Ryan’s Buffet Prices

Ryan restaurant is one of the oldest and most popular eateries around. It’s a great place for all those who wants high quality food at affordable rates. The restauarant has been serving mouth-watering dishes since the past two decades and is a must visit for all food lovers. The restaurant has also started the buffet system recently and the variety of dishes and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.

Also, there is a Salad Bar where you can customize your own salad and make it more delicious. Not only salads, but they also have plenty of healthy options like soups and smoothies. The dessert section is full of delicious treats like cakes, pies and ice creams which will make your taste buds go wild. But the best part is that you can get all this yummy goodness at a very affordable price. Here are the price menu of Ryan’s Buffet:



Saturday and Sunday Until 11 am

Adult - Breakfast Price$7.49
Senior - Breakfast Price$6.99
Beverage - Breakfast Price$2.29
Kids (2-3 Years Old) - Breakfast Price$2.49
Kids (4-7 Years Old) - Breakfast Price$4.49
Kids (8-11 Years Old) - Breakfast Price$5.49


Saturday Until 3:30 pm

Adult - Lunch Price$7.79
Senior - Lunch Price$7.29
Beverage - Lunch Price$2.29
Kids (2-3 Years Old) - Lunch Price$2.49
Kids (4-7 Years Old) - Lunch Price$4.49
Kids (8-11 Years Old) - Lunch Price$5.49


Every Night

Adult - Dinner Price$11.49
Senior - Dinner Price$10.99
Beverage - Dinner Price$2.29
Kids (2-3 Years Old) - Dinner Price$2.49
Kids (4-7 Years Old) - Dinner Price$4.49
Kids (8-11 Years Old) - Dinner Price$5.99

Some FAQs regarding Ryan’s Buffet:

Is Ryan’s Buffet open on Sundays?

Yes, it is open seven days a week.

Can I customize my own salad?

Yes, you can. There is a Salad Bar where you can customize your own salad and make it even more delicious.

Can I bring my own food to Ryan’s Buffet?

No, you cannot bring your own food. All the food is prepared and served at the restaurant itself.

Are there any discounts available at Ryan’s Buffet?

Yes, there are special discounts available for students, senior citizens and others. So be sure to ask about them when you visit.

Here is the video of Ryan’s Buffet:





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