Brazilian Buffet Bakery Prices

Brazilian Buffet Bakery is known for traditional Brazilian Cuisine, as well as a fusion of Brazilian and International cuisines. If you are someone who loves to explore new dishes and flavors, Brazilian Buffet Bakery is the perfect spot for you. Offering an all you can eat buffet with a variety of traditional Brazilian dishes and international flavors as well. The restaurant is commited on serving the highest quality of food at an affordable price.

Here is an updated menu & prices of Brazilian Bakery Buffet.



1. X-Tudo$7.00
2. X-Frango$7.00
3. X-Bacon$7.00
4. X-Salada$7.00
5. Misto Quente$3.50
6. Bauru$4.00
7. Omelete$6.00
8. Pao Na Chapa$2.00

Refeições - Meals

Pratos Variados$7.00


1. Banana$3.00
2. Mamao (Papaya)$3.00
3. Morango (Strawberry)$3.00
4. Abacate (Avocado)$3.00
5. A Moda (Everything)$4.00


Laranja (Orange)$4.00
Abacaxi (Pineapple)$4.00

History of Brazilian Buffet Bakery

The restaurant was founded by a group of Brazilian immigrants in 1994, in Newark, New Jersey. They wanted to showcase the tradional, diverse and motherwatering cuisines of their hometown. With this in mind Brazilian Bakery Buffet was created. They started in a small place with a limited menu. But quickly gained popularity and a reputation for their delicious food and excellent customer service.

As time went on, Brazilian Bakery Buffet expanded their menus, offering a full buffet with over 50 different dishes present at anytime. But during their rapid growth, Brazilian Buffet Bakery remained commited to their original purpose. And that was to serve customers with the best quality delicious food prepared from fresh indgredients, and that too at an affordable price.

Flavors of Brazilian Buffet Bakery

Brazilian Buffet Bakery is best known for it’s traditional & authentic Brazilian Cuisine. The restaurant offers over 50 dishes, each with a unique taste and flavor of it’s own. They have it all, from classic Brazilian dishes like feijoada and picanha to fusion dishes like Brazilian style sushi and empanadas. There’s even a full area dedicated only for desserts. That serve traditional Brazilian sweets such as, brigadeiros and beijinhos.

But thier commitment to quality is what sets them apart from the rest. They are dedicated to only using the freshest indgredients available. With a team of professional chefs available to do them justice. The chefs work tirelessly ensuring that each and every dish is prepared prefectly. Brazilian Buffet Bakery also has an open kitchen system. Allowing customers to watch as their food is being prepared. This increases anticipation as customers wait for their food.

In addition to the delicious food, Brazilian Buffet Bakey is also very affordable. Offering some the best value for money buffets in town. The restaurant also offers special discounts to Children, Senior Citizens, and Military Personnel. They also feature a spacious dining area decorated in warm colors.  A perfect place to have a big gathering with friends or family for a delicious meal for a taste of the Brazil.


If you are looking for an authentic taste of Brazilian cuisine at an affordable price, Brazilian Buffet Bakery is the perfect place for you. Because they offer an array of dishes. So if you are someone who loves Brazilian cuisine and to indulge in new different flavors, Brazilian Buffet should be a must try. With their long history of dedication to using only the freshest and highest quality indgredients, it no surprise that Brazilian Buffet Bakery has become the favirote go to spot amongst the locals and tourists alike. Get freshly made food from high quality indgredients at an affordable price at the Brazilian Buffet Bakery.


What are the timings?

The restaurant is open from 08:00AM to 08:00PM from Monday – Saturday. But on Sunday they are only open till 12:00PM.

Do they serve sandwiches?

Yes, they have a variety of different sandwiches.

Here is a link to their official facebook page.

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