Buffet Dynasty Prices

The Buffet Dynasty is the best dining experience you will get to have in the entire USA in Canton, Oklahoma. It is an exquisite place to visit where the ambiance is very welcoming and the food is extremely delicious. In the area of Canton, Buffet Dynasty has laid a foundation for serving the best cuisine which includes sushi. It is very hard to find a good sushi restaurant and that too with the buffet style menu. Here at Buffet Dynasty, you get to experience sushi in all its glory.

Buffet dynasty is not only famous for its exceptional presentation and food quality but also for its service. Their service is extremely efficient which includes a staff that is very friendly and ready to help in order to cater to their customers in any way possible. Buffet Dynasty is a very different kind of restaurant because it has taken a contemporary twist when serving traditional dishes.

They only serve fresh-made food because it is made from produce that comes in on daily basis. They are adamant about the fact that they should serve their customers with dishes that only surpass quality tests. They are persistent in buying ingredients that are fresh so that all their dishes show their compassion in the making.

Over the years, they have become quite popular in the area of central Texas because of the experience they provide to their customers. In order to maintain its reputation as it is, they follow three rules that are the basis for all kinds of business, especially in food. The first thing they do to maintain their business is to be consistent.

They are determined on serving the same taste and quality every time. The next thing they keep in mind is the service they provide to their customers. Service is the most important factor that brings a customer back to eat and dine. And lastly, they pay keen attention to the ambiance of the restaurant. They certainly provide a family-oriented environment so that they can show their hospitality in the best way possible.

Here is the updated price menu of Buffet Dynasty:



Fried Shrimp (12)$8.95
Chinese Donuts (10)$3.95
Vegetable Spring Rolls (2)$1.60
Crab Cheese Wonton (6)$3.25
Steamed Dumplings (6)$3.95
Fried Dumplings (6)$3.95
Teriyaki Chicken Stick (4)$3.95


Egg Drop Soup$2.25
Wonton Soup$2.25
Hot & Sour Soup$2.25

Tempura Fried Rolls

Salem Roll$5.50
Crunch Philadelphia Roll$5.50
Mexican Roll$6.50
Las Vegas Roll$6.50

Sushi Combination

Roll Combo$10.00
Sushi Combo$12.50

Nigiri (2 Pieces)


Sushi Rolls

California Roll$4.00
Ninja Roll$5.00
Dynamite Roll$5.50
Smoked Salmon Roll$4.50
Spicy Salmon Roll$5.50
Spicy Tuna Roll$5.50
Spicy Crunch Crab Roll$5.50
Alaska Roll$5.00
Rainbow Roll$6.00
Philadelphia Roll$5.50
Eel Roll$6.00

Sushi Vegetarian Rolls

Cucumber Roll$3.50
Avocado Roll$3.50
Vegetable Roll$4.00
Vegetable Tempura Roll$5.00


Lunch Special$6.95
Dinner Special$7.95


Sweet & Sour Chicken$8.25
Chicken with Broccoli$8.25
Chicken with String Beans$8.25
Chicken with Black Bean$8.25
Hunan Chicken$8.25
Kung Pao Chicken$8.25
Chicken with Garlic Sauce$8.25
Hunan Pork$8.25
Pork with Garlic Sauce$8.25
Beef with Broccoli$8.50
Pepper Steak$8.50
Hunan Beef$8.50
Mongolian Pork$8.25

House Specialties

General Tso's Chicken$9.25
Orange Chicken$9.25
Sesame Chicken$9.25
Orange Beef$9.95
Sesame Beef$9.95
Salt & Pepper Shrimp$14.99
Peanut Butter Chicken (Quart)$9.25
Jalapeño Chicken (Quart)$9.25
Teriyaki Chicken Combo (Quart)$9.25


Vegetable Delight$6.25
Sautéed String Bean$6.25
Broccoli with Garlic Sauce$6.25
Bean Curd Home Style$6.25
Vegetable Chow Mein$6.25
Chicken Chow Mein$6.50
Pork Chow Mein$6.50
Shrimp Chow Mein$6.50
Beef Chow Mein$6.50
Veggie Egg Foo Young$6.50

Lo Mein & Noodles

Shrimp (Lo Mein & Noodles)$6.95
Combo (Beef & Shrimp)$6.95
House Special Lo Mein (Quart)$7.25
House Special Rice Noodle (Quart)$7.50

Fried Rice

House Special Fried Rice (Quart)$7.25
Vegetable (Fried Rice)$5.75
Chicken (Fried Rice)$5.75
Roast Pork$5.75
Beef (Fried Rice)$6.95
Shrimp (Fried Rice)$6.95
Combo (Beef & Shrimp) (Fried Rice)$6.95


Steamer Clam with Butter Garlic (Quart)$9.99
Creamy Chicken & Shrimp (Quart)$9.95
Shrimp with Broccoli$9.95
Hunan Shrimp$9.95
Kung Pao Shrimp$9.95
Shrimp with Vegetables$9.95
Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce$9.95
Shrimp with Garlic Sauce$9.95

The Menu at Buffet Dynasty

The menu at dynasty buffet is very diverse and versatile you get to experience food in an exceptional way and like never before. From their soup menu, you can order egg drop soup, hot and sour soup, vegetable soup, seaweed War bar soup, and the house special wonton soup. Their appetizers include egg rolls, fried chicken wings, BBQ wings, pan-fried dumplings, teriyaki chicken, and crab Rangoon.

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Moving on to their rice menu you can order from a variety that includes vegetable fried rice, roast pork fried rice, chicken fried rice, beef fried rice, and shrimp fried rice, and the house special fried rice. Their house specialties are very exquisitely made and give you an altogether new food experience.

They also serve options in lo Mein which include the vegetable lo main, chicken lo Mein, beef lo Mein, shrimp lo Mein and last but not least, their house special lo Mein. You also get to choose from a chow main noodle option that includes ingredients like vegetables, chicken, roast pork, shrimp, and beef. They serve egg Foo young in chicken, roast pork, and shrimp Foo young. You can ask for a side of mixed vegetables, Buddha delight, and Ma Po bean curd to make your meal even more special. The pork is available in sweet and sour, share swan pork, shredded pork, and garlic sauce and you can even ask the chef for special requests and spice it according to your taste.

As for the chicken entrees you can choose between sweet and sour chicken, moo goo Gai pan, chicken and vegetable, Kung Pao chicken, shredded chicken in garlic sauce, Curry chicken, and more. As with the pork, you can put in a request to get your chicken in specific flavors and the chef can oblige according to your taste. This is a great deal beneficial for people who are sensitive to spices and want to reduce the level and heat in their food. There is a variety of beef for beef flowers which includes the Schezwan beef, beef with broccoli, pepper steak, shredded beef in garlic sauce, and their specially prepared Mongolian beef in their secret sauce. Beef lovers are in awe of their Mongolian beef because it tastes just like heaven.

For sushi lovers, there is a lot of option for shrimp. Apart from their sushi menu, you can have the shrimp separately in the form of shrimp and broccoli, shrimp with lobster sauce shredded shrimp in garlic sauce, kung pao shrimp, chessman shrimp, shrimp with vegetables, shrimp with black bean sauce, and fried shrimp.

Apart from the sushi menu they specialize in other dishes that include the general TSO’s chicken, sesame chicken, orange flavor beef, happy family meal, and seafood delight. You can actually go to the chef and ask your presenter to include certain items in your seafood platter in order to enjoy it according to your requirements. They serve different kinds of privileges that include soda, water, and other sparkling drinks.

The timings and prices at Buffet Dynasty

Their opening timings vary on different days of the week. They are serving their buffet from Monday till Sunday so you get to enjoy it on each day of the week as per your availability. Mondays till Thursdays they are opening at 11:00 AM and close at 10:30 PM. As for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday they open at 11:00 AM and close at 11:00 PM.

For adults, their weekday lunch ends at 3:59 PM and is available for $12.99. Senior citizens who are 65 years and plus can enjoy the lunch for $11.90. Children who are aged between 9 and 12 can eat the buffet for $8.99. The dinner on weekdays starts after 4:00 PM and adults can enjoy it for $15.99, whereas seniors can enjoy it for $14.49. Children who are four years up to eight can eat the buffet for $7.99. Children under three years can eat free of cost with a paying adult on weekends for $15.99 and seniors for $14.49.

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