Golden Blossom Buffet Prices

Golden Blossom Buffet is a popular restaurant chain that serves Chinese Cuisine. They are famous for their Authentic Chinese Food. The restaurant offers a huge variety of dishes originating from various parts of China. This restaurant has a long-storied history. In this article, we will explore its history, its reputation, and its menu. 

Here is an updated menu of Golden Blossom Buffet. 



California Roll$6.60
Seafood Combo Roll$9.00
Cucumber Roll$6.30
Capelin Roll$7.80


5. 炸蟹角 / Crab Rangoon ( 8 )$7.15
10a . 鸡串 / Chicken on Sticks (5)$6.60
6. 锅贴 or 水饺 / Fried or Steamed Dumplings ( 8 )$7.70
4. 鸡翅 / Chicken Wings ( 8 )$9.90
2. 春卷 / Egg Roll ( 2 )$2.50
10b. 甜包 / Sweet Biscuits ( 10 )$6.39
3. 炸云吞 / Fried Wonton (8)$5.50
8. 无骨排 / Boneless Spare Ribs$7.15
1. 上海卷 / Spring Roll ( 2 )$2.50
10d . 炸虾跟炒饭 / Fried Baby Shrimp with Fried Rice$8.80
7. Bar B - Q Chicken Wings ( 6 )$8.25
9. 红烧鸡 / Hot Braised Chicken Wing ( 6 )$8.80
10. 宝宝盘 / Pu Pu Platter (for 2)$14.00
10c. 炸虾跟薯条 / Fried Baby Shrimp with French Fries$8.80
10b. 甜包 / Sweet Biscuits$6.30
french fried$3.30


With crispy noodles

12. 蛋花汤 / Egg Drop Soup Large$6.99
11. 云吞汤 / Wonton Soup Large$6.99
14. 酸辣汤 / Hot and Sour Soup Large$6.99
13. 鸡饭汤 / Chicken Rice Soup$7.15
13. 猪肉饭汤 / Pork Rice Soup$6.30
13. 鸡面汤 / Chicken Noodle Soup$7.15
13. 猪肉汤面 / Pork Noodle Soup$7.99
15. 海鲜汤 / Seafood Soup (Large)$10.99
16. 本楼汤 / House Special Soup (Large)$10.40
17. 素菜豆腐汤 / Bean Curd with Vegetables Soup (Large)$9.50

Fried Rice

21. 鸡炒饭 / Chicken Fried Rice$6.90
24. 本楼炒饭 / House Special Fried Rice$8.99
22. 虾炒饭 / Shrimp Fried Rice$7.59
20. 叉烧炒饭 / Roast Pork Fried Rice$6.90
23. 牛炒饭 / Beef Fried Rice$7.79
19.菜炒饭 / Vegetables Fried Rice$6.90
egg fride rice$4.50
18. 净炒饭 / Plain Fried Rice$3.43
onion fride rice$4.25

Chow Mein

With crispy noodles & white rice.

28. 虾炒面 / Shrimp Chow Mein$9.90
25. 菜炒面 / Vegetables Chow Mein$9.90
27. 鸡炒面 / Chicken Chow Mein$9.90
26. 叉烧炒面 / Roast Pork Chow Mein$9.90
29. 牛炒面 / Beef Chow Mein$9.90
30. 本楼炒面 / House Special Chow Mein$11.50

Lo Mein

Soft noodles.

35. 虾捞面 / Shrimp Lo Mein$9.90
36. 牛捞面 / Beef Lo Mein$11.00
33. 叉烧捞面 / Roast Pork Lo Mein$9.35
32. 菜捞面 / Vegetables Lo Mein$9.35
34. 鸡捞面 / Chicken Lo Mein$9.35
37. 本楼捞面 / House Special Lo Mein$12.10
31. 净捞面 / Plain Lo Mein$7.70

Mai Fun

Thin noodles

43. 星州炒米 / Singapore Mei Fun$12.10
38. 菜米粉 / Vegetables Mai Fun$9.90
house special mai fun$12.25
41. 虾米粉 / Shrimp Mai Fun$11.00
42. 牛米粉 / Beef Mai Fun$11.00
39. 叉烧米粉 / Roast Pork Mai Fun$9.90
40. 鸡米粉 / Chicken Mai Fun$9.90


With white rice.

46. 香菇肉片 / Sliced Pork with Mushrooms$10.45
44. 肉丝唐菜 / Sliced Pork with Chinese Vegetables$10.45
45. 芥兰肉 / Sliced Pork with Broccoli$10.45
47. 雪豆肉片 / Sliced Pork with Snow Peas$10.45
48. 木须肉 / Moo Shu Pork with (4) Pancakes$10.45


With white rice.

50. 芥兰鸡 / Chicken with Broccoli$10.45
56. 腰果鸡 / Chicken with Cashew Nuts$10.45
51. 白菜鸡 / Chicken with Chinese Vegetable$10.45
49. 咖喱鸡 / Curry Chicken with Onion$10.45
52. 木须鸡 / Moo Shu Chicken with (4) Pancakes$11.00
53. 雪豆鸡 / Chicken with Snow Peas$10.45
54. 蘑菇鸡片 / Moo Goo Pan (Chicken)$10.45
55. 杏仁鸡 / Chicken Almond Ding$10.45
57. 红烧鸡 / War Sue Gai$10.45


With white rice.

59. 芥兰 / Beef with Broccoli$12.10
62. 蘑菇牛 / Beef with Mushrooms$12.10
61. 青椒牛 / Pepper Steak with Onion$12.10
60. 什菜牛 / Beef with Chinese Vegetables$12.10
63. 雪豆牛 / Beef with Snow Peas$12.50


With white rice.

68. Shrimp with Mushrooms$11.50
64. 咖喱虾 / Curry Shrimp with Onion$11.55
65. 芥兰虾 / Shrimp with Broccoli$11.55
66. 白菜虾 / Shrimp with Chinese Vegetables$11.55
67. 木须虾 / Moo Shu Shrimp with (4) Pancakes$12.50
69. 杏仁虾 / Shrimp with Almond Ding$11.55
70. 雪豆虾 / Shrimp with Snow Peas$11.50
71. 腰果虾 / Shrimp with Cashew Nuts$12.10

Sweet & Sour

With white rice.

73. 甜酸鸡 / Sweet and Sour Chicken$11.00
74. 甜酸虾 / Sweet and Sour Shrimp$12.10
72. 甜酸肉 / Sweet and Sour Pork$11.00
75. 甜酸什锦 / Sweet and Sour Combination$12.50

Szechuan & Cantonese

Hot & spicy. served with white rice.

S1. 左宗鸡 / General Tso's Chicken$12.10
S4. 蒙古牛 or 蒙古 鸡 or 蒙古肉 / Mongolian Beef or Chicken or Pork$12.10
S2. 陈皮鸡 / Orange Flavor Chicken$12.10
S3. 陈皮牛 / Orange Flavor Beef$14.00
S5. 湖南虾 / Hunan Shrimp$12.10
S6. 湖南鸡 / Hunan Chicken$12.10
S7. 湖南牛 / Hunan Beef$12.10
S8. 湖南牛鸡 / Chicken and Beef Hunan Style$14.59
S9. 鱼香干贝 / Scallops with Garlic Sauce$17.59
S10. 鱼香鸡 / Chicken with Garlic Sauce$11.99
S11. 鱼香虾 / Shrimp with Garlic Sauce$11.93
S12. 鱼香牛 / Beef with Garlic Sauce$12.10
S13. 鱼香肉 / Pork with Garlic Sauce$11.00
S14 宫保鸡 / Kung Po Chicken$11.99
S15 宫保虾 / Kung Po Shrimp$12.10
S16. 干烧虾 / Hot and Spicy Shrimp$12.10
S17 四川鸡 / Szechuan Chicken$12.10
S18. 四川牛 / Szechuan Beef$12.10
S19 四川虾 / Szechuan Shrimp$12.10
S20 左宗豆腐 / General Bean Curd$12.10

Vegetable Dishes

Served with white rice

77. 鱼香芥兰 / Broccoli with Garlic Sauce$8.80
76. 素什锦 / Mixed Chinese Vegetables$8.80
78. 麻婆豆腐 / Ma Po Spicy Beancurd with Meat$11.00
79. 家常豆腐 or 四川豆腐 / Bean Curd with House Style or Szechuan Style$12.10

Egg Foo Young

Served with white rice

82. 虾蓉蛋 or 牛蓉蛋 / Shrimp or Beef Egg Foo Young$12.10
80. 菜蓉蛋 / Vegetable Egg Foo Young$10.99
83. 本楼蓉蛋 / House Special Egg Foo Young$12.99
81. 叉烧蓉蛋 or 鸡蓉蛋 / Roast Pork or Chicken Egg Foo Young$11.00

Diet Special

Served with white rice

水煮什菜 / Steamed Mixed Vegetables$8.80
水煮什菜鸡 / Steamed Chicken with Mixed Vegetables$10.99
水煮什菜牛 / Steamed Beef with Mixed Vegetables$10.00
水煮杂菜虾 / Steamed Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables$11.00

Chef’s Special

Served with white rice. substitute white rice for plain to mien chicken fried rice or shrimp fried rice or pork fried rice for an additional cost. add plain fried rice extra cost.

H11 棒棒鸡 / Bourbon Chicken$12.65
H10 黑椒鸡 / Black Pepper Chicken$11.99
H6 芝麻鸡 / Sesame Chicken$12.10
H17. 椒盐虾 / Salt and Pepper Shrimp$16.99
H1. 海鲜大会 / Seafood Delight$16.50
H16 椰汁虾 / Coconut Shrimp$13.75
H14 蜜汁鸡 / Honey Chicken$11.99
H2. 左宗虾 / General Tso's Shrimp$15.40
H3. 什锦云吞 / Subgum Wonton$16.50
H4 全家福 / Happy Family$15.40
H5. 爆双丁 / Diced Chicken and Shrimp$13.99
H7 芝麻牛 / Sesame Beef$14.99
H8 芝麻虾/ Sesame Shrimp$14.99
H9 红烧鸡 / Hot Braised Chicken$10.75
H12 炒三样 / Triple Delight$12.65
H13 玫瑰鸡 / Rose Chicken$11.00
H15 椰子鸡 / Coconut Chicken$11.99

Dinner Special Combination

Served with pork or chicken fried rice & egg roll.

D6 左宗鸡 / General Tso's Chicken$11.00
D10 捞面 / Lo Mein$11.00
D8. 甜酸鸡 / Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork$11.00
D3. 芝麻鸡 / Sesame Chicken$11.00
D18 陈皮鸡 / Orange Flavor Chicken$11.00
D2. 腰果鸡 / Chicken with Cashew Nuts$10.59
D9 炒面 / Chow Mein$11.00
D11 芥兰牛 or 芥兰鸡 / Beef or Chicken with Broccoli$11.00
D15 宫保鸡 / Kung Po Chicken$11.00
D17 红烧鸡 / War Sue Gai$11.00
D1. 白菜虾 / Shrimp with Chinese Vegetables$11.00
D4 唐菜肉 / Sliced Pork with Chinese Vegetables$11.00
D5 鱼香虾 / Shrimp with Garlic Sauce$11.00
D7 . 蘑菇鸡片 / Moo Goo Gai Pan$11.00
D12 青椒牛 / Pepper Steak$10.50
D13 素什锦 / Vegetables Delight$9.50
D14. 湖南鸡 / Hunan Chicken$11.00
D16 鱼香鸡 or 鱼香牛 / Chicken or Beef with Garlic Sauce$11.00
D 10 菜捞面 / vegetable lo mein$11.59

Golden Blossom Delights (Specialty Tea)

2.Oolong Tea$3.85
3.Jasmine Tea$3.85
5.milk Tea$3.85
1. Green Tea$3.85
4. Red Mountain Tea$3.85

Side Order

Large White Rice$3.99
白饭 / White Rice$1.89
general tso"s sauce$1.99
sweet and sour sauce$1.10
brown sauce$1.99
Almond Cookie$1.05
面干 / Crispy Noodle$0.85
hot sauce$0.50
bourbon sauce$2.69
coconut creamy sauce$2.40
spicy milk for sushi sauce$0.80
签语饼 / Fortune Cookies$0.85
hot oil$0.55
white sauce$1.99
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History Of Golden Blossom Buffet. 

Golden Blossom Buffet was first opened in the 1950s in China by a group of passionate chefs who were committed to creating the most authentic and delicious Chinese cuisine possible. Golden Blossom Buffet quickly gained popularity because of  its innovative approach to food and the use of fresh and high-quality ingredients. 

As the demand for their restaurant grew, the founders decided to expand and opened several more restaurants in various parts of China. Today, Golden Blossom is a chain of restaurants. They have opened so many Branches across the country. They are known for their diverse and delicious menu options. 

What makes Golden Blossom Buffet Different.

There are so many reasons that make this restaurant special and apart from others. First, their variety of food they offer a huge wide range of menu which includes many Chinese Dishes. The restaurant uses only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in its dishes, ensuring that every plate is a masterpiece of flavor and texture. 

Another thing that makes this restaurant popular is its Atmosphere that is refreshing and calming. 

It makes you feel warm and relaxed. All the staff of the restaurant are attentive and hardworking, always willing to help the customers according to their needs. Chefs are also skilled & Professional. They make all the dishes with traditional Chinese Techniques.  

Another highlighting factor of Golden Blossom is its all-you-can-eat buffet, which offers a wide selection of dishes that cater to all tastes, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Restaurant’s dining area is decorated in a traditional Chinese style, with its red and gold color scheme and ornate furnishings. The atmosphere is lively and welcoming, making it a beautiful place to enjoy a meal with friends, family, or business associates. This all makes it one of the top restaurants of the Country. 


Golden Blossom Buffet restaurant is known for its authentic Chinese food. They offer a broad range of Chinese dishes. Golden Blossom has been a staple of the local dining scene in China for several decades, this restaurant has a rich long history that describes how special this restaurant is. It is a perfectly furnished place that makes you feel refreshed and relaxed. It is a perfect destination for families and friends’ gatherings.  

FAQs about Golden Blossom. 

What are the timings? 

The restaurant is open 6 days a week from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm.  

Do they offer non-veg food? 

Yes, they have a variety of non-veg food for the people who have dietary restrictions.  

Do they offer free parking? 

Yes, the restaurant offers free parking to all the customers

To learn more about Golden Blossom Buffet, visit their official website.

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