Hibachi City Buffet Prices

Hibachi City Buffet is a famous chain of restaurants that has been serving its customers a delicious fusion of Chinese and Japanese cuisines. It has been around for over 3 decades and it is one of the most sought-after restaurants when it comes to authentic Asian cuisine. Hibachi City Buffet’s long-standing history combined with mouthwatering amazing dishes, has made them a go-to destination for food lovers.

Here is an updated menu and prices of the Hibachi City Buffet.



1 Egg Roll$0.95
8 Cream Won Ton$3.50
4 BBQ Spare Ribs$5.50
8 Fried Pot Stickers$3.95
8 Fried Chicken Wings$4.50
4 Chicken Kalot$3.50
4 Pizza$4.95
Sesame Chicken Rice Bowl$5.75


Small Egg Drop Soup$2.50
Small Won Ton Soup$2.50
Small Hot and Sour Soup$2.50
Large Wor Wonton Soup$4.50

Fried Rice & Lo Mein

Fried Rice$6.75
Shrimp Fried Rice$7.25
House Fried Rice$7.25
Lo Mein$6.75
House Lo Mein$7.25

Chow Mein, Chop Suey and Egg Foo Young

Shrimp Chow Mein$7.25
Shrimp Chop Suey$7.25
Shrimp Egg Foo Young$7.95
Chow Mein$6.75
Chop Suey$6.75
Egg Foo Young$6.75


Beef with Broccoli$7.49
Beef with Green Pepper$7.49
Beef with Snow Peas$7.49
Beef with Black Mushrooms and Bamboo Shoots$7.49
Beef Kung Pao$7.49
Beef Mongolian$7.49
Beef Szechuan Style$7.49


Chicken with Broccoli$7.49
Chicken with Cashew Nuts$7.49
Chicken with Garlic Sauce$7.49
Chicken Kung Pao$7.49
Chicken Moo Goo Gai Pan$7.49
Chicken Sweet and Sour$7.49
Chicken Hunan$7.49
Curry Chicken$7.49
Chicken General Tso's$7.99


Shrimp with Cashew Nuts$8.99
Kung Pao Shrimp$8.99
Sweet and Sour Shrimp$8.99
Szechuan Spicy Shrimp$8.99
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$8.99
Triple Delight$8.99
Shrimp with Chinese Vegetables$8.99


Double Cooked Slice Pork$7.99
Sweet and Sour$7.99
Hunan Pork$7.99

Chef’s Special

Sesame Chicken$7.99
Orange Chicken$7.99
Orange Beef$8.49
Happy Family$10.95
Seafood Combo$10.95


Vegetable Deluxe$7.39
Bean Curd with Home Style$7.39
Bean Curd with Szechuan Style$7.39
Stir Fry Mushrooms$7.39
Sauteed Green Beans$7.39
Steamed Chicken with Vegetables$8.49
Steamed Shrimp with Vegetables$9.99
Steamed Veggie Mix and Bean Curd$7.39

Brief History of Hibachi City Buffet.

Hibachi City Buffet first opened its doors for service in the United States, in the late 1990s. The restaurant was founded by a group of culinary experts who fell in love with Asian cuisine while traveling around the world. They had an immense passion for cooking and wanted to create a restaurant where people could enjoy a combination of authentic Chinese and Japanese cuisines in a comfortable and welcoming environment. And so forth Hibachi City Buffet came into existence.

It became an instant with the locals. Queues were forming outside the restaurant waiting to try out their menu. Hibachi City Buffet quickly gained a lot of popularity and a reputation for serving up delicious, high-quality, fresh, and flavorful dishes. And this helped the restaurant form a huge and loyal customer base.

Specialties of Hibachi City Buffet.

Hibachi City Buffet is famous for its all-you-can-eat buffet. It is loaded with a selection of delicious and authentic Chinese and Japanese dishes. From sushi to stir-fried noodles, they offer a wide range of dishes that cater to all tastes.

The sushi bar at the Hibachi City Buffet is one of the main attractions. There are expert Sushi chefs who prepare fresh sushi rolls right in front of the customers. The customers are presented with a variety of sushi rolls they can choose from such as California rolls, dragon rolls, and spicy tuna rolls.

Apart from the sushi bar, the other main attraction of Hibachi City Buffet is its Hibachi Grill. Here customers can choose from a selection of meats, seafood, and vegetables, and watch as a professional chef grills them to perfection. And there is a selection of HIbachi Grill dishes the customers can choose from such as teriyaki chicken, beef, and shrimp, among others.

This is not all, in addition to the amazing Japanese cuisine, Hibachi City Buffet also serves a variety of amazing delicious Chinese dishes as well. Such as dumplings, lo mein, fried rice, and kung pao chicken. The restaurant also boasts a salad bar, dessert bar, and a selection of beverages, making it the perfect destination for a family-friendly dining experience.

The Future.

Hibachi City Buffet continues to grow and expand, opening up new locations all around the country. The restaurant also keeps on innovating and improving its menus regularly adding new dishes and flavors to the mix keeping customers excited. All while ensuring that the new dishes and flavors cater to the changing tastes of their customers.

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Its commitment to high-quality food and quality customer service has helped them build a strong reputation in the industry and with customers as well. Over the years Hibachi City Buffet has received numerous awards and accolades for its food and service.


Hibachi City Buffet is an excellent destination for an enjoyable and delicious experience. The restaurant offers a wide range of Chinese and Japanese dishes that cater to all tastes. It also boasts a sushi bar, hibachi grill, salad bar, and dessert bar, as well as a selection of drinks. Plus its commitment to quality food and service has enabled it to build a strong base of loyal customers. All in all, Hibachi City Buffet is a great place to go for an unforgettable dining experience.

Whether you’re looking for a casual evening out with friends or family, Hibachi City Buffet is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings! So why wait? Head over to Hibachi City Buffet now and enjoy.


What are the timings of the Hibachi City Buffet?

The Hibachi City Buffet is open 7 days a week from 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM.

Does Hibachi City Buffet have free delivery?

No, the restaurant does not offer delivery services.

Is there a seniors discount?

Hibachi City Buffet does offer 10% Off for Seniors over 60+ and Military. Dine In Only.

To learn more about Hibachi City Buffet, visit their official website.

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