Mizuki Buffet Prices

The Mizuki buffet in Parkway, Tukwila is serving the highest quality menu for their guests. Although many restaurants are serving a similar experience that replicates buffet-style dining, the Mizuki buffet is the only one that lets you enjoy it in the true sense of the word. The reason they stand out amongst all their competitors is that they use the highest quality ingredients that are fresh. They use these ingredients to serve you the best Asian as well as western-inspired cuisine. 



Baked Sweet Banana (10 pcs)$10.99
Crab Rangoon (8 pcs)$7.99
Fried Crispy Chicken Wings (6 pcs)$9.99
Fried Sweet Biscuits (6 pcs)$7.99
Pot Sticker (8 pcs)$11.99
Seaweed salad$8.99
Sesame Ball (8 pcs)$9.99
Spring Roll (3 pcs)$5.99
Steam Pork Shumai (6 pcs)$8.99
Fried Shrimp (12 pcs)$13.99


Hot and Sour Soup (Large ) (Small)$8.99
Hot and Sour Soup (Large ) (Large)$13.99

Noodles & Rice

Chicken Fried Rice$13.99
Chicken Lo Mein$13.99
Fried Rice$10.99
Shrimp Fried Rice$16.99
Shrimp Lo Mein$16.99
Shrimp Vermicelli$16.99
Vegetable Lo Mein$12.99
White Rice$2.50


Sautéed Green Bean$9.99


Salmon Sushi (Sake Nigiri) (Nigiri)$13.99
Super White Tuna sushi (Escolar nigiri)$13.99
Yellow tail sushi (Hamachi nigiri)$14.99
Tuna sushi (Maguro nigiri)$14.99
Eel sushi (Unagi nigiri)$16.99
Cooked shrimp sushi (Ebi nigiri)$12.99
Sweet Egg Sushi (Tamago Nigiri)$10.99
Octopus sushi (Tako nigiri)$13.99

Sushi Roll

Alaska Roll (8 pcs)$13.99
Avocado Roll (8 pcs)$12.99
Black Dragon Roll (8 pcs)$21.00
California Roll (8 pcs) (Sushi Roll)$12.99
Dragon Roll (8 pcs)$14.99
Philadelphia Roll (8 pcs) (Sushi Roll)$14.99
Rainbow Roll (8 pcs)$16.99
Seattle Roll (8 pcs)$16.99
Spicy Tuna Roll (8 pcs)$11.99
Spider Roll (Sushi Roll)$14.99
Tuna Avocado Roll (8 pcs)$14.99
Tuna Flavor Roll (8 pcs)$15.99


Coke (Can)$2.75
Diet Coke (Can)$2.75
Sprite (Can)$2.75

Picked for you

California Roll (8 pcs)$12.99
Spider Roll$14.99
Philadelphia Roll (8 pcs)$14.99
Salmon sashimi$13.99
Salmon Sushi (Sake Nigiri)$13.99

Bar-B-Q Ribs and Sausage

Bar-B-Q Baby Ribs (Half Rack)$23.99
Mashed Potatoes (PT )$7.99
Smoke Pork Sausages$19.99


Octopus sashimi$13.99
Salmon Sashimi (Sashimi)$13.99
White tuna sashimi$13.99
Yellow tail sashimi$14.99
Tuna sashimi$14.99

Super sushi tray

Sushi tray combination A$149.99
Sushi tray combination B$180.99

Pork and chicken dishes

Chicken With Broccoli$13.99
General Tso's Chicken (Medium Spicy)$16.99
Sesame Chicken$16.99
Teriyaki Chicken$16.99

Seafood dishes

Breaded Baked Tilapia with Butter Sauce (1 Large Piece)$19.99
Salt and Pepper Shrimp$18.99
Salt and Pepper Squit$17.99
Stir Fried Clams$16.99


Beef With Broccoli$17.99
Korea Baby Short Ribs$24.99
Mongolian Beef (Medium Spicy)$17.99

Since they are an American-based chain they truly take inspiration from different cuisines, especially the West. Moreover, they specialize in serving sushi. You are sure to experience a vast variety of Japanese-style sushi that is available in 40 kinds of different selections. You may never see such an array of sushi and sashimi that is prepared especially for their guests. Even the presentation of sushi done by the restaurant is in such a beautiful way that you cannot resist its charm. 

Other than that they also specialize in serving their guests customary as well as modern dishes related to American and Asian cuisine. They even serve food on sizzling hot dishes so that the hot food experience leaves a lasting effect on their customer’s minds.  Their buffet is one of the most renowned ones and people visit them from all around the country to experience this unique buffet that stocks almost all kinds of variety in their food inspired by cuisines all around the world. 

They even serve healthy options for their guests who would like to eat good food made with healthy ingredients. There are live food stations as well where you can get grilled items that are seasoned according to your taste. Moving on to their wide range of dessert bars, it is a perfect way to end your meal on a sweet note. 

This much quality and the high-quality food make it a popular joint for people to visit. It is always better to call in advance and make a reservation. This is quite effective when they have a large number of people to settle down. By doing this you will not have to wait for your turn. If you want to go there with a party that has more than 10 people then always make a reservation by calling them or contacting them on their official website. 

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The Timings and Prices at Mizuki Buffet

You can enjoy the Mizuki buffet any time of the week. This means that they are open all seven days of the week.  Starting on Sundays until Thursdays they start operating at 11 AM and end the shift at 9:00 PM. On Fridays and Saturdays, they open at 11:00 AM and end their shift at 10:00 PM. This is an hour more than their regular time since it is a weekend.  

Just like other buffet restaurants, Mizuki buffet is serving their menu as a lunch buffet and dinner buffet. On weekends they only serve their weekend buffet which is considered an all-day dinner. The lunch buffet price on Mondays till Fridays is $20.99 for adults. They serve lunch between 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. As for the dinner buffet, the timings start from 3:30 PM till 9:00 PM which goes up to 10:00 PM only on Fridays, they are serving it for $29.99. 

On weekends their buffet is available for $36.99 for each adult. Due to the high traffic especially on holidays and seasonal changes, the prices may hike but it is worth it to try their scrumptious menu. 

The Menu at Mizuki Buffet

Here are a few menu items listed below so that you get an idea about what exactly Mizuki buffet is serving. Some popular menu items included in their buffet are stir-fried clams, salt and pepper shrimp, Korean short ribs, salt and pepper squid, and General TSO’s chicken which has a spice level between medium to high. When you visit here, these dishes are a must-try. Some other favorites and popular dishes include crab Rangoon, fried sweet biscuits, and fried crispy chicken wings. Their chicken wings are always a hit.  

Moving on to their appetizers, they are serving their guests an array of sesame balls, pot stickers, spring rolls, big sweet bananas, seaweed salad, fried shrimp, and steamed pork Shumai. Their soup menu keeps on changing so you can ask your server about the soup of the day and they will serve you it. 

In their nigiri menu, they have salmon sushi, eel sushi, yellow tail sushi, cooked shrimp sushi, sweet egg sushi, octopus sushi, super white tuna sushi, and lastly tuna sushi. Their sushi rolls include spicy tuna rolls, dragon rolls, spider rolls, California rolls, black dragon rolls, Alaskan rolls, Seattle rolls, rainbow rolls, tuna avocado rolls, and tuna flavor rolls. Their wide variety of sashimi includes salmon sashimi, yellow tail sashimi, white tuna sashimi, octopus sashimi, tuna sashimi, and sushi tray with a combination of all these. 

Some other proteins included in the menu are, Korean short ribs, Mongolian beef, beef with broccoli, BBQ ribs with sausage, BBQ baby back ribs, smoked pork sausages, teriyaki chicken, chicken with broccoli, and sesame chicken. For seafood lovers, they are also serving salt and pepper squid and shrimp, and crawfish, breaded baked tilapia with butter sauce. No Asian cuisine menu is complete without noodles and rice. They know the importance of this side dish so they have included scrumptious tasting chicken fried rice, shrimp lo mein as well as chicken lo mein.  They also serve shrimp vermicelli and white rice.  

And lastly, to clear the palate, you can choose from their drinks menu includes sparkling water, Diet Coke, Coke, and Sprite. These are just a few dishes that they are serving but when you visit them you surely get to see much more than these items. It is a food heaven for many customers who want to enjoy great food in a great ambiance at the best prices. So visit them today and enjoy a royal feast. 


What time does the restaurant close on saturday?

On saturday the restaurant is open from 11:00AM to 10:00PM.

Do they serve bottled beer?

No, there are no alcoholic beverages available not even beer.

Is there a dress code?

The restaurant does not have dress code. But all customers are expected to be dressed decently.

To learn more about Mizuki Buffet, visit their official website.

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