Shangri La Buffet Prices

If you want to try a variety of Asian Cuisine at one place, then Shangri La Buffet is a best place for you. Because a buffet is a place where you can taste everything in a single budget and Shangri La Buffet offers just that. It is a must-visit for anyone looking for an authentic taste of Asia. Shangri La Buffet has a long history. In this article we will take a closer look at its history, reputation and menu.

Here is an updated menu of Shangri La Buffet.


Nigiri Sushi

2 pcs cooked or raw fish on Rice

Kunse Sake$7.50
Hiyashi Wakame$5.50
Shiro Maguro$7.00

Combo Sushi

House Combo Rolls$33.95
Small Sashimi Platter$25.95
Large Sashimi Platter$32.95
Chef's Mix$23.95
Nigiri and Sashimi Combo$26.95
Medium Sahimi Platter$29.95
Special Sushi Combo #1$70.00
Sushi For 2 or More$100.00


Gyoza Potstickers 8pcs$9.95
Crab Cheese wonton$9.95
Crazy Edamame$8.50
Chicken Lettuce Cup$12.95
Crispy Calamari$11.95
Poke lettuce wrap$17.95
Mixed Tempura$10.95
Tuna Ceviche$16.95
stuffed Mushrooms$10.95
Thai Spicy Tofu$11.50
Chicken Spring Roll$9.95
Tempura Vegetable$8.50
Tempura Prawns 4 pcs$9.95
Salt and Pepper Wings$12.95
Veggie Spring Roll$9.50
Soft shell Crab$11.95
Veggies Lettuce Cup$11.95
Extra Lettuce$2.50
Baked Mussels$12.95
Salt N Pepper Calamares$11.95
Tempura Fish$11.95


Japanese Miso Soup Bowl$10.00
Japanese Udon$16.95
Wor-Wonton Soup$14.95
Hot N Sour Soup BOWL$11.95
Shangri la Spicy Noodle Soup$12.95
Oriental Chicken Salad$13.95
Cucumber Salad$5.50
Japanese Seafood Salad$16.95
Seaweed Salad$6.00
Side Salad$2.50
Green Salad$3.95
Grill Salmon Salad$16.95
Seared Tuna Salad$16.95
Thai Shrimp Salad$16.95


Fried Rice$13.95
Chow Mein$13.95
Garlic Noodle$10.50
Hong Kong Pan Fried$17.95
Dan Dan Noodle$15.95
Chow Fun$13.95
Chow Udon$13.95
Malay Fried Rice$15.95
Singapore Noodles$15.95
steam rice$2.50
Chow Soba$13.95
Thai Shrimp Rice$16.95
brown rice$2.50


Dads Roll$16.95
Dragon Roll$13.50
Lodi Roll$12.00
California Roll$9.00
Moms Roll$16.95
Chefs Special$15.00
Rainbow Roll$14.00
Tiger Roll$11.50
Shangrila Roll$14.95
Downtown Roll$14.00
Spicy Spicy$10.00
Philly Roll$10.50
Caterpiller Roll$13.50
Spicy Tuna$9.00
Double Tuna$12.50
Spider Roll$11.50
Crispy Kali Kali$11.00
Kali Kali Roll$9.00
Tekka Maki$8.00
Lola Roll$9.50
Kappa Maki$5.00
Avo maki$7.50
Vegetarian Roll$10.00
Salmon Skin$9.00
Tempura Prawn$9.00
Una Kyu$9.00
Y2k ROLL$10.00


Served with steamed or brown rice

Mongolian Beef$15.95
Broccoli Beef$15.95
Teriyaki Beef$17.95
Garlic Spicy Beef$15.95
Mongolian Lamb$15.95
Szechuan Beef$16.95
Sweet and Sour Pork$14.95
Garlic Spicy Pork$14.95
Szechuan Pork$14.95


Served with steamed or brown rice

Teriyaki Chicken$15.95
Katsu Chicken$15.95
Sesame Chicken$15.95
Orange Chicken$15.95
Mandarin Garlic Chicken$15.95
Szechuan Chicken$16.95
Spicy Ginger Chicken$15.95
Kung Pao Chicken$15.95
Mongolian Chicken$15.95
Sweet and Sour Chicken$15.95
Lemon Chicken$15.95
Crispy Honey Chicken$15.95
Curry Chicken$14.95
Mango Chicken$15.95
Spicy Ground Chicken with EggPlant$15.95

Bento Box

Served with Assorted Tempura, Veggies, California Roll, Rice, Salad and Gyoza.

"B" Chicken Teriyaki$17.00
"B" Chicken Katsu$17.00
"B" Orange Chicken$17.00
"B" Beef Teriyaki$17.95
"B" Mandarin Garlic Chicken$17.00
"B" Sesame Chicken$17.00
"B" Sashimi$21.00
"B" Grilled Salmon$19.00
"B" Kung Pao Chicken$17.00
"B" Tempura Fish$17.00
"B" Grilled Saba$18.00
"B" Teriyaki Shrimp$19.00


Served with steamed or brown rice

Buddha Delight$11.50
Broccoli Tofu$11.50
Szechuan Style Green Beans$11.95
Garlic Eggplant$11.50
Ma Po Tofu$12.50


Served with steamed or brown rice

Honey Walnut Prawns$18.95
Cantonese Seafood$18.95
Hot/Spicy Red Snapper$19.95
Salt and Pepper Prawn$18.95
Broccoli Shrimp$18.95
Curry Seafood$19.95
Curry Seafood (Seafood)$19.95
Grilled Salmon$19.95
Hot and Sour Salmon$19.95
Kung Pao Scallops$19.95
Kung Pao Shrimp$18.95
Lemon Pepper Scallops$19.95
Lemon Pepper Shrimp$18.95
Mandarin Garlic Shrimp$18.95
Spicy Ginger Shrimp$18.95
Szechuan Seafood$19.95
Thai Shrimp$19.95

Raw Rolls

6-12 pieces, Soy wrap available additional $1.50

Atomic Bomb Roll$17.95
Volcano Roll$16.95
Lion King Roll$15.95
O.M.G Roll$16.95
Warrior's Roll$16.95
Shangril la$14.95
Chef's Special$15.00
Double Tuna (Raw Rolls)$13.50
Yokohama Roll$16.95
Spicy Tuna (Raw Rolls)$9.00
Tekka Maki (Raw Rolls)$8.00

Chef Specials from Sushi Bar and Sashimi

Pokey Salad$9.95
Chef's Mix (Chef Specials from Sushi Bar and Sashimi)$19.95
Ahi Tuna$18.95
BBQ Albacore$13.95
Crispy Albacore$15.95
Tako Kimchee$10.95

Cooked and Raw Rolls

6-12 peces, Soy wrap available additional $1.50

Crunch Roll$10.50
VEGGIES #2$12.00
Kali Kali$9.00
Kappa Maki (Cooked and Raw Rolls)$5.00
Salmon Skin Roll$9.00
Tempura Prawn (Cooked and Raw Rolls)$9.00
Teriyaki Beef Roll$14.95
Una Kyu (Cooked and Raw Rolls)$9.00

Hand Roll

ice cream cone shape roll

California HR$7.00
Spicy Tuna HR$7.00
Unagi HR$7.00
Spicy Scallop HR$7.00
Crispy Prawn HR$7.00
Paulie HR$7.00
Salmon Skin hand roll$6.50
Smoked Salmon HR$7.50
Soft Shell Crab HR$7.00
Spicy Hamachi HR$7.00
Vegetarian HR$6.50


Molten Chocolate Cake$9.95
New York Cheesecake$7.50
Fried Ice Cream Delight$8.95
Ice Cream (1 scoop)$4.50
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History Of Shangri La Buffet.

Shangri La Buffet has been serving up delicious & perfect Asian cuisine for over 2 decades. It all started when the founder Who was a passionate chef from Asia, decided to open a restaurant that offered a wide range of dishes from around Asia. Over the years, Shangri La Buffet has become a staple in the community, with generations of families visiting for special occasions and everyday meals. They have expanded their work and locations all across the country.

Specialties Of Shangri La Buffet.

The first thing that makes this restaurant a popular one is its variety of food. They offer more than 100 Asian dishes in their menu.  The restaurant offers everything from Chinese stir-fry and Japanese sushi to Thai curries and Indian biryani. In addition to the main dishes, Shangri La Buffet also offers a range of salads, soups, and desserts. These all are their special items.

Another thing that set apart Shangri La buffet from others is its commitment to cleanliness and hygiene. All the ingredients they use in their food are fresh and locally sourced ensuring that everything is of the highest quality. Additionally, the buffet is constantly updating its menu to include new and exciting dishes, ensuring that there is always something new for guests to try.

Another thing that makes this buffet popular is its warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel refreshed. The decor is all inspired by Asian culture and looks perfect. All staff is friendly and hardworking always willing to help the customers according to their needs.  Its a perfect place for family gatherings for celebrations.


Buffets are a great way to try a variety of food, and Shangri La Buffet is one of the best. With its long history and reputation for serving delicious Asian cuisine, Shangri La Buffet is a must-visit for anyone looking for an authentic taste of Asia. Its a perfect locaation for you if you want to learn about Asian culture.

FAQs about Shangri La Buffet.

What are the timings?

Lunch 12.30 p.m. – 3.30 p.m.. Dinner 6.30 p.m. – 11.30 p.m.

Do they have sushi Rolls?

Yes, They do serve  Variety of Sushi rolls.

Don they offer free parking?

Yes, they offer free parking to all the customers.

To learn more about Shangri La Buffet, visit their official website.

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