Captain George’s Buffet Prices

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At Captain George’s buffet, you get to experience seafood like no other. It is a journey of the food from a boat to the buffet on your table. Captain George opened his first branch in Virginia Beach in 1982. It has been years since it is operational and become a huge success. Later on, in 1985 they opened their second branch in Williamsburg. And later they managed to expand their food buffet business and opened their third location at Myrtle Beach in 2000. And lastly, their latest branch opened in 2009 in a totally new location; the Kill Devil Hills New York City.

Their first branch which is in Virginia Beach is just minutes away from the ocean’s front. Since it is already a tourist location because of the presence of the ocean near it, Captain George’s buffet is one of the most popular spots for tourists to visit and enjoy seafood and other exquisite dishes on their menu. Their flagship branch is one of the most beautifully set restaurants in the most popular location. They serve a one-of-a-kind buffet that includes seafood and other cuisines as well. Other than their exceptional buffet and menu choices their interior is beautifully made with handmade glasswork on the walls and the decoration is quite exclusive. Other than that it has a stained glass dome which is a popular tourist attraction since it is really beautiful and large in size.

Other than their Virginia branch the other three branches have very beautiful décor and cater to their customer’s utmost satisfaction. They all are serving buffets for indoor as well as outdoor dining. They particularly take care of all the sanitization and keep the health guidelines in check. All the chefs wear masks, and chef hats, and take all the precautionary measures to make the yummiest dishes. You can visit them anytime without making a reservation. In case you want to visit with a large number of people you can directly make an appointment with them and get your table reserved.

Here is the updated price menu of Captain George’s Buffet:


The Captain’s Specialties

8 Piece Fried Chicken$17.00
Alaskan Snow Crab Legs$33.60
Crabcake Dinner$43.20
Delmonico Steak Entree$46.80
Fried Oyster Dinner$32.40
Fried Shrimp Entree$38.40
Oysters Rockefeller$15.00
Salmon Dinner$34.80
Steamed Shrimp 1pd$25.60
Steamed Shrimp 1/2pd$14.60
Steamed Mussels$11.00
Steamed Mini Clams$11.00
Steamed Crawfish$15.00
Fried Clam Strips$11.00
Fried Chicken$17.00

Lighter Fare

30 count Buffalo Wings$30.00
40 count Buffalo Wings$40.00
Buffalo Shrimp$15.00
Buffalo Wings$15.00
The Captain's Seafood Basket$15.00

The Ultimate Captain’s Seafood Feast!

Enjoy a meal full of your favorite seafood items from Captain George’s custom for a party of any size! Note: no substitutions.

Feast for 1$51.59
Feast for 2$103.19
Feast for 4$183.59
Feast for 8$371.99

Grab ‘N Go

10 oz. Serving.

Pasta Salad$10.00
Norfolk Special$11.00
She-Crab Soup$12.00


Baked Potato$6.00
French fries$6.00
Mac N' Cheese$8.00
Pasta Salad (Sides)$10.00
Baby Potatoes$8.00


Bottled Water$3.75
Voss Still$8.00
Voss Sparkling$8.00
Red Bull$4.00
Red Bull Sugar-free$4.00

The Timings and Prices at Captain George’s Buffet

All 4 branches of Captain George’s buffet are open and welcome walk-ins. They are serving their delicious buffet from Monday till Friday. Their starting time is 4:00 PM until 9:00 PM. For Saturdays, they start serving their buffet from 2:00 PM till 9:30 PM. And on Sundays, they open at 12:00 PM and close down by 9:00 PM. Their operational hours are pretty extensive so you can visit them during these hours and enjoy their exquisite buffet menu.

Other than that their prices are quite reasonable. They have kept in mind the tourist class and serve their buffet at economical prices. The adult buffet is available for $49.99 and children who are between the age of 5 and 12 can enjoy it for $24.99. Other than that children who are less than four years can eat the buffet for $5.99. Their drinks menu is charged separately which includes different kinds of sodas, teas, and coffee which are available for $3.49. The best part about their drinks is that you can get as many refills as you want and they won’t charge you any extra. This is valid for all four locations of Captain George’s buffet. Other than Christmas Day, they are open all the other 364 days of the year so come and pay them a visit to enjoy their menu.

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The Menu at Captain George’s Buffet

Moving on to their delicious menu, they serve entrees, desserts, soups and salads, vegetables, sides, and even gluten-free buffet menu options. For entrees, they are serving snow crab legs, steamed shrimp, steamed clams, steamed crawfish, steamed mussels, blackened Mahi, broiled fish of the day, broiled salmon, fried oysters, fried Pollock, fried scallops, fried shrimp, oysters Rockefeller, deviled crab, stuffed clams, sirloin steak, pork BBQ ribs, Norfolk special, smoked beef briskets and chicken specialties. They do serve other dishes that include chicken and beef but they are mostly famous for their seafood menu.

Their dessert bar is full of yummy and delicious treats. The most interesting fact about their dessert bar is that everything is homemade. This means that everything is prepared from scratch and full of love. Their desserts include chocolate pudding, banana pudding, rice pudding, cherry cobbler, apple cobbler, peach cobbler, baklava, flan, carrot cake, chocolate cake, Raspberry cake, Strawberry Shortcake, cherry cheesecake, fresh seasonal fruit, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies and lastly oatmeal cookies.

Moving on to the soups and salads bar, they are serving she-crab soup, New England clam chowder, toast garden salad, sea leg salad, tuna salad, shrimp salad, potato salad, coleslaw, and pasta salad. There is always an option for people who like to avoid proteins and even seafood. For them, there is a specialized bar that includes different kinds of vegetables and yummy sauces mixed with different kinds of ingredients. Their side vegetables include sautéed mushrooms, stuffed mushrooms, green beans, broccoli, potatoes, mixed veggies, and corn on the cob. They also serve a side of steamed rice, Mac and cheese, homemade baked bread, hush puppies, dinner rolls, and even sweet corn muffins.

It is pretty common for people to have allergies and some people are even intolerant to gluten. For people like these it is impossible to serve them dishes that are gluten-free in other restaurants. But at Captain George’s buffet, they dedicate a special bar and buffet that includes entrees and sides which are gluten-free.

They are serving a phenomenal variety of buffet dishes. It is very easy to find good dishes which keep you coming back for seconds. Other than that if you have any other demands or want to have a specific spice level according to your taste, you can ask the manager who can convey your requirements to the chef. Everything they have is freshly made, and so they will be happy to oblige and serve you in any way possible. You won’t find such good food and service in any other restaurant other than Captain George’s buffet.;

 Some FAQs regarding Captain George’s Buffet

What are the timings of Captain George’s buffet?

The timings of all four locations of Captain George’s buffet is from 11 am to 10 pm.

Is there a children’s menu at Captain George’s buffet?

Yes, for children below 12 years of age, they have a special discounted menu which can be found on their official website.

Do they accept credit and debit cards?

Yes, all four locations of Captain George’s buffet accept major credit and debit cards.

Do they offer catering services?

Yes, if you are planning a small or large gathering, you can avail their catering services. For further details, you can visit their website or contact them directly.

Is there an option for take-out orders?

Yes, all four locations of Captain George’s buffet have the option to order food for take-out. They also provide party platters and family meals for those who wish to get larger portions at discounted prices.

Do they serve vegetarian dishes?

Yes, Captain George’s buffet offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes which can be found in the menu. They also offer special menus for those with allergies and dietary restrictions. Lastly, they are also serving gluten-free items on their buffet line.

Do they offer discounts?

Yes, Captain George’s buffet offers discounts on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. They also provide promotional code for online orders which can be used to avail further discounts. You can find the latest promotions and offers on their website or social media pages.

What is the dress code at Captain George’s buffet?

The dress code for all four locations of Captain George’s buffet is casual and comfortable. However, they do not allow swimwear or any kind of offensive clothing.

What are the desserts available at Captain George’s buffet?

At Captain George’s buffet, you can find a variety of delicious desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. From homemade pies, cakes and brownies to ice cream sundaes and flavored frozen yogurt, there is something for everyone. You can also find sugar-free desserts for those who are watching their sugar intake.

Do they have a loyalty program?

Yes, Captain George’s buffet offers a loyalty program to reward their frequent customers. If you join the loyalty program, you will get special discounts and offers on your orders. You can find more information about the loyalty program on their website or directly contact them

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Is there a delivery service?

Yes, Captain George’s buffet also provides delivery services for certain locations. To check if they have delivery available in your location, you can check the delivery information on their website. They also provide catering services for special events like weddings and other large gatherings.

Do they offer gift cards?

Yes, Captain George’s buffet offers gift cards as a perfect gift for any occasion. You can purchase these gift cards from their official website or from any of the four locations. The gift cards are accepted at all four locations and can be used for any purpose.

Do they have an online ordering system?

Yes, Captain George’s buffet offers an online ordering system so that you can easily order food from their website. You can also check out their menu and place orders via phone or email. Once your order is placed, they will deliver the food to your specified location.

Are their chefs highly trained?

Yes, all of the chefs at Captain George’s buffet are highly trained and certified in their respective cuisines. They use high-quality ingredients and employ modern cooking techniques to ensure that all dishes are cooked to perfection.

Here is the video of Captain George’s buffet:



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