Souper Salad Buffet Prices

Souper Salad was established in Houstan, Texas in 1951. It is a privately owned business. Today it has almost 17 location in Southwest US, most of them being in Texas. The Souper Salad Buffet is all about Fresh and Healthier Choices. Diners are offered a All you can eat buffet, serving soups and fresh salads made from scratch, you can also get an assortment of fruits.  Menus change on a daily, so you can visit daily and get to try something each day.

Here is an updated menu & prices for Souper Salad Buffet.


Picked For You

Texas Style Chilli Soup$3.29

Potatoes and Sides

Baked Potato (Potatoes and Sides)$3.99
Baked Potato$3.99
Sweet Potato (Potatoes and Sides)$3.99
Sweet Potato$3.99
Mac and Cheese$3.29
Texas Chilli (Potatoes and Sides)$3.29
Texas Chilli$3.29


Vegetable Soup$3.29
Texas Style Chilli Soup (Soup)$3.29
Vegetable Lentil Soup$3.29
Vegetable Beef Soup$3.29


Romaine Iceberg Salad$8.50
Caesar Salad (Salad)$8.50
Caesar Salad$8.50
Spinach Salad (Salad)$8.50
Spinach Salad$8.50
Rotini Pasta Salad$8.50

Pasta Salad

Fettucine Pasta Salad$3.29
Tuna Skroodle$3.29
Loaded Potato$3.29

Pizza and Bread

Veggie Flatbread Pizza$5.99
Flatbread Pizza$5.99
Baked Items$0.99

Fountain Drinks

Sweet Tea$2.39
Unsweet Tea$2.39
Raspberry Tea$2.39
Dr. Pepper$2.39
Diet Coke$2.39
Fresca Water$2.39
Minute Maid Lemonade$2.39


Strawberry Shortcake$3.29
Sugar Free Jell-O$3.29

Souper Salad Buffet Menu

The Souper Salad Buffet offers, fresh salads, made from-scratch soups, fresh baked breads, fruits, flatbread pizzas, baked potato bar, and desserts for a relatively low price. The menus are changed regularly and seasonally, you can experience new flavors all the time, and savor old favorites all at the same time.

The Souper Salad Buffet:

Salad Buffet Bar offers over 30 crisp fresh-cut veggies and toppings. Customers can freely create salads they crave. But you can always try one of the salads that have been prepared. The signature salads include, pasta, potato, and tossed salads such as Apple Pecan Salad or Tuna Skroodle. All of these are prepared using the same fresh-cut veggies as available on the Salad Bar.


Soups are also made from scratch each day using only the freshest indgredients. Just as the salad bar, these offering are also on daily rotations. However, you can always choose from one of the classics. Such as famous Vegetable Beef Soup, and the Broccoli Cheese. But don’t forget the Mama Mia Chicken soup. These are the to go options whenever you decide to visit. But you can always try something new and adventours.


The one thing you will never find at Souper Salad Bar Buffet is, Stale Bread. Because just like everything else, the bread is also made fresh everyday. You must try the Garlic Breadsticks or the Spice Rack Gingerbread. As they are very popular among customers. Other breads include, Berry Berry Blueberry Bread and the ” A-maizing Cornbread “. All freshly baked straight from the oven to you.


For dessert, Souper Salad bar offers an assortment of fresh fruits. But if that doesn’t float your boat, you can always their decadent brownies, Strawberry Shortcake, and yummy Soft Serve Ice Cream. Incase you are a diabetic, some locations do offer a Sugar Free Jell-O.


Does Souper Salad serve alcoholic beverages?

No, they do not serve any type of alcoholic beverages (beer , liquor, wine).

Is the bread made fresh everyday?

Yes, the bread is made fresh everyday from scratch. The Souper Salad prides itself in always serving the best to their customers.

Can I create my own salad?

Yes you most definiately can. The Souper Salad Buffet has crisp fresh-cut veggies and topping that customers can use to create the salad of their liking. But you can also choose from the pre made salads if you prefer to.

To learn more about the Souper SaladBuffet, visit their website below

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