A Star Buffet Prices

If you are an American food lover, A Start Buffet should be a must visit on your list. It is a popular restaurant, that has been serving an array of delicious Asian & American Cuisine for almost 2 decades now. Earning itself the a reputation of one of the best buffet in America. It was first established in 2005, in the city of Modesto, California. And have been expanding their menu and facilities over the years. A Star Buffet provides it’s customers with a welcoming ambiance.

Here is an updated menu & prices of A Star Buffet.


Crazy Appetizer

Chicken on Stick (4 Pieces)$5.25
Sweet Sour Chicken$8.49
Dumpling (5 Pieces)$5.25
Cheese Wonton (8 Pieces)$4.49
Fry Chicken Wings$6.49
Buffalo Wings (8 Pieces)$7.15
Fried Fish (5 Pieces)$8.49
BBQ Rib$8.99
Fried Squid$11.99


Black Pepper Chicken$8.49
Jalapeño Chicken$8.49
Broccoli Chicken$8.49


Pepper Beef$8.89
Broccoli Beef$8.79
Cold Beef$7.99


Salt Pepper Shrimp$10.99
Pineapple Shrimp$10.99


Grill Pork Belly with Onion$6.99

Diet Menu

Orders are steamed without salt and oil. Served with white rice.

55. Steamed Broccoli$5.55
56. Steamed Mixed Vegetables$5.55
57. Steamed Broccoli, String Beans & Mushrooms$5.55
58. Steamed Bean Curd with Broccoli$5.55
59. Steamed White Chicken Meat with Broccoli$6.95
60. Steamed Chicken with Mixed Vegetables$6.95
61. Steamed Shrimp & Chicken with Mixed Vegetables$7.95
62. Steamed Shrimp with Broccoli$7.95

Sushi to Go

1. Philadelphia Roll (8 Pieces)$5.50
2. Lousiana Roll$5.50
3. California Roll$4.50
4. New Orleans Roll$5.50
5. Sweet Crab Meat Roll$5.50
6. Vegetable Roll$3.95
7. Rainbow Roll$6.95
8. Shimesaba Roll$5.50
9. Masago Roll$5.50
10. House Special Roll$5.50
11. Edamame$4.50
12. Seaweed Salad$5.95

Sushi a la Carte

1. Ebi Sushi$2.00
2. Unagi Sushi$2.50
3. Kani Sushi$2.00
4. Tako Sushi$2.50
5. Ika Sushi$2.50
6. Sake Sushi$3.00

Side Order

63. White Rice$1.25

Sashimi a la Carte

1. Ebi Sashimi$2.00
2. Unagi Sashimi$2.50
3. Kani Sashimi$2.00
4.tako. Sashimi$2.50
5. Ika Sashimi$2.50
6. Sake Sashimi$3.00

Chef’s Special

Served with white rice.

49. Happy Family$10.25
50. General Tso's Chicken$8.95
51. Sesame Chicken$8.95
52. Orange Flavor Chicken$8.95
53. Shrimp, Chicken & Beef in Hot Garlic Sauce$9.95
54. Shrimp & Chicken Szechuan Style$9.95

Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice$7.49
Beef Fried Rice$8.79
Shrimp Fried Rice$8.79
House Special$8.79


Chicken Lo Mein$8.19
Beef Lo Mein$8.59
Shrimp Lo Mein$8.79
House Special (Lo-Mein)$9.09

Short History of A Star Buffet

A Star Buffet was established in 2005, Modesto, CA.  At that time the all you can eat buffet concept was relatively new to the area. But A Star Buffet managed to grab the audience with thier fresh and delicious variety of American and Asian cuisines. They quickly became a popular go to destination for food lovers.

As the years went on, A Star Buffet kept on expanding their menus and facilities, to ensure customer satisfaction. However the restaurant also upholds a very high standard of commitment to quality and freshness of all the indgredients. Making sure nothing is compromised. Today the restaurants boasts a spacious restaurant with comfortable seating and a modern interior, providing customers with a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere.

Flavors of A Star Buffet

A Star Buffet specializies in American and Asian Cuisines, with a wide range of delicious dishes rich with flavor and traditions. Such as, savory stir-fries and crispy fried chicken to fresh sushi rolls and creamy desserts. Whether it savory or sweet, it doesn’t matter. Because A Star Buffet has got you covered.

In addition to American and Asian cuisines, A Star Buffet also offers a variety of international cuisines from around the world. Including Italian pasta, Mexican tacos, and Greek salads. Sweet or Savory, or maybe if you are feeling a tad bit adventurous you want to try something Spicy. No problem, because they offer everything. Your tastebuds will be fully satisfied.

Every restaurant has their standout dish, so does A Star Buffet. ONe of those dishes is the Garlic Shrimp, a succulent dish that is infused with the flavor of fresh garlic and served with steamed rice. But if you are not in the mood for Shrimp, you can some other top dishes which include, the Sweet and Sour Chicken, the California Roll, and the Mongolian Beef.

Final Thoughts on A Star Buffet

A Star Buffet has been a part of the Culinary Landscape of USA, for almost two decades, and their legacy is still thriving and will continue to do so. With it’s remarkable commitment to it’s customers, the quality of food served, the freshness of food and most of all the warm welcoming ambiance. The A Star Buffet is an exemplary example of America’s rich and diverse culinary heritage.

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In conclusion, A Star Buffet is the perfect place to visit with friends or family and just have a feast on some of the finest foods. As they offer an array of Asian and American Cuisines, that will leave you craving for more. They make sure each and everyone of their customers satisfied. The staff is professional and polite, overall the customer service experience is solid. Whether it’s your first time or the hundredth time, you will always be impressed by the restaurant’s warm welcoming hospitality, modern facilities, and mouth-watering diverse cuisine.


Do they have sushi?

Yes! the restaurant has a few varieties of sushis.

Whats is the diet menu?

All orders are steamed without salt and oil. Served with white rice.

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