Peter Piper Pizza Buffet Prices

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Are you a pizza lover? Have you ever wanted pizza in unlimited quantity and in a variety of flavors? Finally, your wishes have been heard. Peter Piper Pizza buffet is all that you may need to enjoy in an all-you-can-eat pizza menu and that too in one place. They pride themselves on the quality of their products. Here, you get to experience Italian cuisine in the form of pizzas. Since they are serving all kinds of pizza buffets, they have added traditional as well as unconventional flavors to their menu. Here you get to try all the pizza you could ever want.

At Peter Piper Pizza buffet they make everything from scratch which includes their pizzas, salads, appetizers, and even desserts. They know the importance of serving fresh, hot oven pizzas so they use all the ingredients and make the pizzas from scratch. They even make their own dough that is as fluffy as feathers.

All the reviews about Peter Piper Pizza buffet show that it is a famous family joint. The reason behind being so popular is that they serve an unlimited amount of pizzas, and freshly made-to-order salads and have delectable desserts to offer to their customers. They make sure that each member of the family whether it is an adult, child, or senior gets to enjoy their buffet. It is the ultimate place where families can enjoy food exactly to their liking. Moreover, here at Peter piper pizza buffet you can even ask for customized orders that can include the toppings according to your requirements. Make sure to visit them and enjoy their exquisite menu designed in such a way as to cater to all your pizza fantasies.

Here is the updated price menu of Peter Piper Pizza Buffet:



Chopped House Salad$4.54
Chopped House$5.37
Caesar Salad$4.63
Side Chopped House$3.28
Mandarin Cranberry Salad$5.63
Mandarin Cranberry$6.10


50 Traditional Wings$58.28
100 Traditional Wings$109.98


Ranch Dressing$0.82
BBQ Sauce$0.56
Honey Hot Sauce$0.56
Mango Habanero Sauce$0.56
Italian Dressing$1.08
Caesar Dressing$1.08
Blue Cheese Dressing$1.08
Poppy Seed Vinaigrette Dressing$1.08
Thousand Island Dressing$1.08
Mild Buffalo Dressing$0.56
Spicy Buffalo Dressing$0.56


Organic 100% Apple Juice$2.18
Organic Chocolate Milk$2.18
Bottle Water$2.18


Personal Pizza$5.61



Build Your Own

Cheese Pizza - Small$10.32
1 Topping Pizza - Personal$4.92
1 Topping Pizza - Small$10.59

Popular Items

Cinnamon Crunch$5.11
Garlic Cheese Bread$6.18
Breadsticks (6)$5.69
5 Meat Supreme - Personal$5.52
NY 3 Cheese with Pepperoni - Personal$5.57
The Werx - Personal$5.52


Chicago Classic Pizza - Small$15.90
Chicago Classic Pizza - Personal$5.52
NY 3 Cheese with Pepperoni - Small$13.89
California Veggie - Personal$5.52
California Veggie - Small$13.75
5 Meat Supreme - Small$13.75
The Werx - Small$13.75
Chicken Alfredo - Personal$5.52
Chicken Alfredo - Small$13.75


Fried Zucchini$6.14
Veggie Tray$7.99
Breadsticks (24)$18.36
Breadsticks (48)$33.61


Strawberry Crunch$5.11
Regular Strawberry Crunch$6.47
Large Cinnamon Crunch$7.55
Large Strawberry Crunch$7.69


Pizza & Wings$23.18


12 oz Drink$2.19
20 oz. Fountain Drink$2.59
Bottled Water$1.93
 32 oz. Fountain Drink$2.89
Apple Juice$1.79
Chocolate Milk$1.79
Flavored Milk$1.77

All about Peter Piper Pizza Buffet

In 1973 the first Peter Piper pizza opened for the world to see. Anthony Cavolo also known as Tony started this venture in Glendale, Arizona. At that time the only vision he had was to serve pizza in his neighborhood only using the highest quality ingredients. The vision also included a family-oriented place where people could enjoy economical and superior-quality pizzas. He made sure that the ambiance at Peter Piper’s stayed intimate for it to become a place all about a family affair. They were the first ones to introduce the concept of a menu that included pizzas in the form of a buffet.

By 1976, Tony had made his mark as a master pizza maker. He appeared in a TV commercial that sped up things for him where he used his famous catchphrase ‘come on over’.  Moving on, in 1980 he opened a new branch in Tuscon. This was a huge step for the restaurant. At that time Tony felt the need to add gaming stations to the restaurant to make it a whole experience for the family. Now they have more than 49 restaurants all over America. Recently, they celebrated their 100th Phoenix location which was a proud moment for the ‘Tony Clan’. Now, after so many years in this business, they have made their mark in the food industry.

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The Prices at Peter Piper Pizza Buffet

The Peter piper pizza buffet is a fun place to be. It is a popular choice amongst youngsters and even adults because of its pizza buffet menu. They are open seven days a week that starts from Monday till Sunday. Their operational hours start from 11:00 AM until 9:00 PM. Now the best part about Peter Piper’s pizza buffet is that they are unexpectedly quite economical. You can never imagine a place that’s serving so much food can be so economical in price. The adults can enjoy the buffet for $S6.49, and children under the age of 10 can have it for $4.49. All the kids under the age of three years get to enjoy the buffet for free. In this deal, the menu comprises pizza, breadsticks, salads, and scrumptious desserts. You can either go there to enjoy the lunch buffet or their dinner buffet.

The Menu at Peter Piper Pizza Buffet

When you are at Peter Piper pizza buffet you can be assured that they make their pizzas from scratch. This means that you get to taste the most flavorful and fresh ingredients on your pizza as possible. In their menu they include a variety of pizzas, wings, starters, salads, desserts, and beverages. It is a fun place to be with your family and enjoy their exquisite menu.

The pizza bar includes the following flavors. The Chicago classic has a mix of pepperoni, sausages, mushrooms, and green peppers seasoned with Chicago-style herbs and spices. The New York three cheeses is also a special that includes three types of cheese as ingredients. The California veggie is an absolute favorite for people who are on a vegetarian diet. Other flavors include the Werx which has a mix of ham and beef along with other vegetables. The five-meat supreme is also a huge favorite which includes pepperoni, beef, ham, sausage, and bacon. As we have already discussed, you can even build your own pizza that has all the toppings according to your taste. The cheese lover’s pizza is full of loaded cheese made on the handcrafted dough.

They have traditional wings and boneless wings on their menu. All the wings available on their menu can be spiced according to your spice level. The sauces can be added according to your taste which includes mild Buffalo, hot Buffalo, honey mustard, and mango habanero sauces.

They also serve handmade breadsticks, garlic cheese bread, and fried zucchini. For salads, you may try their chopped house, Caesar salad, and their fresh garden salad. The dessert menu includes freshly made cinnamon crunch desserts and strawberry crunch desserts. You can order their organic apple juice or organic chocolate milk from the beverage menu. They have a lovely selection of menu items loved by all their customers. You can always visit here with your family and have a lovely time along with food made with extra care and love, especially for you.

Some FAQs regarding Peter Piper Pizza:

What is the age limit for kids at Peter Piper Pizza?

Kids who are aged 10 or under can get their meal at $4.49. Children below 3 years of age can enjoy the buffet for free.

Is there any special offer available at Peter Piper Pizza?

Yes, there are special packages available depending on the days and events. On weekdays, they offer special lunch buffet with extra sides included in the meal. Customers can also avail special discounts by signing up to their email list.

What type of beverages do they serve?

Peter Piper Pizza serves a variety of beverages which includes organic apple juice, organic chocolate milk, and more.

What type of desserts do they offer?

Peter Piper Pizza offers freshly made cinnamon crunch desserts and strawberry crunch desserts. They also have a selection of other desserts such as ice cream and cakes depending on the day or event.

Is there any gluten-free option available?

Yes, they offer a variety of gluten-free options as well. Customers can also build their own pizza to meet their dietary needs and preferences.

Is there any loyalty program available?

Yes, they have a rewards card that can be used to earn points which can be redeemed for discounts and special offers. Customers can also take part in various contests to win free meals or free pizzas.

Here is the video of Peter Piper Pizza:

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