Best Buffet & Grill Prices

Best Buffet & Grill is an all-you-can eat style restaurant. Offering a vast variety of options to diners. From American classics to Japanese favirotes, this restaurant offers everything a foodie could wish for. If you are looking for an all you can eat buffet, Best Buffet & Grill is the perfect spot for you. They have been around for more then a decade.

Here is an updated menu & prices of Best Buffet & Grill.


Lunch Special

Served with fried rice or white rice. Free choice of soup: wonton, egg drop, hot, and sour or egg roll or crab rangoon.

L1. Beef with Broccoli$5.25
L1. Chicken with Broccoli$5.25
L2. Sesame Chicken$5.25
L3. Chicken Wings$5.25
L4. Kung Po Chicken$5.25
L5. Moo Goo Gai Pan$5.25
L6. Pepper Steak with Onions$5.25
L7. Pork with Garlic Sauce$5.25
L8. Pork Lo Mein$5.25
L8. Chicken Lo Mein$5.25
L9. Pork with Broccoli$5.25
L10. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$5.25
L11. Chicken with Garlic Sauce$5.25
L11. Shrimp with Garlic Sauce$5.25
L12. General Tso's Chicken$5.25
L12. Orange Chicken$5.25
L13. Hunan Beef with Black Bean SC$5.25
L13. Hunan Chicken with Black Bean SC$5.25
L14. Hunan Pork with Black Bean SC$5.25
L14. Hunan Shrimp with Black Bean SC$5.25
L15. Sautéed Mixed Vegetables$5.25
L16. Sweet & Sour Pork$5.25
L16. Sweet & Sour Chicken$5.25
L17. Pork with Chinese Vegetables$5.25
L18. Beef with Chinese Vegetables$5.25
L18. Chicken with Chinese Vegetables$5.25
L19. Chicken with Cashew Nuts$5.25
L19. Shrimp with Cashew Nuts$5.25
L20. Pork Chow Mein$5.25
L20. Chicken Chow Mein$5.25
L21. Pork Chop Suey$5.25
L21. Chicken Chop Suey$5.25
L22. Chicken with Almond$5.25
L22. Shrimp with Almond$5.25
L23. Pork Egg Foo Young$5.25
L23. Chicken Egg Foo Young$5.25
L24. Szechuan Chicken$5.25
L24. Szechuan Beef$5.25
L25. Sa Cha Chicken$5.25
L25. Sa Cha Beef$5.25
L26. Curry Chicken$5.25
L26. Curry Shrimp$5.25
L27. Chicken with Mixed Vegetables$5.25
L27. Beef with Mixed Vegetables$5.25
L28. Shrimp with Broccoli$5.25
L29. Broccoli with Garlic Sauce$5.25
L30. Beef with Garlic Sauce$5.25


1. Spring Roll$1.25
2. Pork Egg Roll (1)$1.15
3. Sugar Bread (10)$3.10
4. Chicken Teriyaki (4)$3.75
5. Szechuan Dumpling in Red Hot Oil$3.70
6. Fried Wonton (10)$3.05
7. Fried Dumpling (10)$4.45
7. Steamed Dumpling (10)$4.45
8. Crab Rangoon$2.75
9. Fried Shrimp (12)$3.55
10. Fried Chicken Wings$4.20
11. French Fries$1.55
12. Fried Chicken Nugget (12)$3.75


With fried noodles.

13. Chicken Rice Soup$1.55
14. Chicken Noodle Soup$1.55
15. Egg Drop Soup$1.40
16. Egg Drop with Wonton Soup$1.75
17. Hot & Sour Soup$1.85
18. Wonton Soup$1.55
19. Bean Curd with Vegetable Soup$3.15
20. House Special Soup$4.60

Roll or Hand Roll

Sauce: eel, spicy mayonnaise, wasabi, and soy sauce.

Kappa Maki (Cucumber)$2.99
Kappa Make (Cucumber)$2.99
Avocado Roll$3.99
California Roll$3.99
Tempura California Roll$4.99
New York Roll (Crabmeat, Cucumber, Cream Cheese Shrimp)$5.99
Boston Roll (Shrimp, Avocado, Cream Cheese)$5.99

Chow Mein

With steamed rice.

21. Beef Chow Mein$4.59
22. Chicken Chow Mein$4.45
23. Pork Chow Mein$4.45
24. Shrimp Chow Mein$4.75
25. Vegetable Chow Mein$4.75
26. House Special Chow Mein$8.50

Chop Suey

With steamed rice.

21. Beef Chop Suey$4.59
22. Chicken Chop Suey$4.45
23. Pork Chop Suey$4.45
24. Shrimp Chop Suey$4.75
25. Vegetable Chop Suey$4.75
26. House Special Chop Suey$8.50

Lo Mein

Soft noodles.

35. Beef Lo Mein$4.75
36. Chicken Lo Mein$4.65
37. Pork Lo Mein$4.65
38. Shrimp Lo Mein$4.95
39. House Special Lo Mein$5.25
40. Vegetable Lo Mein$4.05

Chow Mei Fun

Rice noodle.

41. Vegetable Chow Mei Fun$6.50
42. Chicken Chow Mei Fun$7.15
43. Beef Chow Mei Fun$7.45
44. Pork Chow Mei Fun$6.95
45. Shrimp Chow Mei Fun$7.75
46. House Chow Mei Fun$8.05
47. Singapore Chow Mei Fun$8.30

Sweet & Sour

With white rice.

100. Sweet & Sour Chicken$4.95
101. Sweet & Sour Shrimp$5.30

Egg Foo Young

With white rice.

102. Beef Egg Foo Young$7.30
103. Chicken Egg Foo Young$6.70
104. Pork Egg Foo Young$6.70
105. Shrimp Egg Foo Young$7.35
106. Vegetable Egg Foo Young$6.15
107. House Special Egg Foo Young$7.95


With white rice.

95. Broccoli with Garlic Sauce$6.25
96. Sautéed Broccoli$6.25
97. Sautéed Mixed Vegetable$6.25
98. Bean Curd with Home Style$6.25
99. Szechuan Bean Curd$6.25


With white rice.

48. Chicken with Mixed Vegetable$4.99
49. Chicken with Green Pepper$4.99
50. Chicken with Cashew Nuts$4.99
51. Kung Po Chicken$4.99
52. Szechuan Chicken$4.99
53. Moo Goo Gai Pan$4.99
54. Hunan Chicken with Black Bean Sauce$4.99
55. Chicken with Broccoli$4.99
56. Chicken with Garlic Sauce$4.99
57. Chicken with Almond Ding$4.99
58. Chicken with Chinese Vegetable$4.99
59. a Curry Chicken with Onion$4.99
60. Hot & Spicy Chicken$7.95
61. Mongolian Chicken$7.95
62. Black Pepper Chicken$7.95


With white rice.

72. Beef with Mixed Vegetables$4.99
73. Beef with Chinese Vegetables$4.99
74. Beef with Broccoli$4.99
75. Beef with Mushroom$4.99
76. Green Pepper Steak$4.99
77. Hunan Beef with Black Bean Sauce$4.99
78. Szechuan Beef$4.99
79. Beef with Garlic Sauce$4.99
80. Curry Beef with Onion$4.99
81. Hot & Spicy Beef$4.99
82. Mongolian Beef$4.99
83. Hong Kong Beef$4.99


With white rice.

63. Pork with Mixed Vegetables$4.99
64. Hunan Pork with Black Bean Sauce$4.99
65. Pork with Garlic Sauce$4.99
66. Pork with Broccoli$4.99
67. Pork with Chinese Vegetable$4.99
68. Pork with Mushroom$4.99
69. Szechuan Sliced Pork$4.99
70. Mongolian Pork$4.99
71. Double Sautéed Sliced Pork$4.99


With white rice.

84. Shrimp P with Mixed Vegetables$4.99
85. Shrimp with Cashew Nuts$4.99
86. Shrimp with Chinese Vegetable$4.99
87. Shrimp with Broccoli$4.99
88. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$4.99
89. Shrimp with Almond$4.99
90. Kung Po Shrimp$4.99
91. Hunan Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce$4.99
92. Shrimp with Garlic Sauce$4.99
93. Szechuan Shrimp$4.99
94. Curry Shrimp with Onion$4.99

Diet Menu

Your choice of white sauce or brown sauce. With white rice.

D1. Steamed Broccoli$6.10
D2. Steamed Mixed Vegetables$6.55
D3. Steamed Chicken with Mixed Vegetables$7.80
D4. Steamed Beef with Mixed Vegetables$7.80
D5. Steamed Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables$8.75
D6. Steamed Bean Curd with Mixed Vegetables$7.10

Special Combination Plates

All served with fried rice and egg roll.

C1. Beef with Broccoli$6.95
C1. Chicken with Broccoli$6.95
C2. Sesame Chicken$6.95
C3. Chicken with Curry Sauce$6.95
C3. Beef with Curry Sauce$6.95
C4. Kung Po Chicken$6.95
C5. Moo Goo Gai Pan$6.95
C6. Pepper Steak with Onion$6.95
C7. Pork with Garlic Sauce$6.95
C8. Pork Lo Mein$6.95
C8. Chicken Lo Mein$6.95
C9. Hunan Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce$6.95
C10. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$6.95
C11. Chicken with Garlic Sauce$6.95
C11. Shrimp with Garlic Sauce$6.95
C12. General Tso's Chicken$6.95
C12. Orange Chicken$6.95
C13. Hunan Beef$6.95
C13. Chicken with Black Bean SC$6.95
C14. Hunan Pork with Black Bean Sauce$6.95
C15. Sautéed Mixed Vegetable$6.95
C16. Sweet & Sour Pork$6.95
C16. Sweet & Sour Chicken$6.95
C17. Pork with Chinese Vegetables$6.95
C18. Shrimp Chow Mein$6.95
C19. Shrimp with Cashew Nuts$6.95
C19. Chicken with Cashew Nuts$6.95
C20. Pork Chow Mein$6.95
C20. Chicken Chow Mein$6.95
C21. Sweet & Sour Shrimp$6.95
C22. Chicken with Almond$6.95
C22. Shrimp with Almond$6.95
C23. Pork Egg Foo Young$6.95
C23. Chicken Egg Foo Young$6.95
C24. Szechuan Chicken$6.95
C24. Szechuan Beef$6.95
C25. Sa Cha Chicken$6.95
C25. Sa Cha Beef$6.95
C26. Szechuan Shrimp$6.95
C27. Chicken with Mixed Vegs$6.95
C27. Beef with Mixed Vegs$6.95
C28. Shrimp with Broccoli$6.95
C29. Broccoli with Garlic Sauce$6.95
C30. Beef with Garlic Sauce$6.95
C31. Peanut Butter Chicken$6.95
C32. Bourbon Chicken$6.95

Chef’s Specialties

With steamed rice.

S1. Happy Family$9.90
S2. Seafood Combination$11.25
S3. Szechuan Triple Crown$8.85
S4. Triple Crown$8.85
S5. Triple Crown in Garlic Sauce$8.85
S6. General Tso's Chicken$8.20
S7. 4 Seasons$9.10
S8. Scallop & Shrimp in Garlic SC$9.70
S9. Hunan Triple Crown$9.70
S10. Sesame Beef$8.30
S11. Sesame Chicken$8.20
S12. Beef with Orange Peel$8.30
S13. Chicken with Orange Peel$8.20
S14. Crispy Sesame Shrimp$8.40
S15. Lemon Chicken$7.10
S16. Hot Braised Chicken$8.10
S16. Hot Braised Pork$8.10
S17. Peanut Butter Chicken$8.20
S18. Honey Chicken$8.25
S19. Bourbon Chicken$8.25

Dinner Special

Any 1 Meal with 2 Pt. Soup, 2 Egg Roll, 4 Crab Rangoon, 1 Pt. White Rice$13.98

Fried Rice

27. Beef Fried Rice$4.45
28. Chicken Fried Rice$4.15
29. Pork Fried Rice$4.15
30. Shrimp Fried Rice$4.60
31. House Special Fried Rice$5.25
32. Vegetable Fried Rice$3.75
33. Onion & Egg Fried Rice$3.75
34. Plain Fried Rice$2.50

Side Order

Almond Cookies (5)$1.00
Fortune Cookies (10)$1.00
White Rice$1.35

History of Best Buffet & Grill

The restaurant was created by group of food enthusiasts, who had only one mission. To create a buffet that offered the highest quality of food and an abundance of food as well. But everything that is great once started small. So that is what they did. Best Buffet & Grill opened its first location in 2009 in Sacramento, California. With a small space and limited menu, but due to the high quality of food and the affordable they quickly gained a reputation.

As the years passed, Best Buffet & Grill expanded their horizons. As of now they have multiple locations across the United States, with an extensive menu. But even after all these years they remain loyal to their commitment and orignal vision of serving up high quality food at an affordable price.

Flavors of Best Buffet & Grill

They are best known for their incredible selection of cullinary options. There are over 100 dishes being served, each one offering a unique flavor. They have everything available, from American Classics like BBQ Ribbs and Max c & Cheese to Asian favirotes such as Sushi and Stir Fries. Best Buffet & Grill also has Italian Pastas and Mexican Tacos. It does not matter what you are craving, they will have the answers to all your craving. Because they even have seperate section dedicated only to desserts. A collection of desserts that would even satisfy the biggest of sweet tooths.

Although the thing that really sets Best Buffet & Grill apart from the rest is their uncanny commitment to Quality. They use only the freshest of indgredients available. And then they are handed over a team of expert chefs, who work non stop to ensure that each and every dish is prepared to absolute perfections. You can even witness this dedication to perfection with your own as eyes, because they also have an Open Kitchen. Allowing to customers watch as their food is being prepared in real time.

In addition the mouthwatering food, Best Buffet & Grill is also known for being extremely affordable. So you can enjoy a great all you can eat buffet with you friends and family without maxing out your credit cards. They offer some of the best value for money in town. But that not all, even with the affordable prices, the restaurant also offers discounts to Children, Senior Citizens and Military Personnel.


If you appreciate good food, than Best Buffet & Grill is a must try. Because they are the complete package. With an array of options, dedication to quality and the affordability, it’s no surprise that they have been a super hit with locals and tourists ever since opening. In case you are ever in one of the cities with Best Buffet & Grill. Indulge yourself in a culinary journey through time.


What time do they close up?

The restaurant is open from 11:00AM to 09:00PM.

Are they open 7 days a week?

Yes, they are open 7 days a week from 11:00AM to 09:00PM.

Do they have a delivery service?

Unfortunately they do not offer a delivery service. The restaurant is only dine-in or takeaway.

To learn more about Best Buffet & Grill, visit their website

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