$25.00
Vegetable Lo Mein$27.00
Sauteed Green Beans (Party Trays)$30.00
Chicken with Broccoli (Party Trays)$30.00
General Tso's Chicken (Party Trays)$30.00
Sesame Chicken (Party Trays)$30.00
Sweet and Sour Chicken (Party Trays)$30.00
Teriyaki Chicken (Party Trays)$30.00
Fried Butterfly Shrimp$30.00
Black Pepper Chicken (Party Trays)$30.00
Hot Chili Chicken (Party Trays)$30.00


Soda 2 L$3.75
2 L$3.75


Almond Cookies$1.50
Fortune Cookies$1.00

History of Spring Buffet.

Spring Buffet opened up in 1998, in Los Angeles, California. Since then it has become a staple of the community and has become a popular dining destination amongst locals and tourists alike. The goal of the owners was to create a restaurant that would offer customers a unique dining experience by combining traditional Chinese cuisine with modern cooking techniques. The restaurant was known for its delicious Chinese cuisine, which included traditional dishes like General Tso’s Chicken and Beef with Broccoli.

As the popularity of the restaurant, the owners decided to open up new locations across the country. As of today, there are over 20 Spring Buffet restaurants across the United States, each one offering the same high-quality food and excellent service that made the original location such a hit.

Spring Buffet Uniqueness.

Spring Buffe is famous for its extensive selection of traditional authentic Chinese dishes, featuring both traditional and modern Chinese cuisine. The restaurant offers an array of  dishes, including traditional favorites like egg rolls and wonton soup, as well as more exotic dishes like Sichuan Spicy Fish and Kung Pao Chicken. Every food lover can visit this place and be fully satisfied with everything that they have to offer. Spring Buffet prides itself on providing high-quality meals at a reasonable price.

Another thing that the restaurant is famous for is its commitment to using fresh high-quality ingredients. Spring Buffet is famously know for sourcing all its ingredients from the best suppliers, both locally and Internationally, to ensure that every dish is made with the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Every dish is prepared with care and attention to detail. This commitment to quality is one of the reasons for Spring Buffet’s massive success.

Spring Buffet Ambiance.

In addition to the mouthwatering food, Spring Buffet is also famous for its impeccable service. The staff is very attentive and friendly. always ready to answer any questions and help you with your orders. They make sure that each customer feels comfortable and satisfied during their visit. The staff takes pride in providing excellent customer service. Overall experience, will make diners feel like they’re part of the family.


In conclusion, Spring Buffet offers an exceptional dining experience that is both delicious and unique. With its vast selection of dishes from various regions of China, experienced chefs, and inviting atmosphere, it’s no wonder why this restaurant has become a favorite among locals and tourists alike. So, if you are in town, make sure to add Spring Buffet to your list of must-visit restaurants for an unforgettable culinary experience. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to indulge in some of the best food that Chinese Cuisine has to offer at Spring Buffet.

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What are the lunch buffet timings at Spring Buffet?

The lunch buffet runs from 11:00 AM to 03:00 PM.

Is there free parking available at the restaurant?

Yes, Spring Buffet offers free parking for customers.

Do they have wine selection?

No, the restaurant does not serve alcoholic beverages.

To learn more about Spring Buffet, visit their official website.

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