Shoney’s Buffet Prices

Shoney’s Buffet is a small popular American chain of restaurants, which has been serving it’s customers fresh and delicious foods for over 70 years. Established in 1947 with it’s first branch in Charleston, West Virginia. Originally Shoney’s Buffet was a drive in restaurant with the “Shoney’s Big Boy” official branding. But in the 1950s the original branding of Shoney’s returned, because they wanted to set it apart from other drive-in restaurants.

Here is an updated menu & prices for Shoney’s Buffet.


Popular Items

A11-Star Breakfast$9.59
Chicken Breast$14.24


Available only from 8:00am to 11:00 am.
On Sundays & Tuesdays, available 8:00am to 8:00pm.
Served with breakfast potatoes or southern style grits and a warm buttermilk biscuit

Philly Steak & Cheese Omelet$10.24
Veggie Omelet$9.82
Slim Jim Omelet$10.23
Create Your Own Omelet$11.97

Burgers & Sandwiches

Served with your choice of french fries, onion rings, or Dixie chips. *Advisory; These food items are or may be served undercooked, or contain or may contain undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.



Shoney's Steak Breakfast$16.57
Breakfast Sandwich$9.08
Steak and Eggs$13.57
Biscuits and Gravy$6.09
Pancake Breakfast$9.92
All-Star Breakfast$9.29
Country Fried Steak Breakfast$11.25


Shoney's Wings$9.91
Spinach & Aritchoke Dip$9.60
Hand-Breaded Chicken Strips$9.78
Shoney's Signature Onion Rings Appetizer$6.63
Hand-Breaded Fresh Chicken Strips$9.07
Our Famous Onion Rings$5.14
Shoney's Sliders$8.22
Spinach and Artichoke Dip$10.24


A11 American Burger$10.03
All-American Burger$10.66
Shoney's Double Decker$14.06
BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger$11.29
Mushroom Swiss Burger$11.63


10 Oz High Range Ribeye$19.47
High Range Ribeye$18.68
Baked Spaghetti$12.81
8 Oz Steakhouse Sirloin$17.24
8oz Steakhouse Sirloin$14.99
Hand Breaded Chicken Strips Dinner$13.12
Sirloin Beef Tips$14.66
Fish N Chips$10.43
Smothered Grilled Liver 'n Onions$14.55
Wild-Caught Pacific Salmon with Sweet Heat Glaze$12.62
Teriyaki Glaze Salmon$14.59
Teriyaki Glazed Salmon$16.22
Swiss Mushroom Chicken$15.52
Pile O' Shrimp$11.26
Grilled Chicken Breast$11.64
Country Fried Steak$12.09
Blackened Chicken Breast$10.87
Grilled Salmon$14.40
Crispy Pile O' Shrimp$15.34
Crispy Fish Filets$13.59
Grilled Chicken with Cucumber and Cranberry Relish$11.81


Philly Steak and Cheese Sandwich$11.32
Philly Chicken & Cheese Sandwich$11.62
Turkey Club Sandwich$11.96
Patty Melt$8.58
Chicken Sandwich$11.83
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$9.53
Steak Sandwich$11.95
Shoney's Spicy Chicken Sandwich$10.00
Shoney's Fish Sandwich$9.58
Slim Jim$10.06
Vegetarian Club$10.77


Steamed Broccoli$3.86
Onion Rings$5.28
Fresh Steamed Vegetables$3.39
Side Salad$4.05

Lunch & Dinner Side Items



Hot Fudge Cake$6.28
Strawberry Pie$12.95
Classic Sundaes$6.58
Skillet Cookie$6.78
Christy's Apple Crisp$5.98
Shoney's World Famous Hot Fudge Cake$6.64
Christy's Apple Pie$6.42
Pecan Pie$6.01

Pasta & Stir Fry

Chicken Stir-Fry$15.17
Shrimp Stir-Fry$15.08
Savory Bourbon Steak Tips$14.75
Vegetarian Stir-Fry$12.41


Prepared fresh every day

Garden Salad$8.23
Cobb Salad$9.51
Caesar Salad$8.40


Soft Drink$3.50
Diet Coke$2.59
Iced Tea$3.55
Bibb Xtra$2.19
Hand-Dipped Milkshakes$5.84
Mello Yello$2.40
Hot Chocolate$3.25
Barq's Root Beer$2.73
Hi-C Punch$2.74
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea$2.59
Hot Tea$2.48
Strawberry Lemonade$2.36
Shoney's Fresh Roast Coffee$2.24
Apple Juice$3.40
Orange Juice$3.60

Salads & Soups

Prepared fresh every day

Southern Crispy Chicken Salad$12.41
House Salad$8.21
Strawberry Summer Salad$10.70
Soup of the Day$4.75
Chef Salad$12.26


Steak & Shrimp$16.79
Chicken & Shrimp$15.67

Baked Potatoes

Broccoli & Cheddar Cheese Baked Potato$4.86

Kid’s Menu

Includes your choice of one side item

Kid's Chicken Strips$7.70
Kid's Spaghetti$7.76
Kid's Fried Shrimp$6.11
Kiddie Burger$7.18
Kiddie Cheeseburger$7.18
Kid's Grilled Cheese$5.28

Take Home Box

The take home box is available in three sizes, most popular choices are fried chicken, meatloaf rounds, chicken strips or catfish. You choose two cold side items and two hot side items. A gallon of tea is also included, sweet or unsweet

Small Take Home Box$41.35
Fried Chicken - Large Take Home Box$58.99
Sandwich Box for 4$35.99
Medium Take Home Box$59.35
Large Take Home Box$72.55
Crispy Chicken Strips - Large Take Home Box$108.99
Meatloaf Rounds - Large Take Home Box$108.99

Side Dishes

French Fries$2.98
Bowl of Fruit$2.95
5 Hand-Breaded Onion Rings$2.71
Side of Cole Slaw$3.65
Side of Macaroni & Cheese$3.65
Dixie Tater Chips$2.80
Side of Steamed Vegetables$3.59
Mashed Potatoes$2.74
Side of French Fries$3.68
Baked Potato$2.80
Macaroni and Cheese$2.99
Side of Onion Rings$3.68
Side of Dixie Tater Chips$3.59
Rice Pilaf$2.60
Fresh Steamed Vegetable$2.08
Side of Mashed Potatoes$3.65
Side Baked Potato$3.65
Side of Rice Pilaf$3.59
Side of Green Beans$3.65
Green Beans$2.76
Baked Potato with Butter, Sour Cream, Bacon and Cheddar Cheese$3.02
Side House Salad$3.65
Mashed Potatoes with Butter, Sour Cream, Bacon and Cheddar Cheese$3.02
Vegetarian Plate$10.79
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About Shoney’s Buffet

Shoney’s Buffet is a bit different compared to other buffet. Firstly, they only offer a Breakfast Buffet, and for good reason, because people are usually the hungriest in the mornings. And no to mention breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day. Secondly, all the ingredients are fresh. It is basically what you would consider a Farm to Table restaurant. This pretty much guarantees fresh and subsequently nutritious dishes.

Shoney’s Menu

Shoney’s Buffet has a fresh food bar filled with fresh and yummy indgredients, for customers who just want to binge food in a healthy manner. The food bar has everything, such as Entrees, Select Cuts, Chicken, Seafood and more. They also serve Alcoholic Beverages at Shoney’s.


At Shoney’s there is something for everybody. You could be Chicken Lover, Beef Lover, or a Seafood Lover, Shoney’s has you covered.


The 8oz Steak Sirilion is all natural hand-cut, custom-aged Sirloin, grilled your way, then topped with herb garlic butter, is a must try. Or you can try the High Range Ribeye , naturally juicy and delicious, the 10-oz custom-cut Ribeye is a truly superior steak that will almost melt in your mouth. Shoney’s also serves the classic Country Fried Steak, tender meat breaded in signature seasoned flour, and smothered in a traditional white gravy.


Shoney’s has some great seafood as well. Starting with Crispy Fish Fillets, hand breaded in homemade bread crumbs, served with a wonderful tartar sauce and 2 sides of your choice. But, if you are not in for fried food, try the Teriyaki Glazed Salmon. A perfectly Grilled Samon topped with a sweet and zesty glaze, served with 2 dishes of the diners choice. It is a treat to have.


It’s not only Shoney’s food that has customers coming back, the other reason is that they serve Liquor. From Classic Budweiser Beers to fine Wines. But, if you are looking for a good time try their newest alcoholic venture, The Shonjito. It is a twist on a Mojito. Made with your choice of Cruzan Strawberry, Cruzan Citrus, Cruzan Guava, Cruzan Mango or Cruzan Raspberry Rum, mint, mojito mix, and club soda.


Shoney’s has some serious desserts. Such as, Classic Sundaes, Cookie Skillets, Strawberry Pie, and Apple Pie. But the best of all is their World Famous Hot Fudge Cake, with Vanilla ice cream between freshly baked layers of Shoney’s famous chocolate cake, covered in hot fudge sauce, whipped topping and a cherry. It is the perfect ending to an experience that is, Shoney’s Buffet.


Are there any Military, Fire Department, Police Officer, or EMT discounts?

Yes! Shoney’s offers upto 15% discounts on meals for our heroes in uniform at at all company-owned and participating franchised locations.

What are the timing of Shoney’s?

The timings may change depending on the location you are visiting. But usually Shoney’s is open from 08:00AM to 08:00PM.

Does Shoney’s have a catering service?

Yes, Shoney’s offers catering services to it’s customers.

If you want to learn more about Shoney’s Buffet, visit their webiste.

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