China Star Buffet Prices

China Star Buffet is all about food. They are so welcoming in their hospitality along with exceptional food that they have become quite popular over the years. In addition to their wonderful hospitality, they try to make their menu according to the foods that accommodate different kinds of tastes in different kinds of people. The sole reason behind doing this is to cater to each and every member of a family. There’s always something for adults, seniors, and even children.

This shows their diligence in catering to their customers with utmost priority. Their buffet is one of the most sought-after buffets in the USA. Moreover, they have a variety of different cuisines which includes American, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and continental flavors. This covers the majority of all food groups. Apart from this they also serve a large variety of desserts and ice cream that is hand scooped with love. It is a perfect ending to a perfect meal.

China Star Buffet is a very popular restaurant which is why all of its locations all over the USA have party rooms and other facility areas where people can come with their families and enjoy wholeheartedly. There’s also space for business meetings, business dinners, and even private rooms for special celebrations that includes Valentine’s Day, family reunion add more. China Star Buffet is the perfect way to taste different cuisines in one place. You can also experiment with flavors that you have never tasted before. Moreover, they also have a customized hibachi bar that takes instruction from their customers and serves accordingly.

Here is the updated price menu of China Star Buffet:



Fried Wonton (12)$4.15
Cheese Wonton (10)$6.55
BBQ Spare Rib$6.05
Sweet Donuts (20)$4.15
Roast Pork Egg Roll (2)$1.95
Steamed Dumplings (8)$5.50
Fried Dumpling (8)$5.50
Vegetable Egg Roll$1.95
Boneless Spare Ribs$6.60
Teriyaki Chicken (6)$5.45
Buffalo Wings (10)$5.35
Fried Shrimp (20)$5.35
Fried Chicken Wings (5)$4.70
Spring Roll$1.75


Soups with fried noodles

Egg Drop Soup$2.25
Wonton Soup$3.50
Hot and Sour Soup$2.60
Wonton Mixed Egg Drop Soup$4.15
Chicken Rice Soup$4.15
Chicken Noodle Soup$4.15
House Special Wonton Soup$7.95
Mixed Vegetable Soup$4.40

Fried Rice

Fried Rice$4.15

Lo Mein

Spaghetti noodles.

Lo Mein$5.75

Mei Fun

Thin Noodles

Mei Fun$8.95

Chop Suey

With white rice.

Chop Suey$5.80

Chow Mein

With White Rice

Chow Mein$5.80

Sweet & Sour

With white rice

Sweet and Sour$4.95


With White Rice

Beef with Broccoli$5.90
Beef with Pepper and Tomato$5.90
Beef with Chinese Veg$5.90
Pepper Steak with Onion$6.45
Beef with Mushroom$5.90
Curry Beef$5.90
Beef with Mixed Veg$5.90
Moo Shu Beef (with 4 Pancakes)$9.55


With White Rice

Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$6.35
Shrimp with Chinese Veg$6.35
Shrimp with Pepper and Tomatoes$6.35
Shrimp with Mushrooms$6.35
Curry Shrimp$6.35
Shrimp with Broccoli$6.35
Shrimp with Mixed Veg$6.35
Shrimp with Cashew Nuts$6.35
Moo Shu Shrimp (with 4 Pancakes)$9.85

Roast Pork

With White Rice

Roast Pork with Chinese Veg$5.90
Roast Pork with Mushroom$5.90
Roast Pork with Oyster Sauce$5.90
Roast Pork with Broccoli$5.90
Moo Shu Pork (with 4 Pancakes)$9.20


With white rice.

Boneless Chicken$9.40
Curry Chicken$5.45
Moo Goo Gai Pan$5.45
Chicken with Broccoli$5.45
Chicken with Chinese Veg$5.45
Chicken with Mixed Vegetable$5.45
Chicken with Cashew Nuts$5.45
Moo Shu Chicken (with 4 Pancakes)$9.40

Dieter’s Specials

With White Rice

Chicken with Mixed Vegetable (Dieter's Specials)$8.65
Chicken with Broccoli (Dieter's Specials)$8.65
Seafood Combination$12.60
Mixed Chinese Vegetable$7.10

Egg Foo Young

With white rice.

Egg Foo Young$7.45


With White Rice

Mixed Chinese Vegetable (Vegetables)$7.65
Broccoli with Garlic Sauce$7.95
Bean Curd Szechuan Sauce$7.65
Bean Curd with Chinese Mushroom$8.10
Plain Sautéed Broccoli$7.20
Moo Shu Vegetables (W. 4 Pancakes)$8.95

Chef’s Specialties

With white rice.

Happy Family$11.85
Crispy Orange Flavor Chicken$9.95
Seafood Combination (Chef's Specialties)$13.05
Four Seasons$11.85
General Tso's Chicken$10.95
Triple Crown$10.75
Crispy Orange Flavor Beef$10.50
Lemon Chicken$9.65

Special Szechuan & Hunan Dishes

With White Rice

Double Sautéed Pork$9.65
Kung Pao Chicken$9.65
Hunan Beef$10.50
Hunan Shrimp$10.50
Hunan Triple$10.50
Shredded Beef$10.50
Shredded Pork$9.65
Chicken with Garlic Sauce$9.65
Beef with Garlic Sauce$10.95
Shrimp with Garlic Sauce$10.95
Sesame Chicken$10.50
Szechuan Shrimp$10.50
Hot and Spicy Shrimp$10.50
Thai Chicken$9.85
Coconut Chicken$12.05
Hawaii Chicken$10.75

Special Combination Plates

Served with pork fried rice and two egg rolls.

Chicken Chow Mein$9.55
Pork Chow Mein$7.90
Sweet and Sour Chicken$9.55
Beef Chow Mein$7.90
Sesame Chicken (Special Combination Plates)$9.55
Chicken Lo Mein$9.40
Shrimp Chow Mein$7.90
Chicken Egg Foo Young$9.65
Chicken with Broccoli (Special Combination Plates)$9.65
Pork Egg Foo Young$7.90
Shrimp Egg Foo Young$7.90
Double Sautéed Pork (Special Combination Plates)$9.35
Double Sautéed Chicken$7.90
Chicken with Chinese Veg (Special Combination Plates)$9.65
Pork with Chinese Veg$7.90
Chicken with Cashew Nuts (Special Combination Plates)$7.90
Beef with Garlic Sauce (Special Combination Plates)$8.30
Chicken with Garlic Sauce (Special Combination Plates)$8.30
Moo Goo Gai Pan (Special Combination Plates)$9.65
Kung Pao Chicken (Special Combination Plates)$7.90
Sweet and Sour Pork$9.55
Chicken with Mixed Veg$7.90
Pork with Mixed Veg$7.90
General Tso's Chicken (Special Combination Plates)$9.65
Pork Lo Mein$7.90
Pepper Steak with Onions$10.95
Beef with Broccoli (Special Combination Plates)$8.30
Beef with Mixed Veg (Special Combination Plates)$8.30
Beef with Chinese Veg (Special Combination Plates)$8.30
Szechuan Beef$8.30
Szechuan Chicken$8.30
Shrimp with Mixed Veg (Special Combination Plates)$8.30
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce (Special Combination Plates)$9.65
Hot and Spicy Shrimp (Special Combination Plates)$9.65
Shrimp with Chinese Veg (Special Combination Plates)$8.30
Shrimp with Cashew Nuts (Special Combination Plates)$8.30
Hunan Shrimp (Special Combination Plates)$8.30
Beef with Mushroom (Special Combination Plates)$8.30
Mongolian Beef$8.30
Lo Mein (Special Combination Plates)$9.40
Sweet and Sour Shrimp$8.30
Roast Pork with Oysters Sauce$9.35
Pork with Mushroom$9.35


Diet Coke$4.99
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All about China Star Buffet

As we have already mentioned, China star buffet is a leading restaurant chain which is why they have different locations in different cities in the USA. They are open seven days a week and offer their customers an extensive and generous choice of handpicked menu items. Another interesting fact about China star buffet is that they also have a specialized bar that serves diet menu items. This is the perfect haven for people who are trying to maintain their diet due to some reasons.

Since the name has China in it, the chefs at China star buffet are always attentive towards Chinese cuisine and you can even say that they are partial towards it. This doesn’t mean that other cuisines are neglected here but they keep on experimenting with the Chinese menu and keep on adding and altering existing dishes for a better customer experience. They bring authenticity to their food and praise Asian cuisine with their great cooking.

Despite the fact that China star buffet is a popular restaurant it doesn’t mean that they are charging an arm and a leg for their buffet. They are pretty reasonable when it comes to their prices and more often than not they have discounts going on and even promotions on their certain menu choices. There are also special deals that are always available for people who are into service for the country and even student discounts are available.

Pricing at China Star Buffet

Their buffet is available from Monday to Friday and categorized in such a way that adults can enjoy the lunch buffet for $13.99 and dinner for $14.99. The seniors who are above the age of 60 can go for the lunch buffet for $11.49 and dinner for $13.50. Kids under the age of three can enjoy the buffet for $1.99. The kids who are four years up to eight years can enjoy lunch for $6.50 and dinner for $8.50. Kids who are older and up to 12 years can have lunch for $8.99 and dinner for $9.99.

Since they are open seven days a week this also includes Saturdays, Sundays, and even some holidays. On these days there menu for adults is $15.99, seniors can have it for $14.50, kids between the age of four and eight can have it for $7.99, and kids older than nine up to 12 years can enjoy it for $9.99. On these days the lunch menu stays on for the entire day. Other than that fresh crawfish are available on their menu depending on the season and availability.

They are operational seven days a week, the only thing that varies is the timings of their opening and closing. From Sundays to Thursdays they are open from 11:00 AM to 9:30 PM. From Fridays to Saturdays they are open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM. On the holidays that include Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, they open at 11:00 AM and close at 6:00 PM. Other than that they are closed on Christmas.

The Menu at China Star Buffet

We have already discussed that the menu at China star buffet is full of variety and a large number of dishes. This includes their appetizers like fried wonton, cheese wonton, BBQ spare ribs, sweet Donuts, roast pork egg rolls, steamed dumplings, teriyaki chicken, fried shrimp, fried chicken wings, and spring rolls. Their soups with fried noodles include egg drop soup, wonton soup, hot and sour soup, wonton next egg drop soup, mixed vegetable soup, and the house special wonton soup. They have a variety of sides that includes fried rice, lo Mein, me fun, chop suey, chow Mein and sweet and sour rice.

Some of their beef dishes include beef with broccoli, beef with pepper and tomato, beef with Chinese vegetables, pepper steak with onion, beef with mushroom, and Moo Shu beef with four pancakes. Their shrimp specialties include shrimp with lobster sauce, shrimp with mushrooms, shrimp Curry, and shrimp with mixed vegetables. They also serve a variety of roast pork curries like pork in oyster sauce, add more.

Their chicken dishes include boneless chicken; Curry chicken, moo goo Gai pan, chicken with cashew nuts, and chicken with mixed vegetables. Their dieter’s special menu includes all the dishes in chicken and seafood combinations that are specially designed for people who are on a diet. This is just a part of their menu, if you want to see their entire menu you can visit their website and consider all the options.


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