Harrah’s Buffet Prices

The real name of Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is “Flavors”. But people know what you’re talking about when you just say “Harrah’s Buffet”. It’s a nice, comfy, and convenient buffet with affordable prices. When you come to Harrah’s Buffet, what awaits you is an array of fresh and delicious foods. You can expect classic favorites like chicken wings, ribs, fried fish, mashed potatoes and macaroni & cheese. From low-fat soups to traditional salads – there’s something for everyone! And don’t forget about the desserts.

It’s located right off the casino floor for your convenience, and it’s also near the doors that lead to the Casino Royale next door. The decor of a restaurant is quite simple and unique as well with the best dining experience and reasonable price.

Here are updated prices for the Harrah’s Buffet.



Monday-Friday, 8am-11am

Adults (Per Person) (Breakfast)$20.99
Children (Per Child) (Breakfast)$10.99


Saturday-Sunday, 8am-4pm

Adults (Per Person) (Brunch)$27.99
Children (Per Child) (Brunch)$17.99
All You Can Drink Champagne (Per Person) (Brunch)$7.00


Monday-Friday, 11am-4pm

Adults (Per Person) (Lunch)$24.99
Children (Per Child) (Lunch)$14.99


Monday-Friday, 4pm-9pm

Adults (Per Person) (Monday-Friday Dinner)$30.99
Children (Per Child) (Monday-Friday Dinner)$20.99

Saturday-Sunday, 4pm-9pm

Adults (Per Person) (Saturday-Sunday Dinner)$33.99
Children (Per Child) (Saturday-Sunday Dinner)$23.99

Harrah’s Buffet Schedule

The breakfast buffet is available on weekdays (Monday to Friday), from 8 AM to 11 AM. Adults pay full price, with children enjoying a significant discount. The lunch buffet is a bit more expensive, running from 11 AM to 4 PM.

On Saturday and Sunday, there’s the brunch buffet from 8 AM to 4 PM. It’s more expensive than the usual weekday buffet, though the prices for children are also discounted. You can also add a few dollars more so you can enjoy the drink-all-you-can champagne. Where you can have all types of drinks according to your taste.

The dinner buffet runs from 4 PM to 9 PM each day, although the buffet prices rise on Saturday and Sunday. The dinner buffet also includes a carving station, with pork and steak or turkey.

Menu Of Harrah’s Buffet

Harrah’s Buffet offers a big range of dishes for breakfast which include pastries, various egg dishes, options with bacon and sausage, crepes, waffles, and pancakes. There are even individual boxes of cereal.

For both lunch and dinner, the buffet generally features 8 stations. These are the Salad, Mexican, Seafood, Italian, Carving, Asian, Dessert and Beverage stations where you can get your fill.

The salad station offers a good selection of fresh vegetables and fruits, while the Mexican station has traditional foods like tacos and enchiladas. The seafood section includes dishes like crab legs, shrimp cocktails, and fried fish. The Italian station features classic pasta dishes such as chicken parmigiana and lasagna. There’s also a carving station with prime rib or roast turkey, while the Asian station features Chinese and Japanese dishes.

Finally, the dessert station is a real treat – it has cakes, pies, mousses, ice creams and much more. The beverage section offers coffee, tea, milk and other drinks.

Harrah’s Buffet is always ready to provide you with an enjoyable dining experience at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a full meal, this buffet has something to offer everyone. Come and enjoy an amazing selection of food that is sure to please all palates.


What are the timings of Harrah’s Buffet?

The Breakfast Buffet ( Monday – Friday ) runs from 8 AM to 11 AM, and the Lunch Buffet ( Monday – Friday ) runs from 11 AM to 4 PM.

Do they offer free parking?

Yes, Harrah’s Buffet has free parking available for all customers.

Do they offer free alcohol?

Yes, the restaurant offers alcohol.

To learn more about Harrah’s Buffet, visit their official website.


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