Champion Grill Buffet Prices

Champion Grill restaurant has been serving up delicious home cooked food since the 1970s. It has a long history satisfying customers with deliciously mouthwatering dishes. Champion Grill Buffet had a humble begining, started small like everyother restaurant, but now it has become a staple of the community. Holding it’s status as a beloved institution of the culinary community.

Here is an updated menu & prices of Champion Grill Buffet.


Popular Items

Side Chow Mein$3.99
Chicken Wings(M)$35.00
Salmon-Baked Salmon$6.75

Build Your Own Meal

Choice of 1 Side&1 Entree, 1 Side&2 Entrees, 1 Side&3 Entrees

1 Side+1 Entree Plate$6.99
2 Half Side+ 3 Entrees$10.99
2 Half Side+ 2 Entrees$8.99
2 Half Side+ 1 Entree$6.99
1 Side+3 Entrees Super Plate$10.99
1 Side+2 Entrees Plate$8.99

Side-Single Box

26oz Box

Side White Steam Rice$2.99
Side Chow Mein (Side-Single Box)$3.99
Side Fried Rice$3.99

Entree-Single Box

26oz Box

Chicken-Teriyaki Chicken$4.49
Chicken-Mushroom Chicken$4.49
Shrimp-Seafood Delight$4.99
Pork-Mongolian Pork$4.49
Shrimp-Breaded Shrimp$4.99
Shrimp-Coconut Shrimp$4.99
Shrimp-Salt Pepper Shrimp$4.99
Chicken-Green Bean with Chicken$4.49
Chicken-Orange Chicken$4.49
Chicken-Spicy Chicken$4.49
Beef-Broccoli Beef$4.49
Salmon-Baked Salmon (Entree-Single Box)$6.75


1.California Roll(8PC)$4.49
2.Spicy California Roll(8PC)$4.49
Ebi Nigiri$0.75
9.Tuna Nigiri$0.75
8.Salmon Nigiri$0.75
4.Spicy Tuna Roll(8PC)$5.99
3.Spicy Salmon Roll(8PC)$5.99
5.Rainbow Roll(8PC)$5.99
7.Double California Roll(8PC)$5.99
6.Monkey Roll(8PC)$5.99


Breaded Shrimp$2.99
Egg Roll$1.99
Chicken Stick$2.99
Chicken Wings$2.99
Chicken Nugget$2.99
Sesame Ball$1.99


Dr Pepper$1.50
Fanta(Orange Soda)$1.50
Pink Lemonade$1.50
Root Beer$1.50
Unsweet Ice Tea$1.50
Raspberry Ice Tea$1.50
Diet Coke$1.50

Family Party Tray

Spicy Chicken(M)$35.00
Chicken Wings(M) (Family Party Tray)$35.00
Chicken Stick(M)$35.00
Mushroom Chicken(M)$35.00
Chow Mein(M)$30.00
Fried Rice(M)$30.00
Chow Mifun(M)$30.00
Louisiana Crawfish(M)$35.00
Seafood Delight(M)$40.00
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken(M)$35.00
Salt Pepper Shrimp(M)$45.00
Broccoli Beef(M)$35.00

Origin of Champion Grill Buffet

Champion Grill was established in 1974 by Joe and Mary Smith. Filled with a passion for cooking and a desire to to create a restaurant the would serve up delicious food in a relaxing and welcoming environment. They started with just a small storefront, but with the help of their delicious food and friendly attitude they were able to build up a very loyal customer base.

In the start, Champion Grill was only known for their burgers and fries. The owners used only the freshest indgredients available and worked with the, they would hand-cut the fries themselves. Very soon the word started to spread about the new fire burger joint on the block. Before they knew it, more and more people started to flock the Champion Grill just to have a taste of the delicious grilled burger. And once they had one they just had to have more and more. The restaurant started to grew, and it was the begining of Champion Grill Buffet’s legacy.

The Champion Grill Buffet

As the restaurant grew in popularity Joe and Mary started to expand their menus. Adding more dishes such as, sandwiches, salads, and soups. But despite the rapid growth, they remained commited to only using the highest quality freshest indgredients for everything. Renovations also started to expand the restaurant. They added more tables to accomodate a larger number of customers simultaneously and created a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Exceptional Customer Service is one of the main reasons that led to the success of Champion Grill. Joe and Mary understood that customers were the very soul of the business, and they always treated customers with great and respect and kindness. And they always took the time to listen to the feedback and suggestions that customers might have. They then used that information to constantly improve their menus and services.

The Legacy

After almost 5 decades, Champion Grill Buffet is still going strong. Joe and Mary have retired now, but their children and grandchildren have taken over the business. They continue to uphold the traditions and values that have been instilled by their elders. Champion Grill is still known for their amazing food and exceptional hospitality. It has remained a beloved institution in the local community.

However, Champion Grill Buffet’s legacy is not only about amazing food and immaculate serivce. It’s a testament to dedication, power of hardwork and a commitment to doing things right. Joe and Mary took a small storefront restaurant and turned it into a beloved local institution. It is a true inspiration and proof of what can be achieved with a relentless focus on quality and solid customer service.


Champion Grill Buffet has a long story filled with, hard work, dedication, and a undying dedication to excellence. From it’s humble begining as small storefront burger joint, Champion Grill has built a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come. Delicious food, friendly service and commitment to customer satisfaction are the pillars upon which successful restaurant chains are built on. These are a testament to the power of doing things the correct way. They serve as an inspiration to anyone who wants to build a successful business.

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What are the timings?

Champion Grill Buffet is open 7 days a week from 11:00AM to 08:30PM.

Is lunch buffet different from dinner buffet?

Dinner time they have more seafood item. Crab, crawfish, Coconut shrimp, BBQ beef rib. Garlic shrimp. And so on.

Are alcoholic beverages available?

Yes, the restaurant serves alcoholic beverages to customers of legal drinking age.

To learn more about Champion Grill Buffet, visit their official website.

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