Shakey’s Pizza Buffet Prices

Shakey’s Pizza Buffet was actually the first Pizza Chain that opened in USA. It was first established in 1954. As of right now Shakey’s Pizza Buffet hai over 50 branches in US, most of which are located in California, and some in Washington. But, worldwide Shakey’s Pizza has over 100 branches delivering mouth-watering pizzas to customers. Specifically in the Philippines Shakey’s Pizza is considered by many as the most recognizable pizza franchise brand.

Here is an updated menu & prices of Shakey’s Pizza Buffet.


Limited Time Only!

12" Medium Garlic Shrimp Pizza$12.99
15" Large Garlic Shrimp Pizza$23.99

Popular Items

Pepperoni Pizza Twists$3.49

Mojos, Salads & Sides

Famous Mojo Potatoes$4.24
Garlic Bread$2.93
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy$2.99
Garlic Cheese Bread$4.77
Family Antipasto Salad$10.71
Steamed Veggies$2.99


Crispy Chicken Sandwich Combo$9.99

Shakey’s Classics

Rustic Garlic Chicken Pizza 9" Small$13.53
Rustic Garlic Chicken Pizza 12" Medium$19.79
Rustic Garlic Chicken Pizza 15" Large$25.63
Shakey's Special Pizza 9" Small$13.53
Shakey's Special Pizza 12" Medium$19.70
Shakey's Special Pizza 15" Large$25.53
Firehouse Pizza 9" Small$13.53
Firehouse Pizza 12" Medium$19.81
Firehouse Pizza 15" Large$25.63
Ultimate Meat Pizza 9" Small$13.53
Ultimate Meat Pizza 12" Medium$19.79
Ultimate Meat Pizza 15" Large$25.63
Texas BBQ Chicken Pizza 9" Small$13.47
Texas BBQ Chicken Pizza 12" Medium$19.70
Texas BBQ Chicken Pizza 15" Large$25.50
Garden Veggie Pizza 9" Small$13.53
Garden Veggie Pizza 12" Medium$19.70
Garden Veggie Pizza 15" Large$25.38


NEW! Crispy Chicken Sandwich$6.99
Golden Fried Chicken$3.71
NEW! Crispy Chicken Sandwich combo$9.99
Boneless Chicken Strips$4.69

Value Deals

Pizza and Wings$15.87

Build Your Own Pizza

Individual 7" Cheese Pizza$6.31
Cheese Pizza 9" Small$9.39
Cheese Pizza 12" Medium$15.13
Cheese Pizza 15" Large$20.84


10 Piece Brownie Box$9.99


20-ounce bottle

20 oz. Bottled Soda$2.98
20 oz. Bottled Water$1.99
Diet Pepsi$2.90
Dole Lemonade$2.94
Brisk Iced Tea$2.95
Manzanita Sol$2.94
Sierra Mist$2.95


If luck is on your side. you might live near a Shakey’s Pizza. And if you are extremely lucky they might also offer a Brunch or Lunch Buffet. Commonly, the buffet lasts for about 3 hours from 11:00AM to 02:00PM. It quite an extraordinary buffet menu, such as a variety of delectable Pizzas, Tender Fried Chicken along with crispy Mojos Potatoes. Pricing and menu options may vary depending on you location.


Shakey’s Pizza Buffet:

Shakey’s Pizza Buffet’s most iconic and popular pizza is the Manager’s Choice. It can be found in majority of locations. It comes loaded with  Italian sausage, beef, and ham, along with onions and green bell peppers. But there are some people who prefer the Shakey’s Special, a pizza topped with Italian sausage, pepperoni, salami, and seasoned ground beef, along with black olives and mushrooms. However if you are a meathead you there is only one way to go for you, that being the Shakey’s Ultimate Meat Pizza. Loaded with all typed of meats such as, Italian sausage, seasoned ground beef, pepperoni, ham, salami & bacon.

Shakey’s Fried Chicken:

Shakey’s offers some of the best fried chicken. It is perfectly golden brown and crispy on the outside, tender and packed with flavour on the inside. You can also get deep fried wings or boneless chicken strips with the same battering as the fried chicken pieces. They are served with the one of their specials dips.

Mojos, Salads and Sides:

The Mojos Potatoes are innovative way to make deep fried potatoes. Lightly battered, seasoned to perfection and deliciously golden brown, Mojos Potatoes, hands down the side to go with some succulent fried chicken. Or you can try the Garlic Cheese Bread. The Family Antipasto Salad is a classic salad for the whole family. Because it is a protein-rich salad topped with an assortment of meat, cheese and veggies.


There aren’t many vegetarian options available at Shakey’s Pizza Buffet. But, You can the Garden Tossed Salad. Or you can try the Garden Veggie Pizza topped with, Mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives & diced tomatoes.


Shakey’s offer a great assortment of beverages. Ranging from Soft drinks such as, Pepsi and Sierra Mist. 100% Natural Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Fat Free Smoothies. Even Beer, Wine and Bear Claws are available. However it would be better to check with local restaurant to make sure these are available or not.

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What size is Shakey’s party size pizza?

Shakey’s Pizzas come in a variety of sizes. Regular is 9 inches, Large is 12 inches, Party is 13 inches, and Pizza Americana is 18 inches.

What is the size of Shakeys large pizza?

Large pizza at Shakey’s is 15″.

How many slices is a large pizza?

The Large pizza typically has 10 slices. But you can request to have cut up in either 8 or 12 slices as well.

To learn more about Shakey’s Pizza Buffet, visit their website.

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