Hartz Chicken Buffet Prices

The Hartz chicken buffet was established in 1972. When they started this buffet, they only had one mission in their mind and to date, it remains their main motto. The mission was to serve people the best quality and taste of southern inspired food. Over the years it has established the reputation of being a distinguished restaurant where they serve buffets to their customers and let them experience southern tastes up close and personal. They have a menu that solely revolves around southern flavors which is a point of intrigue for many customers.

Here is the updated price menu of Hartz Chicken Buffet:


Krispy Chicken Combos

#7. 3 Pc Dark Combo$9.79
#8. 3 Pc White Combo$11.74
#5. 2 Pc Dark Combo$8.49
#6. 2 Pc White Combo$9.49

Oven Fresh Yeast Rolls

Yeast Roll$0.94

Liver, Gizzards & Tejas Wings

8 Tejas Wing Combo$10.59

Livers, Gizzards & Tejas Wings

#14. 8 Tejas Wings Combo$11.66

Kid’s Combos

16. Kid's Tender Combo$7.58
15. Kid's Chicken Combo$6.90

Family Orders

#1. 8 Pc Mixed$23.66
#20. 12 PCS KRISPY FISH$24.29

Krispy Fish Every Day

#18. 3 Pcs Krispy Fish$10.99
#17. 2 Pcs Krispy Fish$9.66
#19. 6 Pcs Krispy Fish$13.32

Vegetables & Sides

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy$2.60
Creamy Coleslaw$2.50
Pinto Beans and Rice$2.61
Vegetable of the Day$2.45
Krispy Fries$2.62
Mac and Cheese$2.47
Crispy Fries$2.65
Krispy Okra$2.62
Crispy Okra$2.65
Loose Corn$2.92
Green Beans$2.93
Corn on the Cob$1.58
3 Corn On The Cob$5.06
4 Jalapeños$2.65


Fruit Cobbler$2.70
Bread Pudding$2.79


Fountain Drink$2.14
Large drink$2.52
Fountain Drinks$1.92
Small drink$1.96
Iced Tea$2.08
Gallon Tea$6.32

All about Hartz Chicken Buffet

Talking about early 1972, Hartz chicken started from a very small setup. As they started this they never knew that it was going to reach such pinnacles of success in the USA. As the name suggests, Hartz chicken buffet offered the best fried chicken in the South. Other than that they introduced more southern flavors to their customers that included homemade yeast rolls and other Knick knacks. Moreover, they became famous and widely recognized for their excellent customer service. The friendly environment invited customers and families and even the hosts were extremely welcoming and ready to guide their customers if they had any kind of query. This struck a chord amongst people and made it into a family-oriented restaurant.

By the 1980s, Hartz chicken buffet became the most famous restaurant that was serving the best fried southern-style chicken all over Houston. People from far and wide came to experience these flavors and indulge in their crispy goodness.

In its earlier days, it only served fried chicken as a takeout menu but soon witnessed its popularity and they tried to spread its services. They extended their take-out menu into delivery, drive-through service, and restaurant dine-in options. The Hartz chicken has evolved in taste over the years as they keep on adding refined and more ingredients to add on to their chicken recipe and make it a dish that takes you on a flavorful journey.

Soon after, they shifted to an ‘all you can eat’ buffet. They provide their customers with the option of ordering from their a-la-carte menu or choosing to enjoy their exceptional buffet. Their buffet is one of the distinguishing features that separate them from other fast food chains. They have locations all over the USA thus the menu can vary depending on one location to another.

Now over 65 restaurants worldwide keep on following their traditions and honor their time old recipes. They are serving these at phenomenal prices and leaving lasting impressions in their customers’ minds. Their menu is simple yet unique; the following menu choices will make it simpler for you to decide which items to try from their menu. But rest assured that their signature crispy fried chicken is the highlight of their entire menu and remains a favorite for many customers.

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The menu at Hartz Chicken Buffet

The Hartz crispy fried chicken is their signature dish and remains constant on their menu at all their locations. Other than that they have introduced other southern-inspired dishes that include chicken tenders, gizzards, wings, steamed vegetables, casseroles, salads, desserts, and drinks. They also serve other kinds of protein that includes fish.

The unconventional buffet menu choices available at Hartz include the crispy fish served with chicken tenders and the crispy bits of chicken leftovers. They even have different combinations of crispy chicken with your favorite drink that includes the fountain drink, iced tea, and the gallon drink. Other than the protein options they also serve side dishes that include French fries, potato gravy, and mashed potatoes. Chicken is served in the most unique ways that intrigue the customers to come back for more. Even though it’s a simple ingredient, here at Hartz they present it in the most diverse dishes. They prioritize quality and serve ample amounts of chicken dishes.

They have added some interesting side dishes and desserts to their menu as well. They include the Krispoy Okra, Cobbler & Bread Pudding, Dark Krispy Chicken, White Krispy Chicken, Liver, and Teja’s wings.

The Prices at Hartz Chicken Buffet

The best part of Hartz chicken buffet is that they have such an affordable menu that anyone can afford it. Their kid’s buffet menu is available at $9, and adults can enjoy the entire menu for $40. It is a pretty amazing deal for an ‘all you can eat’ menu where the quality is optimum and the taste is exceptional. You can even place orders online by visiting their official website. Some leading delivery apps also provide their food right at your doorstep that includes Uber Eats, Postmates, and a couple more applications.

Since it has 65 locations all over the country and internationally it might get overwhelming to search for a location that is near you. In order to do that you can just go to their official website and search for the location that lies in your vicinity. You can even check the menu at your specific location. Hartz is world famous for its golden fried chicken that you can avail of at their location. They operate from Mondays to Fridays and their opening timings are 10:30 AM. They close around 9:00 PM, but this varies from location to location and the type of customers that visit them.

More about Hartz Chicken

Here at Hartz chicken buffet everything is open and discussed freely. This includes the nutritional value and information about their menu choices. You can either ask your server or consult their online website to search for all the nutrition present in your food. It shows their work integrity as well.

Other than that they have developed a reputation of being a worthy investment hence they’re offering franchises for the takers. If you want to invest in their franchise you can start by investing initially $288,000. Plus they are pretty active on social media including Facebook and Instagram. In case of any queries or requests, you can directly contact them and expect complete assistance.

Some FAQs regarding Hartz Chicken:

What time does Hartz chicken close?

The closing timings vary from location to location and the type of customers that visit them. Generally, it closes around 9:00 PM but you can always check their official website to get a more specific answer.

Are there any delivery options available at Hartz Chicken?

Yes, you can order from Hartz Chicken through delivery apps like Uber Eats and Postmates. You can also directly place orders from their official website.

Is there a kid’s menu available at Hartz?

Yes, they have a kid’s buffet menu available for $9 that has some of their signature dishes. You can check the details from their official website.

What are the opening hours at Hartz Chicken?

The restaurant opens from 10:30 AM on weekdays and generally closes around 9 PM, depending on the location and the type of customers visiting them. It is best to check their official website for specific timings.

What type of food does Hartz Chicken offer?

They specialize in chicken dishes but also have some interesting side dishes and desserts to their menu as well including the Krispoy Okra, Cobbler & Bread Pudding, Dark Krispy Chicken, White Krispy Chicken, Liver, and Teja’s wings. All of their dishes are made with high-quality ingredients and have an amazing taste.

Is there any nutrition information available for Hartz Chicken’s menu?

Yes, you can find detailed nutrition information about their menu items on their official website or you can also ask your server for more information.

Is it possible to get a franchise for Hartz Chicken?

Yes, you can invest in their franchises starting at $288,000. You can find more information regarding this on their official website as well.

Does Hartz Chicken have any presence on social media?

Yes, they are quite active on social media including Facebook and Instagram. You can find more information about their products, services, and offers here as well.

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Is there any customer service available at Hartz Chicken?

Yes, you can contact them directly via phone or email for any queries or requests that you have regarding their menu or services. They are quick to respond and provide complete assistance.

Does Hartz Chicken accept any special orders?

Yes, they can accommodate some special requests depending on the situation. You can directly contact them for more information or to make a request.

Does Hartz Chicken offer catering services?

Yes, they do offer catering services for corporate events and special occasions. You can find more information about their catering options on their official website or contact them directly for more details.  ​  ​  ​                                   ​​​​​​ ​​

Does Hartz Chicken offer any discounts?

Yes, they do offer discounts to their customers which vary depending on the location and time of year. You can check their official website or contact them directly for more information.  ​  ​  ​                                   ​​​​​​ ​​

Is there any way to contact Hartz Chicken?

Yes, you can contact them directly by phone or email for any queries or requests that you have regarding their menu or services. You can also follow them on social media to stay updated with the latest offers. They are quick to respond and offer complete assistance.  ​  ​  ​

Who owns Hartz Chicken?

Hartz Chicken is owned by its parent company called, Hartz Franchise Restaurants, Ltd.

Here is the video of Hartz Chicken:


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