Pancho’s Mexican Buffet Prices

If you are a Mexican food fan then Pancho’s Mexican buffet is the ultimate heaven for your taste buds. There is a treat for your eyes as well as your taste buds when you visit Pancho’s. They are serving the best Mexican buffet and even if you are a novice and want to try Mexican food for the first time then this is your ultimate destination. They stalk almost all the Mexican classic foods on their menu therefore you won’t miss out on any important Mexican dish. You can simply visit them and enjoy the items they made from the freshest produce and they serve it in an authentic way in which Mexican food is supposed to be served.

The song at the Pancho’s Mexican restaurant includes various kinds of salads salsa dressings and even a dessert bar. They are a part of their lost menu and go side by side with the Mexican-style dishes. They have a very large dining area that caters to each and every customer in the best way possible. Every entrée that you try comes with different kinds of salads and other toppings. As for the complete meal, they include chips, salsa, and freshly made hot Sopaipillas which is a Mexican delicacy served with honey.

Here is the updated price menu of Pancho’s Mexican Buffet:


Platos Grandes

Pancho Grande Platter$6.29
Panchito Platter$5.49
Relleno Platter$5.99
Enchilada Platter$5.49
3 Taco Platter$5.99
Taco Platter$5.49
Flauta Platter$5.49
Tamale Platter$5.99

Fiesta Favorites

Burrito El Grande$3.29
Beef Burrito$2.99
Bean Burrito$2.19
Nachos Supreme$5.29
Cheese Nachos$3.99
Chalupa Supreme$2.75
Pancho Taco$0.99
Pancho Taco (Dozen)$9.99
Soft Taco$1.49
Chile Relleno$1.50
Refried Beans$2.59
Spanish Rice$2.59
Chile Stew$3.19
Nacho Cheese Sauce$2.59
Tortilla Chips$1.69
Pico de Gallo$2.59



Family Packs

Fiesta Party Pack$26.99
Sport Pack$49.99
Grande Pack$84.99


Soft Drink$2.25

Pancho’s Mexican buffet is a popular choice among people which is why it is a famous restaurant in locations that include Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. The best thing about this restaurant is that this restaurant is a great amalgamation between providing a corporate environment as well as a friendly atmosphere for families. All you need to do is discuss it in advance if you want changes in their menu or seating arrangement according to your party.

History of Pancho’s Mexican Buffet

Here at Pancho’s Mexican buffet, they believe that good food should be for everyone which is why they serve the best food at the most economical prices. The history of Pancho’s Mexican buffet dates back to 1958. In 1958 El Paso, Texas was on the verge of proceeding toward prosperous conditions. At that time a good meal for the family was considered a luxury. And a meal like a buffet was considered a fancy deal only afforded by the rich.

At that time it was a very uncommon thing. But Pancho’s came up with the revolutionary idea of introducing a Mexican-style buffet and restaurant. They open their first restaurant that had a buffet menu and it was one of its kinds at that time. This was the ultimate destination for families where they could eat their hearts out and didn’t have to pay for an arm and a leg. Along with an excellent menu, they exceeded in their hospitality and friendly services.

Now fast forward to the situation today, Pancho’s stays true to its service and traditions. They fully believe that families need to have fun and good food and that too in quantity where they do not have to worry about expensive meals. Over the years, it has grown and opened its branches in all the locations including Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Their motto to serve the best value for your money in the form of abundance in food makes it unique in its own way.

The Menu at Pancho’s Mexican Buffet

The buffet Panchos is extremely versatile you’ll get to experience all kinds of Mexican flavors on their menu. They include the Pancho Grande Platter, Panchito Platter, Relleno Platter, Enchilada Platter, 3 Taco Platter, Flauta Platter, and Tamale Platter.

The Fiesta favorites menu includes the Burrito El Grande, Beef Burrito, Bean Burrito, Nachos Supreme, Cheese Nachos, Chalupa Supreme, Pancho Taco, Soft Taco, Chalupa, Enchilada, Tamale, Flauta, Taquito, Chile Relleno, Sopaipilla, Refried Beans, Spanish Rice, Chile Stew, Guacamole, Nacho Cheese Sauce, Tortilla Chips, Salsas, and Pico de Gallo. They also serve specialties that come in sizzling pans. They include guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream, Spanish rice, refried beans, and even freshly-made flour tortillas. They have the best fajitas in the USA.

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The diners get to choose from a variety of Mexican dishes that include beef, and chicken fajitas or a combination of other proteins. All these dishes are served with guacamole, sour cream, Spanish special rice, and refried beans with freshly made tortillas.

The Prices at Pancho’s Mexican Buffet

They have great deals for families as well as corporate dinners. It is a joint that is enjoyable for all kinds of people. They can come here and enjoy the Mexican food and devour the Mexican food delight to their heart’s content. Most of these locations open around 11:00 AM and stay open until 9:00 PM. Their lunch buffet is available five days a week that starts from Monday till Friday. And their dinner buffet is only available from Monday till Thursday. The lunch is slightly more economical than their dinner buffet. As for the weekends, they serve lunch as well as dinner buffet but the only difference it has from the other days is that it is available for slightly more price.

There all you can eat lunch buffet menu costs around $11.99. The dinner buffet that has an all-you-can-eat policy costs $13.99. On the weekend the dinner buffet costs $15.99. You can even add on specialty entrees from their menu that includes beef or chicken fajitas, a combination for both, and fajita Taco salad which includes the guacamole Tostada.

Other than the Mexican menu they also serve hamburgers with a side of French fries. Another specialty of theirs is the cheeseburger which they serve with a side of fries and coleslaw. As for the drinks lovers, they can enjoy all the drinks they can drink for dollar $2.95 including free refills. For more information, queries or booking requests, you can directly contact them on their website or the number they have provided on the website. They guide you regarding all the necessities and prerequisites in case you want to pre-book or book a reservation on specific date and time.


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