Brar’s Buffet Prices

Brar’s Buffet is one the largest ethenic food brands in Canada. For over two decades, they have been a trusted name in the households for a variety of dairy products, Indian sweets and snacks. So, if you’re a fan of authentic Indian food, Brar’s Buffet is the perfect spot for you. The restaurant offer an all-you-can-eat buffet offering a variety of Indian dishes, as well as a fusion of Indian & Canadian flavors.

Here is an updated menu & prices for Brar’s Buffet.



Malai Paneer Tikka$13.80
Bread Pakora$4.02
Chilli Paneer$13.80
Paneer Pakora (1/2 lb)$6.32
Vegetable Pakora (1/2 lb)$4.60
Gobhi Pakora (1/2 lb)$5.75
Dal Kachori$2.30

Street Chats

Tikki Chat$9.20
Chat Papri$9.20
Dahi Bhalla$9.20
Pani Puri$9.20
Dahi Puri$9.20
Chana Samosa$9.20
Chana Tikki$9.20
Bhel Puri$9.20

Classic Curries & Raita

Dal Makhani Curry$9.20
Jeera Aloo Curry$9.20
Kadhi Pakora Curry$9.20
Aloo Gobhi Curry$9.20
Manchurian Curry$9.20
Chana Masala Curry$9.20

Premium Curries

Malai Kofta Curry$13.80
Baingan Bartha Curry$13.80
Kadahi Paneer Curry$13.80
Matar Paneer Curry$13.80
Shahi Paneer Curry$13.80
Saag Curry$13.80
Brar’s Mixed Vegetables (Dry) Curry$13.80
Nav-Ratan Korma Curry$13.80

Famous Meals

All items are served with salad or chutney.

Shahi Paneer with Layered Butter Naan$11.50
Dal Makhani with Lachha Paratha$11.50
Malai Kofta with Tandoori Garlic Naan$11.50
Masala Dosa with Sambar$13.80
Hakka Chinese$13.80
Pav Bhaji$10.35
Vegetable Biryani$11.50
Chana Bhatura$9.20
Chana Puri$9.20
Amritsari Kulcha with Chana$12.65
Paneer Tikka Wrap$11.50
Delhi Kulcha Chana$9.20
Kadhi Chawal$10.35
Sarson ka Saag with Makki di Roti$12.65

Home Meals

Kadhi Pakora (1 L) with Large Rice$18.40
Daal Makhani (1 L) with Rotis (6 pcs)$20.70
Mix Vegetables (32 oz) with Naan (4 pcs)$23.00
Sarson ka Saag (1 L) with Makki ki Roti (6 pcs) & Makhani (2 oz)$34.30

Rice & Noodles

Vegetable Pulao$4.60
Plain Rice$4.60
Large Fried Rice (32 oz)$11.50
Large Vegetable Hakka Noodles (32 oz)$11.50


Stuffed Tava Paratha$11.50


Plain Naan$2.30
Butter Naan$3.45
Garlic Naan$3.45
Tava Roti$2.30
Makki Roti$2.87
Lachha Paratha$3.45
Tandoori Roti$2.30
Delhi Kulcha (2 pcs)$3.45


Imli Chutney Dip (4 oz)$1.15
Pudhina Chutney Dip (4 oz)$1.15
Makhani (2 oz)$1.72
Raita (4 oz)$2.30
Carrot Pickles$2.30
Roasted Papad$1.15
Mixed Green Salad$2.87

Market Products

Brar’s Malai Original Paneer$5.73
Brar’s Makhani$6.88
Brar’s Gajar Jamun$8.03
Brar’s Rasmalai$10.33


Spongy Rasgulla$5.75
Chilled Rasmalai$4.60
Gajar Ka Halwa$5.75
Malpua Rabdi$6.90

Retail Sweets

Milk Cake (1 lb)$14.93
Kaju Katli (1 lb)$14.93
Khoa Barfi (1 lb)$14.93
Motichoor Ladoo (1 lb)$11.48
Rasgulla (1 lb)$9.18
Besan Barfi (1 lb)$9.18
Badam Barfi (1 lb)$9.18
Gulab Jamun (1 lb)$9.18


Fresh Juice$6.90
Carrot Crush$6.90
Orange Zinger$6.90
Apple Zinger$6.90

History of Brar’s Buffet

Brar’s Buffet first opened it’s doors in 2009 in Brampton, Ontario. It is a family owned restaurant. They wanted to present the people with tradional Indian cuisine in a modern setting. Brar’s Buffet started as a small business with a small space and a limited menu. But, they quickly gained fame for their exquisitely delicious food, at an affordable price as well.

Over the years Brar’s Buffet expanded it’s locations along with their menu. As of right now they have over 50 dishes available at all times for diners to munch on in the buffet. But during all this time they never ever forgot their orignal purpose, which was to provide customers with the highest quality Indian foods at an affordable price.

Flavors of Brar’s Buffet

Brar’s Buffet restaurant is famously known for their authentic Indian Cuisine. They serve a wide array of dishes, each with a unique taste and flavor of it’s own. From Indian classics such as Biryani and Butter Chicken, to a fusion of Eastern and Western cuisine, such as the tandoori chicken pizza and naan burgers. They truely have it all. There is a seperate section only for desserts, it is filled with classic Indian sweets which indclude, Gulab Jamun and Rasgulla.

What sets Brar’s Buffet really apart from the rest of the restaurants is their unmovable commitment to quality. Brar’s only uses the highest quality fresh indgredients in all their dishes. Plus, they have team of professional chefs, working endlessly ensuring that each dish is prepared to aboslute perfection. In addition, they feature a Open Kitchen. Allowing customers to see as their food is being prepared live. This provides an immersive experience to the customer.

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In addition to the great food Brar’s Buffet is also very reasonably priced. The all you can eat provides the best value for money. Brar’s Buffet ensures that you won’t have to make a dent in your savings, to have dinner at their restuarant.  Along with the affordable prices, they also offers discounts for Children, Seniors, and Military personnel.


If you like Indian food, Brar’s Buffet is the perfect spot for. Because they simply have everything. From amazing delicious food to exceptional customer service. All at an affordable price. It comes as no surprise that they have been fan favirote amongst the locals and tourists for over three decades. In case you are ever in an area with Brar’s Buffet, make sure you give it try. Indulge yourself in a Indian food feast that will leave you craving for more.


What are the timings?

They are open from 11:30AM to 10:00PM

Do they have vegetarian options?

Yes, the menu is filled with vegetarian options.

Are their alcoholic beverages available?

No, unfotunately their are no alcoholic options available in the restaurant.

To learn more about Brar’s Buffet, visit their website below

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