Paradise Buffet Prices

Paradise buffet is a well-renowned establishment serving buffets for many years. They serve more than a buffet and a wholesome environment for your family. Over the years, they have built up a reputation that has exceeded their competitors in many ways. The staff has successfully provided a platform for their customers where they can come and enjoy themselves. They are offering a complete package to their guests. 



Monday-Friday, 7am-10:30am

B Connected Emerald and Sapphire Members (Per Person) (Breakfast)$8.99
Ruby and Regular (Per Person) (Breakfast)$9.99

Champagne Brunch

Saturday-Sunday, 7am-3pm

B Connected Emerald and Sapphire Members (Per Person) (Champagne Brunch)$13.99
Ruby and Regular (Per Person) (Champagne Brunch)$14.99


Monday-Friday, 11am-3pm

B Connected Emerald and Sapphire Members (Per Person) (Lunch)$9.99
Ruby and Regular (Per Person) (Lunch)$10.99


Prime Rib Night, Sunday, Monday, and Thursday, 4pm-10pm

B Connected Emerald and Sapphire Members (Per Person) (Prime Rib Night Dinner)$15.99
Ruby and Regular (Per Person) (Prime Rib Night Dinner)$16.99

Seafood Fantasy, Tuesday, 4pm-10pm, and Friday, 4pm-11pm

B Connected Emerald and Sapphire Members (Per Person) (Seafood Fantasy Dinner)$27.99
Ruby and Regular (Per Person) (Seafood Fantasy Dinner)$28.99

Steak Night, Wednesday, 4pm-10pm, and Saturday, 4pm-11pm

B Connected Emerald and Sapphire Members (Per Person) (Steak Night Dinner)$15.99
Ruby and Regular (Per Person) (Steak Night Dinner)$16.99

The best thing about Debbie is that they make all their food from scratch and with high-quality ingredients. They are determined to serve high-standard food for their buffet. Whether you go there with just a few members or with many people, they are ready to help you to the best of their knowledge.  

All the staff available at your service is well trained and has professional attitude. Many people visit them and praise them for their professional behavior, especially in crowds with many people. At any other place, you can always find some lacking when there are crowds of people due to a lack of staff. Here at paradise buffet, you never get to see such inexperience.  

The choice of menu at Paradise buffet is decided very aptly. It goes with the theme of the restaurant. You will get to see a vast variety of food from different cuisines. They can even accommodate you if you want to customize your menu for your private parties. They have separate party areas dedicated to people do you want to host functions for their family or office parties. It is an ideal location where you can visit and get all you need in one place. They are always ready to oblige their guests in any way possible to make their visit more comfortable. 

It is indeed a great effort on their part to provide their guests with a fantastic restaurant experience where they can enjoy the culinary expertise of their chefs. Their vast menu allows you to discover different kinds of cuisines belonging to Asians, Japanese, and many more. Their recipes are inspired by ethnicity and authentic culinary arts from all over the world. At Paradise buffet, the chefs have the expertise to come up with different dishes new to your palate. They like experimenting with flavors and cuisines to give you something out of this world.  

They have been in this business for so long that they know the importance of sustainable ingredients. They support their local and fresh vendors by allowing them to bring their freshest catch. When you are here, you do not need to worry about the freshness of their ingredients. They believe in giving their customers absolutely best in all forms. 

The Timings and Prices at Paradise Buffet

Paradise buffet is a four-star restaurant. They aim to reach higher with the help of their customer’s reviews. They are premises that are open seven days a week. This means that you can visit him any day of the week, and you’ll get to experience this scrumptious meal and buffet. From Mondays to Thursdays, they open at 11:00 AM and close down at 8:00 PM. They follow the exact timings on Sundays as well.  

On Fridays and Saturdays, the operational time starts at 11 AM, and they end their shift at 9:00 PM. The reason they end up later than their normal days is because of the large number of people present at their premises. For adults, the buffet is available for $25.00, and senior citizens can enjoy it for $21.00. Their sushi menu is available for $20.00. It is an absolute food fest available at such economical prices.  Even their Bar B Q station is fully functional that includes a wide range of proteins, and you can even ask them to grill your vegetables for you. 

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The Menu at Paradise Buffet

The best thing about Paradise buffet is that they prioritize their guests. Some popular dishes include Mongolian BBQ, cotton candy, prime rib, chicken wings, and Mongolian station; Egg fo young Poyang, and meatloaf. They know the importance of seven different kinds of dishes for their various aged guests. They know they have to include children in their menu, so they have specially introduced a menu where everything is dedicated to children. The cotton candy station keeps them busy for a long time so that parents can eat in peace and enjoy themselves since their children are having fun. 

Moreover, they have a special menu dedicated to drinks. You can select different beverages from their menu for just $2.99. Once you have paid for the drinks, you can get refills for free in any amount. For children, the beverages menu is available for $1.99. They have added drinks to each menu according to the age group, making it fun for their consumers.  

The best station at paradise buffet is their Mongolian BBQ station. You can go there and order the protein you want on your menu. They have a wide range of chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, and other seafood items. This station allows you to customize your food according to your taste and spice level. You can even ask them to add certain ingredients and spices to your dish so that it goes along with your taste buds.  

You can enjoy their spread of scrumptious feasts with your family in an environment where customers are their priority. All the ingredients at their BBQ station are in front of your eyes. This way, you fully know that all the things present over there are fresh. You can visit them anytime and enjoy their lunch and dinner buffets. Make sure you visit them, and if you are coming with a group of more than ten people, then you can make a reservation in advance to avoid any inconvenience. 

It is definitely a must-visit place when you are in the USA. Their authenticity and ethnicity make them stand out amongst all their competitors. Make sure you ask for the popular recommendations made by their chef to try them first so you don’t miss out on them.


What are the timings?

The restaurant is open 7 days a week from 11:00AM to 08:00PM.

Is there a special dress code?

The restaurant has not specified a dress code.

Are there alcoholic beverages available?

Yes, the restaurant serves alcoholic beverages, from bottled beer to wine.

To learn more about Paradise Buffet, visit their official facebook page.

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