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HuHot Buffet is a fun and delicious dining experience look no further. The renowned HuHot Buffet was first established in Missoula, Montana in 1999. They have been offering a unique dining experience that combines interactive cooking and buffet-style indulgence. HuHot has branched opening multiple restaurants across the United States, captivating customers with its build-your-own stir-fry concept. Diners can choose from a large variety of fresh ingredients, sauces and seasoning, which are then cooked to your liking on giant circular grill.

Here is an updated menu & prices of HuHot Buffet.


Grill Meals

Dinner Grill Meal$15.66
Grill Meal$13.90
Weekday Lunch Grill Meal$11.78
Weekend Lunch Grill Meal$12.99


Asian Potstickers - 7pc$7.36
Krab Rangoons - 7pc$8.03
Asian Potstickers - 4pc$5.69
Krab Rangoons - 4pc$6.03
4 Krab Rangoons$7.38
Crispy Eggrolls - 7pc$7.68
A Taste of the Bounty with Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce$9.99
Crispy Eggrolls - 4pc$5.69
A Taste of the Bounty$9.96
Taste of the Bounty$10.11
Coconut Shrimp$7.17

Picked For You

Dinner Grill Meal - Avail 4pm to Close$15.64
Lunch Grill Meal - Avail Open to 4pm$12.04

Soups and Salads

Asian Salad$3.51
Teriyaki Asian Salad$9.79

Soups & Salads

Egg Drop Soup$3.28
Garden Salad$3.45
Asian Salad Al La Carte$4.88
Egg Drop Al La Carte$4.89
Chicken Teriyaki Salad$10.48
Hot And Sour Al La Carte$4.89
HuHot & Sour Soup$3.31
Garden Salad Al La Carte$4.89

Create Your Own Stir Fry

Create Your Own Stir Fry$13.69
Create Your Own Stir Fry - Dinner$16.76

Create Your Own Grill Meal

Create-Your-Own Grill Meal Dinner$14.99
Create-Your-Own Grill Meal Lunch$11.99
Create-Your-Own Grill Meal Weekend & Holiday Lunch$12.99

Little Warriors

Kid's Chicken Strips$5.09
Kids Grill Meal$4.96
Kid's Mozzarella Sticks$4.99
Mac and Cheese$6.66

Popular Items

Create Your Own Stir Fry - Lunch$12.89
Krab Rangoons$5.93
Mozzarella Sticks$5.29
Chicken Strips$5.65
Crispy Eggrolls$5.52
Krab Rangoons with Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce$5.99
Khan's Cake$6.42
Asian Potstickers$5.57
Asian Potstickers with Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce$5.99
Macaroni & Cheese$5.09
Crispy Eggrolls with Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce$5.99
Chicken Teriyaki Salada$9.99


NY Cheesecake$6.64
Cheesecake Rangoons$6.99
Sweet Victory S'mores$8.13
Khan's Cake Online$7.07
NY Cheesecake Online$7.14

Origin of HuHot Buffet

HuHot Buffet was established in 1999 by a couple named Andy and Linda Vape. The first HoHut Buffet opened it’s doors to the beautiful people of Missoula, Montana. Providing diners with a new interactive interactive and customizable stir-fry experience. The founders of HuHot created the first Grill-your-own buffet where customers are can choose and select from a variety of meats, sauces, and seasonings, and cook to them according to their liking on the giant grill in the middle of the restaurant.

HoHut quickly started to gather popularity. Because of that the founders of HuHot Buffet started to franchise and as of right now they have over 60 franchises all across the United States. The menu has been updated along the way to accomodate all dietary needs, offering vegetarian and gluten-free options as well.

HuHot Buffet’s Uniqueness

HuHot Buffet offers a very uinque and different experience from all other restaurants. In a typical restaurant you order of a menu. But not in HuHot Buffet, here customers are free to select there own ingredients and create new combinations flavors and unique dishes. This makes of infinite possibilities and also pushes the diners towards trying new flavor combinations, unique dishes and just simply explore the extent of their imagination.

The other thing that sets HuHot Buffet apart, is the attention to detail when it comes to all the food being used. Every ingredient is fresh and high-quality. Meats and Vegitables are sourced from local farms and only the freshest ones are used in the food. The level of commitement HuHot buffet has for mainting the quality of the indgredients being used is obvious in every bite, and the diners can most definately taste the difference.

HuHot Buffets takes extreme pride in providing excellent customer service, and making a concious effort to ensure a memorable dining experience with them. The commitment towards customer satisfaction is just uncanny. From friendly staff to interactive atmosphere of the restaurant HuHot Buffet always goes above & beyond to make sure that each and every one their guests is having a great time.

Final Thoughts

HuHot Buffet offers a very unique and exciting experience for diners for all ages. It does not matter if you are a Vegetarian or a Meat Lover, because you are sure to find something delectable and satisfying at the HuHot Buffet. Delicious food combined with an interactive atmosphere, 5 star customer service and an uparalleld comitment to quality, it’s no surprise that HuHot Buffet has become a favorite among diners of all ages.

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The next time you are craving some good quality food with exceptational customer service, look no further then HuHot Buffet. If you want find the closest HuHot Buffet just go to thier website.

Some FAQs about HuHot Buffet:


What type of food is offered at HuHot Buffet?

HuHot Buffet offers a variety of American-Asian fusion dishes, including stir fry, lo mein, teriyaki bowls, and sushi rolls.

Does HuHot have any vegetarian options?

Yes! HuHot Buffet offers a variety of vegetarian dishes.

Is HuHot Buffet family-friendly?

Absolutely! HuHot is a great place to take the whole family for dinner. The buffet offers something for everyone, and there’s no need to worry.

Here is a short video of the HuHot Buffet

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