Pizza Buffet Prices

Pizza Buffet is a popular USA restaurant chain serving up delicious all you can eat pizza buffets. Founded in 1979 by Rocco Fiorentino, a passionate restaurateur, who wanted to build a restaurant that would offer a variety of pizzas to customers at an affordable price. From a humble beginning, to one of the most popular restaurant chain in United States, that’s the story of Pizza Buffet restaurant. The restaurant has a lot of branches spread across the country from California to Newyork. Pizza Buffet has received a number of awards, such as the  Best Pizza Chain Award by Pizza Today magazine.

Here is an updated menu & prices of Pizza Buffet.



Pepperoni Pizza (Large 16")$11.99
Chicken Ranch Pizza (Large 16")$17.99
Pepperoni Pizza (Medium 14")$10.99
Chicken Ranch Pizza (Medium 14")$15.99
Meat Lovers Pizza (Large 16")$17.99
Cheese Pizza (Large 16")$10.99
Chicken Ranch Pizza (Small 10")$13.99
Supreme Pizza (Large 16")$17.99
Meat Lovers Pizza (Medium 14")$15.99
Supreme Pizza (Medium 14")$15.99
Pepperoni Pizza (Small 10")$9.99
Cheese Pizza (Medium 14")$9.99
BBQ Chicken Pizza (Medium 14")$15.99
Cheese Pizza (Small 10")$8.99
Meat Lovers Pizza (Small 10")$13.99
Pizza Buffet Special (Medium 14")$14.99
Beef Pizza (Large 16")$11.99
Cheeseburger Pizza (Large 16")$16.99
Cheeseburger Pizza (Medium 14")$14.99
Taco Pizza (Small 10")$12.99
BBQ Chicken Pizza (Large 16")$17.99
Supreme Pizza (Small 10")$13.99
BBQ Chicken Pizza (Small 10")$13.99
Bacon, Ham and Cheddar Pizza (Large 16")$16.99
Bacon, Ham and Cheddar Pizza (Medium 14")$14.99
Veggie Pizza (Medium 14")$14.99
Pizza Buffet Special (Large 16")$16.99
Taco Pizza (Large 16")$15.99
Cheeseburger Pizza (Small 10")$12.99
Bacon, Ham and Cheddar Pizza (Small 10")$12.99
Taco Pizza (Medium 14")$14.99
Beef Pizza (Medium 14")$10.99
Beef Pizza (Small 10")$9.99
Sausage Pizza (Large 16")$11.99
Sausage Pizza (Medium 14")$10.99
Veggie Pizza (Large 16")$16.99
Veggie Pizza (Small 10")$12.99
Sausage Pizza (Small 10")$9.99
Pizza Buffet Special (Small 10")$12.99

Dessert Pizzas

Chocolate Chip Dessert Pizza$8.99
Strawberry Dessert Pizza$10.99
Open Face Dessert Pizza$9.99
Sweet Georgia Brown Dessert Pizza$9.99

Value Meal Deals

Family Meal Deal$49.99
Just Enough Meal Deal$32.99
For the Team Meal Deal$109.99


Sweet Tea (Gallon)$6.99
2 Liter Soda$3.99


Cheese Bread (Medium)$5.99
Garlic Bread (Medium)$4.99


Pasta Alfredo - 1lb.$8.99
Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce - 1lb.$8.99

Create Your Own Pizza

Create Your Own Pizza (Large 16")$10.99
Create Your Own Pizza (Small 10")$8.99
Create Your Own Pizza (Medium 14")$9.99


Cup of Dipping Sauce$1.00

Feature of Pizza Buffet

Pizza Buffet restaurant is famous for it’s all you can eat buffet. Here customers are offered with a wide variety of pizzas to choose from, Pepperoni Pizza, Beef Pizza, Sausage Pizza and Veggie Pizza. Along with incredible pizzas the buffet also boasts an assortment of other dishes. Including a Salad Bar and Breads. The restaurant also offers a range of drinks, including soda, lemonade, and iced tea.

But the most unique thing you will find at the Pizza Buffet is their Dessert Pizzas. Such as the Chocolate Chip pizza dessert, which their special pizza batter covered in chocolate chips. It’s better than a regular cookie. Or the Open Face dessert pizza, made with Cinnamon, Sugar and special batter topped with a sweet glaze.

One of the things that sets Pizza Buffet apart from the rest is it’s ability to host large groups people. The restaurant’s back room can be reserved for birthdays, private parties, groups, or meetings with seating for up to 50 people. This makes Pizza Buffet a popular choice for parents and even establishments looking to plan small events, for enjoying delicious food in a welcoming atmosphere. They also offer delivery services, making it possible for customers to enjoy their pizzas in the comfort of their home.


In conclusion, Pizza Buffet is a destination definitely worth checking out. With a long history and several accolades for excellent food and service in it’s name, makes Pizza Buffet one of the most popular buffet chains United States. The restaurant is famous for it’s large variety of pizza toppings, side dishes, and ability to cater to large groups of people. And in addition to everything Pizza Buffet also offers special discounts to, Children, Military personnel, Uniformed Officers/Firefighters, Seniors Citizens and Students with ID. So, if you are looking for a great pizza buffet experience Pizza Buffet restaurant is definitely the answer.


What are the serving sizes at Pizza Buffet?

The serving sizes listed below:

  • Large – 16″ and 12 slices
  • Medium – 14″ and 8 slices
  • Small – 10″ and 6 slices

Do they have a veggie Pizza?

Yes, the restaurant serves a veggie pizza at the buffet, which made using Traditional Red Sauce, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Mushrooms, Onions, Green Peppers, Black Olives and Green Olives.

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What are the timings of Pizza Buffet?

The restaurant is open 7 days a week from 11:00AM to 08:30PM.

To learn more about Pizza Buffet, visit their official website

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