Pizza Ranch Buffet Prices

Pizza Ranch Buffet, it is one of the largest Pizza chains in USA. From a humble beginning in a small town of Iowa in 1981, to over 200 franchises all across the Midwest. 2 years later, in 1983, Pizza Ranch opened it’s second location, but that is also the year they started there noon buffet. As the word spread, Pizza Ranch grew because of a loyal customer base and hardworking franchise owners.

Here is an updated menu & prices of the Pizza Ranch Buffet.


Bake @ Home Frozen Breakfast Pizzas

Bake @ Home Sausage-Gravy$11.80
Bake @ Home Bacon Sausage$11.83
Bake @ Home Sausage Pepper Onions$11.76

Bake @ Home Frozen Pizzas

Bake @ Home Cheese Pizza$10.72
Bake @ Home Pepperoni Pizza$10.79
Bake @ Home Bronco$11.78
Bake @ Home Buffalo Chicken Pizza$11.66


Mashed Potatoes and Gravy$2.98
Chicken Fries$7.02
Green Beans$2.98


16 Traditional Wings$23.57
Boneless Wings - 8 Piece$11.89
8 Traditional Wings$14.25
Boneless Wings - 16 Piece$19.60
Traditional Wings - 8 Piece$14.06
16 Boneless Wings$19.74
Traditional Wings - 16 Piece$23.42
8 Boneless Wings$12.06


Garden Salad$6.09
Chef Salad$7.30
Italian Chop Salad$9.02
Chicken Fiesta Salad$7.17
Taco Salad$8.34

Chicken Boxes

10 Piece Box$23.15
8 Pieces Chicken Box$14.68
8 Piece Box$19.82
10 Pieces Chicken Box$16.68
12 Pieces Chicken Box$19.68
16 Pieces Chicken Box$24.87
20 Pieces Chicken Box$29.80
12 Piece Box$26.42
16 Piece Box$36.36
20 Piece Box$42.92


Bacon Chicken Wrap$9.91
BBQ Wrap$10.62
Chicken Caesar Wrap$7.89
BBQ Chicken Wrap$7.89
Caesar Wrap$10.60
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$10.18

Create Your Own Pizza

Create Your Own - Small$9.81
Create Your Own - Medium$14.71
Create Your Own - Large$16.87

GS Single Top

GS Garlic Cheese Pizza$15.48
GS Pep Pizza$15.48
GS Single Top CYO$15.48
GS Pep Classic$15.48
GS Beef Pizza$15.48
GS Italian Sausage Pizza$15.48

Chicken Dinner

3 Pieces Chicken Dinner$8.32
4 Pieces Chicken Dinner$9.33

Create Your Own Pizzas

Create Your Own - Gluten Free$11.16

GS Specialty

GS Chk Bacon Ranch$17.67
GS BBQ Chicken Pizza$17.67
GS Buffalo Chicken Pizza$17.67

Chicken Dinners

2 Breast Dinner$11.74
4 Piece Dinner$13.38
2 Piece Dinner$10.08
3 Piece Dinner$11.22

Crispy Ranch Chicken

12 Piece Dark Box$26.35
8 Piece Dark Box$19.77
3 Piece Dark Dinner$11.19
4 Piece Dark Dinner$13.36
10 Piece Dark Box$23.09
16 Piece Dark Box$36.25
20 Piece Dark Box$42.81
2 Piece Dark Dinner$10.07

Specialty Pizzas

Roundup - Large$18.82
Roundup - Medium$16.63
Roundup - Small$11.75
BLT - Large$20.29
Stampede - Large$18.82
Stampede - Medium$16.66
Stampede - Small$11.77
Bronco - Large$18.82
Bronco - Medium$16.66
Bronco - Small$11.77
Prairie - Large$18.82
Prairie - Medium$16.66
Prairie - Small$11.77
Texan Taco - Large$18.82
Texan Taco - Medium$16.66
Texan Taco - Small$11.77
Buffalo Chicken Pizza$9.49
Cheese Pizza - Large$16.72
Cheese Pizza - Medium$14.51
Cheese Pizza - Small$9.70
Tuscan Roma - Large$18.79
Tuscan Roma - Medium$16.63
Tuscan Roma - Small$11.70
BLT - Medium$18.08
Garlic Cheese Pizza - Large$16.66
Garlic Cheese Pizza - Medium$14.51
Garlic Cheese Pizza - Small$9.68
Bacon Cheeseburger - Large$18.82
Bacon Cheeseburger - Medium$16.66
Bacon Cheeseburger - Small$11.77
BBQ Chicken Pizza$9.49
BBQ Chicken Pizza - Large$18.55
BBQ Chicken Pizza - Medium$16.40
BBQ Chicken Pizza - Small$11.59
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo - Large$18.78
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo - Medium$16.63
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo - Small$11.75
Pepperoni Pizza - Small$10.21
Buffalo Chicken Pizza - Large$18.55
Buffalo Chicken Pizza - Medium$16.40
Buffalo Chicken Pizza - Small$11.59
Sweet Swine - Large$18.78
Sweet Swine - Medium$16.63
Sweet Swine - Small$11.77
Chicken Bacon Ranch - Large$18.82
Chicken Bacon Ranch - Medium$16.66
Chicken Bacon Ranch - Small$11.77
Pepperoni Classic - Small$10.42
Mac N Cheese - Small$11.84
Mac N Cheese - Large$18.94
Mac N Cheese - Medium$16.78
Pepperoni Pizza - Medium$15.35
Pepperoni Pizza - Large$17.54
Pepperoni Classic - Medium$15.68
BLT - Small$12.74
Pepperoni Classic - Large$17.88
Sicilian - Small$12.67
Sicilian - Medium$17.91
Sicilian - Large$20.11


Cactus Bread$6.72

Single Topping Pizzas - Smal

Beef - Small$7.49
Pepperoni - Small$7.49
Canadian Bacon - Small$7.49
Italian Sausage - Small$7.49

Single Topping Pizzas

Beef Pizza - Medium$15.35
Beef Pizza - Large$17.54
Beef Pizza - Small$10.21
Diced Ham Pizza - Medium$15.68
Diced Ham Pizza - Large$17.88
Diced Ham Pizza - Small$10.44
Italian Sausage Pizza - Medium$15.35
Italian Sausage Pizza - Large$17.54
Italian Sausage Pizza - Small$10.21
Chicken Pizza - Medium$15.68
Chicken Pizza - Large$17.88
Chicken Pizza - Small$10.42
Garlic Cheese - Small$10.42
Garlic Cheese - Medium$15.68
Garlic Cheese - Large$17.88

Gluten-Sensitive Single Topping Pizzas

Gluten-Sensitive Beef Pizza$15.56
Gluten-Sensitive Pepperoni Pizza$15.56
GS-Cheese Pizza$15.53
Gluten-Sensitive Diced Ham Pizza$15.62
Gluten-Sensitive Italian Sausage Pizza$15.56
Gluten-Sensitive Chicken Pizza$15.56
GS-Garlic Cheese$15.56

Single Topping Pizzas - Medium

Beef - Medium$11.20
Pepperoni - Medium$11.20
Canadian Bacon - Medium$11.20
Italian Sausage - Medium$11.20

20oz Beverages

Diet Coke 20oz$2.44
Coke 20oz$2.44
Root Beer 20oz$2.45
Dasani Water 20oz$2.44
Sprite 20oz$2.44
Mello Yello 20oz$2.45

Gluten-Sensitive Specialty Pizzas

GS-Create Your Own$15.53
GS-Texan Taco$17.73
GS-Bacon Cheeseburger$17.73
GS-Pepperoni Classic$15.56
GS-BBQ Chicken$17.77
GS-Buffalo Chicken$17.77
GS-Chicken Bacon Ranch$17.77
GS-Chicken Broccoli Alfredo$17.84
GS-Sweet Swine$17.74

Single Topping Pizzas - Large

Beef - Large$13.20
Canadian Bacon - Large$13.20
Italian Sausage - Large$13.20

Popular Items

2 Pieces Chicken Dinner$7.32
Pepperoni - Large$13.20
Chocolate Cactus Bread$6.67
Blueberry Dessert$7.76

2 Liter Beverages

Coke 2L$3.64
Root Beer 2L$3.65
Mello Yello 2L$3.65
Diet Coke 2L$3.64
Sprite 2L$3.65


Pasta with Marinara Sauce - Single$4.00
Pasta with Marinara Sauce - Family$9.75
Pasta Dinner$7.87

Dessert Pizzas

Cactus Bread - Small$9.25
Cactus Bread - Medium$11.46
Cactus Bread - Large$13.66
Chocolate Chip Cookie$9.26
Apple Dessert - Small$10.41
Apple Dessert - Medium$12.62
Apple Dessert - Large$15.93
Blueberry Dessert - Small$10.35
Blueberry Dessert - Medium$12.51
Blueberry Dessert - Large$15.86
Cherry Dessert - Small$10.39
Cherry Dessert - Medium$12.53
Cherry Dessert - Large$15.89
Peach Dessert - Small$10.34
Peach Dessert - Medium$12.55
Peach Dessert - Large$15.86

Desserts Pizza

Apple Fruit Dessert$7.74
Peach Dessert$7.76
Cherry Dessert$7.74


Ranch Stix with Cheese - Small$8.15
Garlic Bread$3.99
Ranch Stix with Cheese - Medium$11.46
Garlic Cheese Bread$4.99
Ranch Stix$3.82
Ranch Stix with Cheese - Large$13.66
Cheesy Ranch Stix$5.69
Hot Wings$8.80




Mac and Cheese - Single$3.94
Mac and Cheese - Family$13.66
Ranch Potato Wedges$5.22
Mac and Cheese - Party$23.59
Chicken Fries - Single$8.80
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy - Single$3.94
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy - Family$9.58
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy - Party$18.07
Ranch Chips$4.99
Waffle Fries$5.21

Dipping Sauces & Extras

Sour Cream$0.25


20 oz soda$2.37
2 Liter soda$3.56
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History of Pizza Ranch Buffet:

Adrie Groeneweg, a 19 year old boy with a dream, opened up the first Pizza Ranch in 1981 in Hull, Iowa. Having just six speciality and single topping homemade recipes, Pizza Ranch was born.

The locals jumped at the idea of a pizza made from scratch, from sauce to dough it was made fresh. The rest of the ingredients sourced locally & fresh.

As the customers started to fill the restaurant, the word spread and Pizza Ranch rapidly grew in popularity. On a fatefull day almost Two and a half years after the Pizza ranch opened, a businessman from Mountain Lake, Minnesota contacted Adrie Groeneweg asking if he was interested in franchising. The answer was yes, and the rest is history.

As of right now Pizza Ranch Buffet has over 200 franchises spreading across fifteen states and the number is growing.

Pizza Buffet:

The Pizza Ranch offers buffets at some locations. If you are near one of the locations that offers Buffets, you can expect freshly baked pizzas, chicken, salads and even desserts.

The availability of different pizzas will depend on your locations. But there are a few must try pizzas. Such as the Stampede, with diced ham, pepperoni, sausage, beef, mushrooms, green and black olives, red onions, green peppers. Or the Sweet Chili Pizza with chicken, green peppers, pineapple, and red onions, topped with sweet chili sauce.

Incase you couldn’t find the pizza flavour of your choice, don’t be saddened. Because, Pizza Ranch offers a Buffet My Way service, where you can request the pizza of your liking. And they will make it for you.

Other Menu Options:

There are plenty of other items you can choose to dine from. You can try the chicken with an exquisite blend of seasoning and spices. It is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. If that doesn’t tickle your pickle, you can always try there Routini Pasta with sweet Marinara Sauce and a side of Breadsticks covered in Cheesy Herbs.

Pizza Ranch has a solid selection of sides, such as the Ranch Wedges, or The Mashed Potatoes with Gravy. You can also get, Salads and Hot soups to go along your veggies.

They also have a To-go option. Where you can just pick 2 entrees and 2 sides from the buffet, and you’re good to go, and for a small additional charge you can also  get a beverage and extra sides.


Does Pizza Ranch serve alcoholic beverages?

No, Pizza Ranch does not serve any alcohol.

Can I order just pizza from Pizza Ranch?

Ofcourse, you can order just pizzas or other items individually from the menu without getting the buffet option as well. And you can customize the pizza to your liking by selecting toppings that you prefer while ordering online or at a store near you.

Does Pizza Ranch offer catering?

Pizza Ranch does offer catering services for special occasions and events. You can checkout their website to learn more about the catering options available.

To learn more about Pizza Ranch visit their website below.

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