A+ Buffet Sushi Bar Prices

If you are a Canadian food lover, A+ Buffet Sushi Bar should be a must visit on your list. It is a popular restaurant, that has been serving an array of delicious Asian & Western Cuisine for almost 2 decades now. Earning itself the a reputation of one of the best buffets in the country. It was first established in 2005, in the city of Surrey, British Columbia. The restaurant has been expanding it’s menu and facilities over the years. A+ Buffet Sushi Bar provides it’s customers with a warm & welcoming ambiance.

Here is an updated menu & prices of A+ Buffet Sushi Bar. ( Canada )



Whet your appetite with one of these delicious starters

1. Spring Rolls (4 Pcs)$4.95
2. Golden Fried Chicken Wings (8 Pcs)$8.95
3. Deep-Fried Chicken Dumpling (6 Pcs)$6.95
5. Shrimp Tempura (4 Pcs)$6.95
6. Vegetable Tempura (6 Pcs)$5.95
7. All Mixed Tempura (6 Pcs)$6.95
7. All Mixed Tempura (6 Pcs) (Appetizers)$6.95
8. Broccoli Tempura$5.95
9. Pork Dumpling (Siu Mai) (4 Pcs)$5.25
10. Shrimp Dumpling (Har Gaw) (4 Pcs)$5.25


Satisfy your hunger with a selection of savoury, steaming-hot soups.

11. Miso Soup$1.95
12. Wonton Soup$4.95
13. Hot & Sour Soup$4.95
14. Egg Drop with Mushroom Soup$4.95
15. Dumpling Soup$4.95


Choose from a selection of fresh, handcrafted salads.

16. Garden Salad$3.95
17. Caesar Salad$4.95
18. Seaweed Salad$4.95
19. Broccoli Salad$4.95
20. Thai Mango Salad$4.95
21. Thai Chicken Salad$5.95
22. Edamame$4.95

Sushi Rolls

Satisfy your hunger with a colourful variety of delicious sushi rolls.

R26. Rainbow Roll (8 Pcs)$11.95
R1. California Roll (6 Pcs)$4.95
R1. California Roll (6 Pcs) (Sushi Rolls)$4.95
R2. Gold California (6 Pcs)$5.95
R3. Philadelphia Roll (6 Pcs)$6.50
R4. Kamakach Roll (6 Pcs)$5.25
R5. Spicy Salmon Crisp Roll (6 Pcs)$5.25
R6. Spicy Tuna Crisp Roll (6 Pcs)$5.25
R7. Spicy Crab Meat Crisp Roll (6 Pcs)$4.95
R8. Tofu Pocket Cucumber Roll (6 Pcs)$3.95
R9. Spicy Avocado Crisp Roll (6 Pcs)$3.95
R10. Avocado Roll (6 Pcs)$4.95
R11. Crab Meat & Cucumber Roll (6 Pcs)$4.95
R12. Salmon Roll (6 Pcs)$5.25
R13. Sweet Potato Roll (6 Pcs)$4.95
R14. Avocado & Cucumber Roll (6 Pcs)$4.95
R15. Avocado & Salmon Roll (6 Pcs)$5.25
R16. BBQ Eel Cucumber Roll (6 Pcs)$5.25
R17. BBQ Salmon Cucumber (6 Pcs)$4.95
R19. Dynamite Roll (8 Pcs)$9.95
R20. Red Dragon Roll (8 Pcs)$11.95
R21. Green Dragon Roll (8 Pcs)$11.95
R22. Rock Roll (8 Pcs)$11.95
R23. Las Vegas Roll (8 Pcs)$11.95
R24. A+ Roll (8 Pcs)$11.95
R27. Calgary Roll (8 Pcs)$11.95
R28. Mango Tango (8 Pcs)$11.95
R29. Volcano Roll (8 Pcs)$11.95
R30. Red Dragon Roll (8 pcs)$11.95

Hand Rolls

Hand-rolled sushi cones filled with tasty seafood and other ingredients.

H1. California Hand Roll (1 Pc)$3.95
H2. Spicy Salmon Crisp Hand Roll (1 Pc)$4.25
H3. Spicy Tuna Crisp Hand Roll (1 Pc)$4.25
H4. Spicy Crab Meat Crisp Hand Roll (1 Pc)$3.95
H5. Tofu Pocket Cucumber Hand Roll (1 Pc)$3.95
H6. Flying Fish Egg Hand Roll (1 Pc)$3.95
H8. BBQ Eel & Cucumber Hand Roll (1 Pc)$4.25
H9. Avocado & Cucumber Hand Roll (1 Pc)$3.95
H10. BBQ Salmon & Cucumber Hand Roll (1 Pc)$3.95

Nigiri Sushi

Choose from a selection of delicious nigiri-style sushi.

S1. Salmon Sushi (1 Pc)$1.50
S2. Tuna Sushi (1 Pc)$1.50
S3. Red Snapper Sushi (1 Pc)$1.50
S4. Mackerel Sushi (1 Pc)$1.50
S5. BBQ Eel Sushi (1 Pc)$2.50
S6. Crab Meat Sushi (1 Pc)$1.50
S7. Surf Clam Sushi (1 Pc)$1.50
S8. Cooked Egg Sushi (1 Pc)$1.50
S9. Tofu Pocket Sushi (1 Pc)$1.50
S10. Flying Fish Egg Sushi (1 Pc)$1.50
S11. Spicy Salmon Crisp Sushi (1 Pc)$1.50
S12. Spicy Tuna Crisp Sushi (1 Pc)$1.50
S13. Spicy Crab Meat Crisp Sushi (1 Pc)$1.50
S14. Red Tuna Sushi (1 Pc)$2.50
S15. Shrimp Sushi (1 Pc)$1.50
S16. Octopus Sushi (1 Pc)$1.50
S17. Salmon Rose Sushi (1 Pc)$2.50
S18. Snapper Rose Sushi (1 Pc)$2.50


Feast on a colourful variety of delicious sashimi.

SA1. Salmon Sashimi (4 Pcs)$5.50
SA2. Tuna Sashimi (4 Pcs)$5.25
SA3. Shrimp Sashimi (4 Pcs)$5.25
SA4. Red Tuna Sashimi (3 Pcs)$6.25
SA5. Octopus Sashimi (4 Pcs)$5.50
SA6. Red Snapper Sashimi (4 Pcs)$5.25
SA7. BBQ Eel Sashimi (4 Pcs)$5.25
SA8. Crab Meat Sashimi (4 Pcs)$4.50
SA9. Surf Clam Sashimi (4 Pcs)$4.50
SA10. Mackerel Sashimi (4 Pcs)$4.50
SA11. Egg Sashimi (4 Pcs)$4.00

Rice Dishes

Savoury rice dishes to satisfy your hunger.

23. Steamed Rice$2.25
24. Sushi Rice$2.55
25. A+ Fried Rice$11.95
26. Spicy Thai Fried Rice$10.95
27. Fried Rice$10.95
28. Eel on Sushi Rice$14.95
29. Chirashi Don$14.95
30. Black Pepper Rice$11.95


Satisfy your hunger with one of these mouthwatering noodle dishes.

36. Cantonese Chow Mein$13.95
32. A+ Shanghai Fried Noodle$11.95
33. Shanghai Fried Noodle$10.95
33. Shanghai Fried Noodle (Noodles)$10.95
34. Pad Thai$10.95
35. Singapore Noodles$10.95
37. Fried Soft Noodles$10.95
38. Curry Soft Noodles$10.95
39. Black Pepper Soft Noodles$10.95

Vegetable Dishes

Mouthwatering vegetarian-friendly dishes you’re sure to love!

40. Plain Chow Mein$6.95
41. Garlic Broccoli$7.95
42. Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables$8.95

Spareribs or Pork

Savoury spareribs or pork dishes to satisfy your hunger.

43. BBQ Spareribs$12.95
44. Honey Garlic Spareribs$12.95

Beef Dishes

Choose from a selection of delicious beef dishes

54. Beef with Green Peppers in Black Bean Sauce$11.95
47. Teriyaki Beef$13.95
48. Korean Spicy Beef$13.95
49. Beef Cubes with Garlic Sauce$12.95
50. Beef with Mixed Vegetables$10.95
51. Beef with Broccoli$10.95
52. Beef with Mushrooms$10.95
53. Curry Beef$11.95
55. Honey Garlic Beef$11.95
56. Ginger Beef$11.95

Chicken Dishes

Feast on a tasty variety of savoury chicken dishes.

58. Sweet & Sour Chicken$10.95
57. Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls$10.95
59. General Tao Chicken$10.95
60. Lemon Chicken$10.95
61. Thai Mango Chicken$10.95
62. Korean Spicy Chicken$10.95
63. Curry Chicken$10.95
64. Chicken with Broccoli$10.95
65. Chicken with Mushrooms$10.95
66. Kung Pao Chicken$11.95
67. Chicken with Mixed Vegetables$10.95
68. Garlic Pepper Chicken$10.95
68a. Teriyaki Chicken$12.95

Seafood Dishes

Tasty seafood dishes to satisfy your hunger.

69. Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables$12.95
70. Kung Pao Shrimp$12.95
71. Shrimp with Broccoli$11.95
72. Spicy Szechuan Shrimp$12.95
73. Salt & Pepper Shrimp$12.95
Mussel with Black Bean Sauce$11.95

Combos for One

Delicious combos to satisfy one!

76. Vegetable Combo$8.50
77. Combo A$10.50
78. Combo B$10.50
79. Combo C$11.50

Family Dinners

Mouthwatering family dinners served with your choice of miso soup or hot and sour soup.

80. Dinner for Three$39.95
81. Dinner for Four$45.95

Party Trays

It’s not a party without a party tray!

Maki Set B (20 Pcs)$18.00
Maki Set A (18 Pcs)$13.00
Maki Set C (50 pcs)$50.00
Sushi Set A (20 Pcs)$22.00
Sashimi Boat (24 Pcs)$28.00
Party Tray A (56 Pcs)$60.00
Party Tray B (106 Pcs)$110.00


Quench your thirst with a cold beverage.

Canned Pop (355 ml)$1.50
Perrier Water (330 ml)$2.95
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Short History of A+ Buffet Sushi Bar

A+ Buffet Sushi Bar was established in 2005, Surrey, British Columbia.  At that time the an all-you-can-eat buffet concept wasn’t common in the area. But A+ Buffet Sushi Bar managed to grab the audience with thier fresh and delicious variety of Asian and Western cuisines. They quickly became one of the most popular destination for food lovers.

In the years following their exponential growth, A+ Buffet Sushi Bar expanded it’s menu and facilities to keep up with the rising tide of diners. But they never ever compromised when it came to the quality and freshness of their indgredients. The commitement to produce premium dishes for their customers is uncanny. Today the restaurant boasts a comfortable and spacious seating area with a modern interior, providing customers with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Flavors of A+ Buffet Sushi Bar

A+ Buffet Sushi Bar offer a wide array of dishes filled with rich and decadent flavor. The restaurant specializes in Asian & Western Cuisines. They everything from savory stir fries and crispy fried chicken to fresh sushi rolls and creamy desserts, will render you satisfied.

A+ Buffet Sushi Bar doesn’t only serve Asian and Western cuisines. They also offer a variety of International dishes, such as Italian pasta, Mexican Tacos, and Greek Salad. Sweet, Savory or spicy, their menu has a dish to fullfil every craving. A+ Buffet Sushi Bar has got you covered.

The dish that standouts from all others at the A+ Buffet Sushi Bar is japanese classic, the Sushi Roll, a classic dish that is made with fresh ingredients and served with soy sauce and wasabi. But if you are not in the mood for sushi. You can always try the Teriyaki Chicken, the Pad Thai, and the Creamy Cheesecake. These are the must-try dishes at the A+ Buffet Sushi Bar.

Final Thoughts on A+ Buffet Sushi Bar

A+ Buffet Sushi Bar has been a part of Canada’s culinary heritage for a better part of 2 decades. And their legacy is still thriving and will continue to do so. With an exemplary commitment to it’s customers, the quality of food served, the freshness of food and most of all the warm welcoming ambiance. A+ Buffet Sushi Bar is a shinnig example of Canada’s rich and diverse culinary heritage.

In conclusion, A+ Buffet Sushi Bar is the perfect place to visit with friends or family and just have a feast on some of the finest Asian & Western dishes. As they offer an array of Asian and Western Cuisines, that will leave you craving for more. The restaurant makes sure each and everyone of their customers is satisfied. The staff is professional and polite, and the overall customer service experience is solid. Whether your a regular or a first time visitor, you will always be impressed by the restaurant’s warm welcoming hospitality, modern facilities, and mouth-watering diverse cuisine.


Do I need to make a reservation beforehand?

No need to make a reservation beforehand. It is advised that you do, but it is not neccessary.

Are there any vegetarian options?

Yes there are vegetarian options available.

Are there discounts for children?

Yes they offer discounts for children from ages 3-12 ( different discounts depending on age ). But Infants below the age of 3 eat for free.

To learn more about the A+ Buffet Sushi Bar, visit thier website.

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