Jasmine Buffet Prices

At Jasmine buffet, you get to experience food in its full group glory. This is because they are serving more than 200 buffet menu items. It is impossible to try each and everything because of the vast variety they have at their location. Moreover, their menu includes cuisines from all around the world. This lets you discover different kinds of cuisines in one place and you get to decide which one is your favorite.

You get to choose from a different selection of menu items which includes dishes like sushi, salad bar, dessert bar, and some of the most favorite comfort foods from all around America. When you visit the Jasmine buffet you will also find a hibachi bar. This bar allows you to create your own selection of favorite dishes which are handpicked by yourself.  You can create your own menu which tastes according to your own palette. This is a unique service provided by Jasmine buffet for customers who like to have customized food that is set according to their taste.

Moving forward, they also serve cuisines that include Chinese and Japanese dishes from all around the world. It is an ultimate food destination for food lovers who like to eat food in good quantity with good taste. Many customers vouch for the deliciousness of their food and even the vastness in the variety of their food. The sushi they make is totally fresh because they make it on order. The sushi bar chef allows you to choose your own ingredients that you want in your own sushi.

Other than the great food quality and quantity you get to experience dining like never before. The ambiance is enough to welcome people and taste their delectable food choices. The interior décor is another factor that invites customers who want to eat food in an environment that encourages calmness and beauty.

Here is the updated price menu of Jasmine Buffet:


Entree Only

One Pint.

7. Fried Chicken Wings$6.95
3. Honey Chicken$6.55
6. Teriyaki Chicken$6.55
5. House Chicken$6.55
8. Fried Dumplings$6.55
12. Garlic String Beans$6.55
2. General Tso's Chicken$6.55
1. Chicken Broccoli$6.55
17. Sweet and Sour Chicken$6.55
14. Butter Potatoes$6.55
11. BBQ Spare Ribs$6.55
15. Fried Fish (Swai)$6.55
9. Pepper Steak$6.55
4. Mashed Potato$6.55
16. Plantain$6.55
13. Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce$6.55

Platter Combination

All combos served with egg roll. Choice of fried rice, lo mein or white rice.

Pick 2 Items$16.00
Pick 1 Item$14.00

Side Dishes

Crab Rangoon (8)$6.95
Fried Rice$6.55
Chinese Donuts (10)$5.95
Soup (s)$3.00
Vegetable Egg Roll$1.50
French Fries$4.95
White Rice$3.00


Sweet Tea$2.29
Dr. Pepper$2.29
Crush Orange$2.29
Sierra Mist$2.29
Mountain Dew$2.29
Diet Pepsi$2.29

The Menu at Jasmine Buffet

As we have already discussed that buffet available at Jasmine is extraordinary in taste and food choice. Some of their entrees include chicken broccoli, general TSO’s chicken, salt and pepper chicken, honey chicken, house chicken, teriyaki chicken, fried chicken wings, fried dumplings, pepper steak, schezwan beef, spirit, spring means, mushrooms, butter potato, fried fish, plantains and even sweet and sour chicken. All the different chicken dishes are also available in beef, shrimp, and even prawns options. Some people may be allergic to seafood hence they mention ingredients on each and every dish so that the customer gets to know if the dish has something intolerant to their palette.

This is a great initiative taken by Jasmine buffet. This allows customers to enjoy food without any hesitation and without causing any health emergencies because of someone’s specific food intolerance. Other than their entrees you can also order side dishes which include fresh grilled vegetables bought from vendors who are selling these on daily basis. This means all the ingredients like vegetables and other side dishes come from the freshest sources. You can even try their combination entries that are served with egg rolls, a choice of fried rice, lo mein, or even white rice. You could say that the menu includes a variety that is suitable for all age groups whether it is an adult, child or senior.

The other specialties include salt and pepper shrimp salt and pepper crab, vegetable egg roll, crab Rangoon, Crabmeat Croissants, soups, French fries, and different kinds of rice. They have a variety of soups and serve different flavors often so you get to experience variety even in this area. You can always ask your server to create a special concoction that relates to your taste buds. Even their house special soup is to die for.

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Their dessert bar is a sight to see and enjoy both for your eyes and your taste. Their dessert menu includes different delectable dessert items that are famous globally. This includes their mouth-watering desserts like Donuts, fried plantains, handmade ice cream, and more. Their freshly made sushi right in front of your eyes makes your mouth water and keeps you coming back for more.

Their restaurant is very spacious and has big rooms where the buffet is served in a great widespread. You get to enjoy a buffet in each and every corner of the restaurant. Even if you have large parties which you can always book in advance and enjoy the scrumptious feast. They are famous for their hospitality and for serving the customers in the best way possible. They are always ready to customize their dishes in order to cater to their customers with special requests.

You can even put in your comments and requests to alter the dishes if you have any kind of dietary concern. This includes lactose intolerance and other concerns that you might have. You can even ask for customized dishes for your children who like to have food that is a little less spicy or even bland. Their spacious rooms are readily available and can accommodate a large number of people at any time. In order to avoid any kind of inconvenience you can always book in advance and ask for a specific kind of menu for your party.

The Prices at Jasmine Buffet

Their buffet is an all you can eat venue where you get to enjoy lunch buffet as well as a dinner buffet. From Mondays to Fridays they serve their lunch buffet for adults at the price of $16.50 and the dinner buffet for adults is $20. The starting time for the lunch buffet is from 11:00 AM up till 3:30 PM. They started the dinner buffet right after their lunch which starts exactly at 3:30 PM until the closing time. The entire menu the price includes drinks with free refills.

On the weekends they serve an all-day dinner which adults can enjoy for $20. Senior citizens who are older than the age of 65 years can get a discount of 10% on their entire bill. Jasmine buffet is a great place to enjoy with your family and even friends.


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