Green Tomato Buffet Prices

You must visit Green Tomato Buffet, if you are looking for a restaurant that serves tasty Southern cuisine. Green Tomato Buffet is famous for its amazing range of Southern dishes. Some of its popular dishes are Savoury Fried Chicken, Creamy Mac & Cheese. But this place is just more than a restaurant to satisfy your hunger, it’s a different kind of experience. It’s a cultural institution that has been delighting diners for years. In this article, we will look closer at its history and explore the reasons for Green Tomato Buffet’s popularity.

Here is an updated menu & prices for the Green Tomato Buffet.



Turkey Dressing$3.99
Ham Hocks$3.99
BBQ Pork$3.99
Fried Chicken$3.99
Baked Chicken$3.99
Salisbury Steak$3.99
Fried Chicken Livers$3.99
Smoked Sausage$3.99

The History Of Green Tomato Buffet

The Green Tomato Buffet has been serving Southern food for over 20 years. The restaurant was first opened in the 2000s, and since then, the restaurant has expanded to multiple locations across the country. They are famous for their high quality food. The restaurant only uses fresh and healthy ingredients in its food, which prepared by highly skilled and professional chefs. They are experts in making traditional Southern Dishes.

In only a few years, The restaurant has become one of the most popular places for traditional Southern food just because of its good quality food and its commitment to authentic southern flavors. Restaurant decor also reflects the traditional southern culture. With unique artwork and luxurious furniture that gives you another kind of vibe of happiness.

Specialties of Green Tomato Buffet

The Green Tomato Buffet is famous for its all-you-can-eat buffet, Which is full of delicious Southern dishes. Which also includes yummy Appetizers, Soups, Entrees, and Desserts. All are prepared by skilled chefs. This buffet has vegetarian and non-vegetarian options as well. So customers can choose from the variety of food whatever they want.

Some particular specialties of Green Tomato Buffet are its Fried Chicken, a Southern staple that is Crispy on the outside and juicy inside. Another dish that is well-known amongst people is Mac & Cheese, a Creamy and indulgent side dish that is a favorite among southern food lovers. The restaurant has some more popular dishes like its variety of Southern classics which includes Collard Greens, Sweet Potato Casserole, and Pecan Pie. From the tangy BBQ sauce to the melt-in-your-mouth Biscuits,

Another best thing about Green Tomato Buffet is its friendly & attentive staff. The environment of the restaurant is also perfect. It makes you feel very fresh. Making a dining experience at Green Tomato Buffet is truly special. There is something for everyone.


The Green Tomato Buffet is a unique restaurant that offers traditional Southern cuisine. From delicious dishes to its warm and inviting atmosphere, it’s no wonder why this restaurant has been delighting customers for years. The generous buffet and friendly staff make visiting the Green Tomato Buffet an experience unlike any other! So if you’re ever looking for a restaurant that serves perfect Southern food you must visit Green Tomato Buffet. You can enjoy vegetarian and non-vegetarian food as well. it’s a perfect destination for friends and family gatherings.


What are the timings?

The restaurant is open 7 days a week for 24 hours.

Do they have free parking?

Yes, they offer free parking to all the customers.

Are there any vegetarian options available?

Yes, the restaurant offers a selection of vegetarian options for people with dietary restrictions.

To learn more about Green Tomato Buffet, visit their official website.

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